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11 Jan 2024 22:22:45
Evening All

I'm genuinely dreading the meltdown that appears to be brewing from many, many fans.

Some fans are waiting to pounce during and after transfer window to say "I told you that the January recruitment wouldn't be great". "haven't spent enough". "player is too cheap" etc, etc

Jeez oh, the guy Khun isn't even in the door and some are giving him the last rites, tearing him to shreds.

I share others frustration regarding recruitment but perhaps show it and tell it in a slightly different way.

Patience is a virtue (and as Celtic fans, god do we need it sometimes) .


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12 Jan 2024 03:03:10
If the board don't deliver the players Brendan wants and if we were to lose the league. Then I can see there being a massive fan backlash towards the board. Wouldn't be surprised to see a campaign to sack them all, ala C.V. season.

12 Jan 2024 06:29:54
Have you been disappointed with the 9 new summer signings?
Do you feel it was a wasted opportunity to open a gap from our rivals especially after winning a treble?
Do you think the new signings will come good?

12 Jan 2024 09:16:54
Hi Brian; I think BR has, himself poured oil on this 'fire' with his regular comments about our lack of quality and what he needs.
Supporters will never be completely content as a whole, but we have all seen for ourselves where we are weak or insufficiently covered for a while and we still wait and hope.

12 Jan 2024 10:12:39
BR contradicts himself on a regular basis when it comes to the new players.

Summer window isn't looking quite as bad as first feared with Nawrocki, Palma and Bernardo looking OK but none have improved on the players that left so at best we've stood still.

Board needs to be held accountable but so does BR. A manager of his stature should not tolerate not being backed. Especially when that's probably high on the list of reasons he left for the last time.

12 Jan 2024 12:14:46

I always, always think the best and try and avoid being naive. (sometimes I fail miserably) .

There is no doubt that Celtic could / should always improve from a position of strength.

The summer signings have very much been hit and miss.
There is no doubt that some of them are clearly not good enough to be in 1st team squad never mind a 1st team starter.

The only other comment which I think is relevant is that some signings, past and present, no matter there price tag or skill set will never ever settle at a new club and need to be moved on asap.

I also believe that Ange was given too much free reign in signings particularly within the Asian market. There appears to have been very little checks and balances in place regarding some of the very poor Japanese signings in particular. Obviously excluding Kyogo❤️, Hatate and Maeda.

Like most fans on here I only want what's best for our club and supporters.


12 Jan 2024 13:34:44
Good reply Brian.
It’s been a slow start for them although Palma has been decent.
I expect Nawrocki and Bernardo to have a good 2nd half of the season.
Anything more from Holm Etc will be a bonus.

12 Jan 2024 15:01:42

You’ve says ‘Some fans are waiting to pounce during and after transfer window to say "I told you that the January recruitment wouldn't be great". "haven't spent enough". "player is too cheap" etc, etc. ’


There are many others supporters me included who are giving the club the benefit of the doubt until the transfer window closes fearing the worst but hoping beyond hope to be proved wrong.

I’m hoping for the 1-2-3 experienced quality additions in the positions required which the manager has requested from the day he arrived.

I care not a jot what we spend only that it’s spent effectively Anything less will be taking a gamble with the league title and automatic qualification for an expanded Champions league that would simultaneously damage us considerably and would provide an opportunity for our nearest rivals that would be unacceptable and gross negligence.

I’m not sure positivity about expectations for Celtics recruitment in the January transfer window is necessarily the virtue and accolade you suggest for me it’s nearer to being unrealistic optimism given it predicts a future outcome that will be more favorable than that suggested by a reference to objective standard which is the CEO and Mark Lawell’s performance to date.

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs it just might mean you don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation.

I don’t doubt for a minute like all of us you want nothing other than what’s best for the club.

But don’t mistake realism for negativity.

12 Jan 2024 15:14:48

PS: and stop telling me we’ve scored on the livechat! ?.

12 Jan 2024 16:01:49
My main gripe with the summer transfer window, was we didn't sign players in any of the key areas we needed.

