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02 Aug 2022 15:34:38
James McCarthy is looking for a move, I'll go for Sunderland.

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02 Aug 2022 15:51:04
Whoever gave him that contract needs examined. Was never likely to work out for one year let alone four.

02 Aug 2022 15:54:14
I read elsewhere that this signing was one of the suspect decisions made by Dom McKat that caused him to go fairly swiftly. HH.

02 Aug 2022 18:03:15
He's still got a while on his contract but I don't see us being difficult to deal with at all.

02 Aug 2022 18:43:16
Kev, he has 3 years to go. We'll be happy to get him off the books, no fee needed. HH.

02 Aug 2022 19:03:09
Shame it never worked out but he has had more than enough time to prove himself and it's clear he is not (and possibly never was) in Ange's plans? A move will make room for younger and better option.

02 Aug 2022 19:28:40
His old teammate at Hamilton Alex Neil, is the manager of Sunderland.

02 Aug 2022 20:29:05
Prob for the best if James moves on he's well down the pecking order.

02 Aug 2022 21:03:23
Mally, like many fans I have no idea why we ever signed him in the first place. Unfortunately he's a guy who, in the latter years of his career, could fall over his own shadow and be injured long term.
He may be a Celtic fan but his best contribution to our club would have been when he was leaving the Accies. He had a decent career down south for a number of years but he isn't what we're looking for now.
I hope he gets a move. It'll suit him and us. HH.

02 Aug 2022 22:01:57
If he is off and still has 3 years on his contract, Celtic will get a few million for him.

02 Aug 2022 22:59:34
No chance PeterBoy.

02 Aug 2022 23:37:56
See this sh**e shouldn’t have been given a deal he’s rotten get rid etc etc his record showed he should have been a great signing. It’s not worked out but if it had we be praising the deal he got. If he leaves good luck to him if he stays I hope he proves what he’s capable of.

02 Aug 2022 23:56:51
Well said Welshy.

03 Aug 2022 05:19:15
Well said welshy I don't get all this he should never have been signed its always the same was the same with bug Duffy. was just unfortunate that the moves never worked out. McCarthy is a cracking player all this he was 30 to as if its to old if that's the case calmac should be moved on soon as he is 30 then.

03 Aug 2022 10:29:58
I’m pretty sure McCarthy had troubles with Long C.V. as well which probably affected his training etc at Celtic. Maybe struggling to keep up with the pace.

Not sure if these are just rumours but I was under the assumption that McCarthy was looking good in training and ready to go for the season.

I’ve also heard Ideguchi could be moved on?

03 Aug 2022 11:35:21
I agree 100% Welshy. I still think that he will come good wherever he goes.

03 Aug 2022 12:28:31
Comparing McCarthy to Mcgregor is absurd. McCarthy was playing first team football from the age of 15, McGregor never got his break through with us until after his 21st birthday. McCarthy was a great footballer but he's unfortunately past it.

03 Aug 2022 13:03:02
My point is that I don't think he should have been signed on a 4 year contract with his injury record. One year maybe, two at a push even if he had the potential many think he had, which turned out to be wrong for one reason or another.
I dunno what money he's on but I'm sure it's decent dosh, and far too much for a non-contributor. Since 2010 he has missed (on average) 10 games every season through injury and over 70 games in the last 5 seasons alone. HH.

03 Aug 2022 15:12:15
nothing absurd about it mccarthy has been playing at the highest level since his teens and was bossing the league he is currently in in his teens to get him on a free at the age of 30 was a no brainer considering we never had a team when he signed. the move just hasn't worked out for him and tbh he has not been gave a run of games to even prove if he is up to it or not.

03 Aug 2022 16:35:51
UI, a player is only as good as his last season and his current form. He can't rely on what he did years ago to guarantee himself game time at Celtic. Continuity was never one of McCarthy's strengths because of various injuries. Some players are more prone to them than others and he has had his fair share.
He's a big fan of our club and I'm sure he's a decent lad.
Should we blame Ange for not giving him a run of games? HH.

