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30 Nov 2023 19:28:38
Thers been a lot of talk about a new Cf being bought in Jan. Realistically say in the £3:5m bracket who would yous like to see come in.

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30 Nov 2023 19:41:52
Not so much who for me, more the type . I'd like an experienced big physical lead the line type gives us a different option . this could allow oh to get a season loan and get full game time on a weekly basis.

30 Nov 2023 19:45:22
My first choice would be the big Brondby striker but I think he would cost about £6 Million.

30 Nov 2023 20:01:19
Buzz isn't he the same height'ish as kyogo . there are players out there ots whether our board will pay the aski g price and wages.

30 Nov 2023 20:09:20
Probably just spin from our board after the recent slip ups.

30 Nov 2023 21:01:14
Your right DRB,
He’s only 5ft 8 inches and that’s no good.
I agree with you because we need a big physical player.

30 Nov 2023 22:08:51
The big European leagues must have guys like calmac with experience and quality who are 8/ 10 most weeks but who never get picked up as they're not from a fashionable club or aren't deemed a galactico or marquee signing. do or scoutts look into this.

30 Nov 2023 22:34:24
If there is anyway of making it happen I would like to see the Greek guy Pavlidis from AZ Alkmaar, I really rate him but would doubt it is possible as I'm sure he goes for way more than that

I've also said in the past I would take Dykes and you can add to that Shankland, I think Shankland would score loads of goals for us. Also quite like Myovksi from the sheep.

Prefer the 2 Scottish strikers though.

30 Nov 2023 22:39:52
If we get a striker in, I certainly wouldn’t be for letting OH go out on loan at least until the summer transfer window if ever . What it look whether stupid loaning out Oh and then either new striker or Kyogo having a 6/ 8 week injury from say mid February.
The only time i would loan out Oh would be if we had a 18/ 19 talented striker who could help out two strikers.

30 Nov 2023 23:33:57
Celtic Calling I would reckon big Oh will be away to the Asian cup after the new year, South Korea are most likely one of the best teams so he will be away at least 2 or 3 weeks.

I doubt Hatate will go as been out injured for too long, Maeda probably makes the Japan squad for the obvious reasons, I don't think they will take Kyogo as his form doesn't really warrant a place although it really depends on the form of other forwards.

01 Dec 2023 07:02:36
I certainly think we need to look for better than Shankland or Dykes.

I keep hearing Shanklands name. If he was good enough, many clubs would have been in for him.

Dykes is physical but no good with his feet. We don't play the high ball forward or throw balls into the box.

We need to aim higher and spending 6-8 million on a striker would be worth it. We have done it before.

01 Dec 2023 11:22:19
Lyndon Dykes has played 311 competitive games with his clubs and Scotland and has scored 51 goals and certain fans would like us to sign him. Shankland, I believe wouldn’t consider us due to his allegiance to the other mob, I wouldn’t want him anyway.

01 Dec 2023 11:58:35
Re New Striker-:

I think Shankland would be a very good addition to squad and would start more games than Oh.

Only issue I have is giving transfer fee to "Wee Sevco"


01 Dec 2023 14:23:48
Royjac, I hope we don’t sign a permanent striker just because OH is away for a few games . We don’t buy a replacement for a player who picks up a 2/ 3 week lnjury during window. Isn’t the final of Asian Cup the day Buckie comes to CP .
I think we need a new striker anyway . As OH isn’t taking starting posItion when Kyogo is fit, we need to buy someone who would really push Kyogo .
If we are serious about challenging in Europe we are taking too much risk having only one good and one middling striker . I think I would go for a striker not too different from Kyogo. I think it is too big an ask to ask midfielders and wingers to change the style of pass or cross that suits different types of attackers esp In the one game, they don’t have time to think.

02 Dec 2023 00:47:27
Personally I think we need a different option to Kyogo, you always should have a plan B you have to be able to alter your tactics and players to arising situations in any given game ( this is my opinion anyway )

No I think we need another striker anyway and the reasons I stated make it even more important.



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