12 Jan 2024 16:26:49

I'm not going to name specific posters as we all know some of us can be quite sensitive.

I don't really disagree with much of your post except for "it just might mean you don't appreciate the gravity of situation".

I don't agree situation is grave.


Ps - Told you before I struggle to sit on my fingers lol ?.

12 Jan 2024 16:27:23
I admit I was one who was reasobaly happy with the summer signings to begin with, although I thought 9 was always far too many, so it was clear to me that the club had hoped, buy 9 and maybe 5 or 6 will be successful. They were wrong, and if that was the strategy it was poor.

I had hopes for Rocky, Berbardo and Holme and still have. I also had in the back of my mind, we had Hatate and Abada to come back also, so there was quality to come back.

So Buzz and some others, I was wrong about thinking the window was good, maybe it was my green tinted glasses that were convincing me.

Now we are all fit again, I can see that some of the younger 'project' players need game time, so they either need to go out on loan or sold.

Kwon has not settled and Yang has produced in a couple of games. It is difficult to build confidence when you get 10 minutes now and again. That's the problem with a big squad.

McCarthy, Turnbll, Tillio, Johnstone and Bernie could be sold. They cannot get into the first 11 and are not at the level of the rest of the team.

Holme and Yang out on loan, as I see something in them. They have quality but need game time to reach their potential.

Jamsie came still make an impact in the last 20 minutes as a sub but this has to be his last season.

I like the look of Kuhn and hope that we get 2 more in this window, another left back to give GT some competition and a striker.

I am not sure if we will get a midfield player in this window but in the back of my mind, I wonder if Kuhn will replace Palma who will move inside or will Abada be used through the middle, saving the spend on a striker.

If that happens will we get a midfielder or is it just Kuhn and left back in this window.

As for our Swedish defender, I had hopes for him but what has gone wrong there, there must be a story, is it his attitude as suggested. If so I would sell as opposed to a loan but only BR will know why he isn't in his plans.

12 Jan 2024 17:01:15
WeeJoe Despite what some people may say, supplying BR with the players he wants is not an exact science, there has to be room for personal judgement as to regards chosen players ability . Recruitment team could easily estimate player as better than manager, Manager may not have been clear enough in his description to recruitment team .
One thing is certain we, supporters, are never aware of discussions between Manager, Recruitment team and Board . That ‘s why we don’t know if a compromise has been agreed or who exactly is to blame for any individual transfer in.

12 Jan 2024 20:02:10
I thought this window should primarily be all about winning the SPFL and we then have the summer transfer window to fine tune the team for Champions League . To have success in Champions League we first of all need continuity, in manager and in players, players are rarely stars in Europe unless they have European experience, especially playing with many team mates . Contrary to what some to think, we are not going to buy Champions League success, we can make improvements.
Brendan Rodgers has a history of moaning about the transfers in at every club he has managed . He moaned at Watford Liverpool and Leicester even though some times he had most of control . No doubt he will moan right through this window and after . Remember what managers say for supporters ears usually isn’t the same as they say to Board.

13 Jan 2024 01:08:32
I too have come across posters who are very sensitive when something they have posted isn’t universally accepted and praised . I agree in the perfect world we shouldn’t be discussing how well the transfer window has turned out until at least window closes and even better to wait about 6 mths to give players an opportunity to settle into playing at Celtic .

However that would be nonsense as we wouldn’t have anything to discuss during transfer windows and this place would be like a morgue.

13 Jan 2024 03:35:38
I realise this is a site for opinions, but it's getting really bloody boring now with the same moans from the same posters every single day. We sound like fans of the tribute act with all the in-fighting.

13 Jan 2024 16:35:26
I was at a very loose end earlier and I watched a little bit of EPL match . During a lull in commentary one of the commentators mentioned that social media was a curse for footballers and he didn’t know how some could perform with the vitriol that was flung around sites that no doubt players or their families would read. Maybe its just as well that many of our players are foreign with little or no English.



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