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24 Jan 2024 07:47:54
I know this is old news but why do you think dom McKay got sacked?

Do you think it was because he signed James McCarthy on a 4 year contract and on a big wage, despite the fact he was waning and had a bad injury record?

If it was, good because you deserve to be sacked for making that deal.

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24 Jan 2024 11:57:26
It’s because he was out of his depth and placing ridiculous buy out clauses in players contracts. Partly why Giaka and Juranovic left for so little.

24 Jan 2024 12:12:23
Think it had to do with contracts Joe. Like inserting ridiculously low clauses to sell our best talent. Juranovic abbada had one.

24 Jan 2024 12:14:16
If we’re sacking people for bad decisions there’s going to be a lot of empty seats at board meetings!

24 Jan 2024 12:29:34
SI’m going McCarthy had rff all to do with him. He probably got sacked because he wanted to bring us out of the feudal regime in place and stop letting directors and shareholders choose who we buy. McCarthy was an absolute disaster of a move. And so it has turned out. I don’t blame the lad, he wanted to join his team. He was past it long before we signed him. Hopefully he leaves this window along with at least another six.

24 Jan 2024 12:45:12
Don Mckay was a rookie in the football world thers no way on earth he had the final say on contracts ect, It will need to be put to the board 1st b4 anything is signed so as chasa says a lot of people would be accountable for them decisions.

24 Jan 2024 13:05:11
We’re still waiting for some Marquee signings ?.

24 Jan 2024 13:31:24
The clauses you guys are talking about in players contracts in my opinion were requested by the players and they were inserted as that was probably the only way these guy's would come to Scotland.

They were the oven ready players we were all craving for now, international quality players with plenty of experience. Wouldn't it be good if Dom Mckay was still in place now so we could sign some players like that now.

24 Jan 2024 14:10:59
I doubt that’s the case. When you are tripling/ quadrupling these players wages it’s difficult to turn down.

24 Jan 2024 16:20:26
Not really Ken especially when they have offers from elsewhere.

In my opinion they asked for those clauses and were given them as it gives them the opportunity to escape Scotland very quickly and very easily should that be what they want, as it happens that is what actually happened.

24 Jan 2024 17:34:03
Players and their agents will ask for everything under the sun when negotiating the first contract with a club who is buying player. Tory colour is right, someone with experience from Celtic should have been in on the talks to help him through his first window.
It’s amazing how BR didn’t nail our Board down better when he rejoined us last June . There was never a better time for him to negotiate his players budget and to make sure there was to be no doubt of the quality and number of new players in his first two transfer windows.



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