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25 Feb 2024 06:20:56

A brilliantly run business
A dreadfully run football club

Its been like this IMO since oniells days. For the most part, The death of oldco and their reincarnation being so rubbish for so long has masked this.
We all want Celtic to progress and be the best the club can be and reach the clubs potential and the fact we have only reached the CL group stages 3 times shows as a football club we've been poor. I know we can't compete with them clubs financially but we have the money to have done better.
Our horrendous performances in the europa league further highlights how rubbish we really have been as a football club. This is all down to the football club being run as a business.
This has always been the case and hopefully it has finally caught up with this board and the owner as they've been lucky and gotten away with running the club like this for so long mainly because we've dominated domestically all because they've been rubbish.

Im all for this boycott of merchandise etc to hit their business hard and force change as long as it doesn't extent to boycotts of the footballing side of things.

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25 Feb 2024 07:52:07
Loads of good points, although Celtic have now played in 12 CL group campaigns over the years and 3 CL campaigns under Brendan alone.

25 Feb 2024 09:29:54
sorry buzz i meant to say 3 knockout stages of the CL. Thanks for correcting me. Only once since strachan. that's a shocking stat for a club of celtics stature.

25 Feb 2024 09:50:30
It's been like that since Desmond White's era and, more probably, before.



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