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03 Dec 2023 18:06:48
"That's probably the angriest I've ever been at half time as my time as a manager. We were nowhere near it. The second half, there's much more energy and tempo. Some players want to be too comfortable and just do enough and that isn't good enough for a club like this. Mikey was good, if he can improve his tactical idea in the game, his pressing and his understanding of where he has to be then you can see the talent he has. He was bright today, positive and made a contribution for us. The standards at this club are high, I said to them at half time, with the greatest of respect to St Johnstone but we've went a game and a half against them and we haven't scored. But we got better in the second half and we had to be. " - Brendan Rodgers.

That says it all. Players are sleeping in these games, going to drop more points if they don't get their act together. These players need to step their game up. He talks about our players being "too comfortable" and that absolutely sums it up when you are playing guys like Turnbull who stroll about giving nothing to the game. His only asset is long shots.

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03 Dec 2023 18:33:20
He sets the standards, the expectations and the demands. He also picks the players on the day. Every manager in every workplace would like more and better but the reality is that it's their job to get more from what's available or replace it with the resources and market they have access to.

03 Dec 2023 18:36:28
He should have seen me then. ?.

03 Dec 2023 18:41:40
It doesn't seem the players are listening to him. You hear managers say that once they go over the white line the ball's literally in their court. Bollox - where is the captain once they're over that line, and when does the fear factor come in when they go into the dressing room at half time? Where's the motivation at training? Is there any? Why does BR allow them to be complacent during the 90 minutes? Where again is his captain? They need to readdress the captaincy in January and maybe bring in one with more experience. I don't think there's another in the squad - don't think CCV is ready yet for the extra responsibility.

03 Dec 2023 18:52:27
Brendan is showing his frustration although we won.

03 Dec 2023 23:04:46
I think B R should be getting plus marks today . team were just about going through the motions ist half . 2 nd half speeded up a bit and subs all contributed.

04 Dec 2023 00:49:40
He just got lucky again celtic calling that's my honest opinion Hh.

04 Dec 2023 09:18:02
What nonsense, he got lucky.

We have better players and should not have been in that position. He told them some home truths and changed things, that is what a good Manager does.

We continually talk about the board nor having ambition to go to the next level, now our players are getting comfortable and seem to feel they just have to turn up to win.

We haven't seen a Celtic team behave like that for a few years.

Th sooner we get Hatate, Abada and Maeda back the better, and more competition in to get these guys back too working at 100% every game.

04 Dec 2023 12:42:22
After McGregors further comments it shows that Rodgers gave them a grilling. I think this group need to wisen up and stop thinking they’re world beaters.



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