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31 Mar 2024 19:57:17
Every pundit that has been on the TV after the game have said it should have been a penalty and amazed that it was so quick to dismiss celtics claim. The only one who said it wasn't, was bfkb and no doubt Sevco (Sky) TV will run that idiot Gallagher out in the morning to justify why it was, nt a penalty for celtic . But will state it was a penalty to sevco even after all the pundits said it was not. I think I will stick to celtic TV and forget Sevco (Sky) TV.

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31 Mar 2024 20:54:26
Both penalty appeals were after about 30 minutes.
Sevco received their penalty and Celtic didn’t.

The analysis on the ACSOM podcast, showed there is proof that Sevco get their penalties as early as possible compared to Celtic.

Today there was more evidence of the Scottish bias and it will only get worse in the last several weeks.

Celtic have always had to be better than Sevco and our Scottish Officials combined.

31 Mar 2024 21:15:14
Hi Buzz hope you are well sorry to hear of your aunt Theresa’s passing. Pass on my condolences to your mum and let her know I am thinking of her and the rest of the family.

31 Mar 2024 22:00:30
Thanks Oldkilly,
It will be a shock to yourself and your family.

My Mum and Dad were in Edinburgh for the weekend with my sister and her family, up from England when she heard about Theresa.

I will tell my mum tomorrow you were asking for her?

I was glad my sister was with my Mum for comfort.

I go back to Santa Ponsa on the 8th with my daughter and there’s a chance I could miss her funeral.

I was talking to my cousin today and she will keep me posted.

I was close to my Auntie Theresa growing up because she stayed only a couple of streets away.
Theresa was a lovely woman and will be sadly missed.

{Ed007's Note - Sorry to hear that, Buzz & OK, my thoughts and prayers are with all of your extended family. ?

31 Mar 2024 22:08:06
Sending condolences buzz ?.

31 Mar 2024 22:32:32
Thanks Ed and AGG much appreciated ?.

{Ed007's Note - ?

31 Mar 2024 22:44:09
buzz your aunt wasnt originaly from kirk street was she.

31 Mar 2024 22:59:38
Hi Buzz Theresa and myself shared the same birthday she was a lovely person. God rest her soul.

31 Mar 2024 23:23:49
Yes Ray, she was called after my Granny Theresa.
My mum is her older sister Margaret.

They stayed above the Sneddon’s.
One of their daughters still stay in that house to this day.

Kirk Street was always a 99% street full of Celtic Fans and a good place to grow up ?.

01 Apr 2024 00:02:41
I'm one of the sneddens.

01 Apr 2024 00:03:24
I didn’t know that Oldkilly.
I think she was 68.

Theresa had 3 daughters and a couple moved to the highlands in Lossiemouth a few years ago.

My Auntie Theresa moved there after my Uncle Kenny died about 4 years ago.

My Cousin told me she was bringing her back to Coatbridge for her funeral.

{Ed007's Note - I'm feeling a Mafia boss on the Playstation that's getting his territory taken over with another Mob! And Buzz knows where I stay.. ?



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