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25 Feb 2024 08:44:05
Controversial but .1. Let's win the next 12 games and win the League. I'd love it but don't think it will happen tbh. 2. Let's then address the problem of the Absentee Landlord, Pistol Pete and their acolytes. imo there is an utterly clear agenda which is keep trifc in business .5 way, no reporting to Uefa etc. Bad for business, don't you know chaps? And certainly bad for their individual pockets. And before you give me the guff about but they only get £x per annum look at how many shares they own, get per year and, surprise surprise, mostly preference with a divi. unlike us poor saps. sorry suppporters. Said this before but WE are this club. time to take back control. Cue the Board apologists.

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25 Feb 2024 09:45:03
There is no doubt about the 'dirty dealings' of that infamous pact but as long as they can sponge off the season tickets, merchandising, prize money, transfers and sponsorship, they get away with murder. Because they have squeezed the life out of our club.
We are in the worst position football-wise since probably the lockdown league, but hey; they've got money pouring out their arses.

25 Feb 2024 09:48:46
Sadly I think it has gone beyond that point. The boards last chance to remedy the negativity among many fans, was the January window.

If they had gone out and splashed the cash and brought some top talent, even on loan, it would have gave everyone a lift and the mood would have been more positive.

As they failed, that negativity is now snowballing and I can't see it stopping this season. Hopefully I am wrong as I do not want sevco to get a 60 million life line.



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