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01 Dec 2023 21:58:05
When fans feel discontent they often look critically at the club owners. Some 'sack the board' voices are heard.
I'm aware that at the AGM, the Desmond family declared no intention of selling any time soon.
Your thoughts for a moment if they did decide to step down as major share holders. Who would we welcome as new owners?
Remembering Ashley/ N'Castle, Man U / Glazers, etc. Would we accept Saudi money with their HR baggage? Yanks are all business, looking for a solid return for investment.

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01 Dec 2023 22:40:17
Sack the Scottish and Irish absentee Tory feckn landlord BAr$teewards see previous post. jfp.

01 Dec 2023 23:43:59
There would be plenty of wealthy business men or a consortium of wealthy fans even that would put more money into the club than Desmond does. The owners don't have to be wealthier than Desmond. Just an interest in football while willing to put money back into the club that's earned.
There would be plenty of options, doesn't have to be Saudis dirty money or another with Desmonds mindet of using the club for personal financial gain.
I'd take nearly anything atm over the horrendous experience of groundhog day. Just barely getting bye domestically while we are sitting with 10s of millions in the bank makes me sick to my stomach.

02 Dec 2023 02:59:33
Sometimes your better with the devil you know.

Brendan had a chat with Dermot about our clubs immediate future, when they were in Rome.

Our manager and fans have made our feelings clear and now we wait and see what happens in the next 2 transfer windows.

02 Dec 2023 08:45:26
I cannot understand any support for the DD/ PL axis. Let’s be honest DD doesn’t get involved much …. “He leaves it all to Peter. ”

This needs to change quickly or we will continue to go backwards on the football front and ultimately a number of fans will work away…. Maybe the manger?

I have not enjoyed going to see Celtic for months. Not sure if it’s addiction or affliction that’s keeping me going. The money versus team we have is extremely poor.

The Motherwell performance last week just about ruined my weekend…. If I am being honest if the game the weekend was at Parkhead, not sure I would go. Totally sickened by the way the DD/ PL run things on the football front. In my view we don’t have a functioning board.

From my discussions with the Celtic fans I know (who knows if it represents the true feelings of the huge Celtic support) but it is one of frustration and disappointment regarding recruitment and the poor squad we have for the money we have and have spent.

As for now, I don’t have much in confidence in this current squad to do well.

Unless there are changes soon, I think the manager and fans will get more disgruntled….

02 Dec 2023 09:45:16
Wouldn't be surprised if the City Group takes an interest and farms out their youngsters to us for experience. 11 City Group youngsters and no chance of making anything on transfers, because there won't be any.

02 Dec 2023 08:01:15
My resentment of the board is not a knee jerk reaction. It started with our failure to sign Stephen Fletcher and has grown over the years.

I should point out, when I say board, I actually mean Peter Lawwell.

02 Dec 2023 09:54:08
The DD clan aren’t giving up control. Ever. We now have Bonys Ball Lawell back. We are regressing since he returned. Our style of Kay is utterly boring to watch, too slow which allows teams to get back in numbers. Wingers who can’t cross a ball or heat a man. Kyogo being totally isolated. A combination of Celtic’s return to going cheap has left us yet again with a humiliating time in Europe. We are ahead in the league due to Sevco being terrible. Rogers for me has taken the sting out of our tail, we are now predictable and slow. People talk about the lack of atmosphere due to the absence of the GB. The truth is the crowd have nothing to get excited about as we are murder to watch for too much of every game, That’s down to Rogers.

We now have possibly a title race and that’s is a damning indictment of our board of risk averse sh itebags and Rogers tactics.

Rogers talked about improving us in Europe, the reality is he has made us worse in the CL and at home. We have already dropped more points than we did the whole of last year because teams can predict what we are going to do and have time to nip for a cup of tea before ambling back we are so slow.

I have never been a fan of Rogrrs and all the hype about his invincibles needs to be out in the context of Sevco at that time were a feckin pub team. In Europe he was in charge when we were in the receiving end of some of our most humbling CL results.

Sevco aren’t a threat to us, we are a threat to ourselves with aboard of bell ends and a manager whose tactics could put a Coke head to sleep.

January window we will be hopeful again our club at least throw a few punches. A board who awarded themselves pay rises shows how out of touch the Tory barstewards are. We don’t need to worry about Sevco, I’m worried about those charged with heading us. They have feckrd us up and I have little confidence even with better players Rogers Mogadon tactics will continue to leave the fans bored out of their skulls.

From Ange to this utter p ish, it’s not all about winning njibg, it’s how we win and dropping 4 points at home should show everyone that Rigers tactics are easily dealt with. We have been mostly awful to watch this season. And that’s all done to the manager. Look at how many players haven’t turned up yet? Even the Captain has been posted missing. The only plus has been Scales who has stepped up. Who else could we say that about? Nobody. That’s down to Rogers. He has nullified our threat and put us all to sleep in the process.

From fast exciting high scoring, entertaining football, to a team who have drawn 3 games, two at home and even when we win, mostly it’s not inspiring. And no doubt some, or I should say, the happy clappers will obviously see it differently, but we know we are watching a ghost of the team under Ange. And if you don’t agree with that you’re either blind or mental.

£60m on the line with this league title and to me there is no certainty we will do it and that’s a feckin shambles when you look across the City at Sevco. But that is where we are and for me that’s down to Rigers. We don’t have the tools in Europe but at home he has no excuses, it is his utterly sh it tactics that has cut our balks off. Him alone. His ego to him is more important than the club. He will continue to bite the tirs off everyone then say he needs more quality. No, you need to ditch your walking pace dude to side utter garbage, I hope he gets an offer and dies a runner again, I, similar to his last exit, won’t give a single F.

02 Dec 2023 13:08:44

Take a bow.

I echo your sentiments.

02 Dec 2023 15:43:14
Maybe it was Rodgers in the Dallas Book Depository too ?.

02 Dec 2023 17:14:53
We have some regular posters, who give us their views when Celtic appear to be on the up, and then as we appear to be slipping, when can rely on these people to give a decent account of where our club lies and why they think things aren’t bad and again who is to blame when we start slipping and draw a couple . Then we have the fans of doom who gave us long in-depth analysis why our once great club is now hanging on to the edge of a cliff with probably PL attempting to break our grip . We are bad because some people deliberately want us bad, through greed or false sense of their own worth . Luckily so far we just about steady the ship before it goes on to the rocks . Luck saves disaster.

02 Dec 2023 17:28:58
Weejoe You should be a happy man now, I know P L is very fond of Celtic, but
I don’t think his love for Celtic goes as far that on an annual salary of £140 per
Year he would do the work of two men earning in excess of £700 each in the recruitment and hiring squads .
Hopefully we will be signing players u like better from now on.

02 Dec 2023 19:27:23
100% magicpole great poste sooner he goes the better HH.

02 Dec 2023 19:33:34
There is no substance backing this board.

03 Dec 2023 06:53:06
Our Board are often accused of being all Tory, members of the Conservatives and Unionist Party . I don’t disagree and neither do I disagree with the idea that the Tories are absolutely scum bags, main aim. Is to create a completely unbalanced Society with the risk getting richer and poor growing in numbers and becoming poorer .
A very honest question, as I live in Ireland, I haven’t the same detail knowledge of Scottish Political Parties as u Scottish have, what Political Party in Scotland deserve the votes of decent ( Celtic) people?



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