03 Aug 2022 17:44:37
We all wanted it to work, I never thought it would but hoped once we signed him. The way we play is too frantic for him. He just hasn’t the pace and his passing ranges from sublime to suicidal. Ange wants the passing ability and the speed and stamina. No need to ask for a fee. Let him go and enjoy playing as long as he can. Should have went for him when we had the chance before he went to England. As per in those days, the tin won.

03 Aug 2022 18:25:15
besty my points were to the posts of he shouldn't have been signed really. we signed a talented midfielder bhoy hood fan on a free at the time it was a sensible signing but it hasn't worked out for what ever reason i think he should be gave the season then if its the same then say were good buys wishing him well.

i remember a few posts on here about Big GG saying we should have went for the french lad instead because GG had a slow start look how that worked out when GG was gave his chance we now have fans saying he should be in ahead of kyogo.

03 Aug 2022 20:37:45
UI, yes the McCarthy signing could've been good. But it wasn't. Was it worth a shot at the time? Maybe, possibly, but we've lumbered ourselves with a 4 year contract for a keen player who unfortunately has a shocking injury record. HH.

{Ed007's Note - Apart from his double leg break in 2018 McCarthy hasn't had any worse an injury record than most players who have been playing as long as him, getting up to full fitness this season has been his problem.
Outwith the double leg break he has missed circa 80 games throughout his career through injury - James Forrest has missed the same amount of games as McCarthy including McCarthy's double leg break.}

03 Aug 2022 22:11:13
Mark, if Transfermarkt is correct McCarthy has missed 133 games since 2010/ 11 due to injuries. 73 of them have been within the last 5 years. He has had additional fitness issues since he joined us.
At the end of the day it doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks, it looks as if Ange may not see him as being a prominent member of the squad and I'm guessing he is a better judge of a player than I will ever be. If that's true then it's better for both parties if he moves on.
I'd love it if he did produce the goods for us because it would mean as much to him as it would to any of us. HH.

{Ed007's Note - Besty, I'm on my $hitty tablet lying in bed and had typed a massive reply out and clicked the wrong button and lost it!!! I'm not gping through that again so up ye! We'll call it a draw:-)

03 Aug 2022 23:34:04
I like McCarthy as much as you do bro. It hasn't worked out for him so far for a thousand different reasons and life would be great if we could all foresee the future. He may have a late resurrection for us. Who knows? H.

{Ed007's Note - Nah he'll be away, I put it on the discord the other day, he's got a few offers down south but I'm thinking Sunderland dsame as everyone else.
One thing I had ,mentioned thast'll I'll repeat, apparently his basic wage wasn't "that" compared to others but if he played it was circa the top level. Basically a pay as young play type of deal.
It's a gamble that didn't pay off and nobody will be more gutted than Jimmy Mac, at least he got to wear the Hoops which was always his and his familys dream. If it wasn't for the anti-Irish bigots in Scotland that racially abused a young kid up and down the country he would have been at Celtic after Accies. The lad was better out of it all for him and his family.

Don't be sad that it's over; be happy that it happened in the first place.

What's James McClean upto this summer? :-)

04 Aug 2022 00:04:37
Dunno, maybe him and Robbie Keane will sign for us. lol.

{Ed007's Note - Where's the burger guy when we need him....

04 Aug 2022 20:48:12
Don’t think McCarthy was an ange signing if I’m perfectly honest. He’s the total opposite type of player to the one ange wants and talks about. If you want to sit back play sideway passes and kill a game dead then he’s your answer which is just the opposite to the way ange wants Celtic to play. For whatever reason it just hasn’t worked out and if we can shift McCarthy and ajeti off the wage bill and bring in better quality additions to add depth I’d be more than happy with this summers transfer business.

{Ed007's Note - It was Ange's decision to sign McCarthy.}



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