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29 Nov 2023 13:52:16
I said last night that it looked as if we need a new team.

Over the past European games the core or spine of the team was limp and overwhelmed. Hart was flapping and didn't show his "extensive experience", CCV was struggling against top internationalists and making too many mistakes which cost us dearly. Calmac was being bossed and Kyogo was not firing on all cylinders probably due to the lack of service he was getting.

None of the "projects" did anything to suggest they were for the future and the others on the bench and not selected for the bench are costing us a lot without showing why they should be here.

Until we get a solid and experienced spine then what we've seen is what we'll always have.

If the spine is broken then we should be looking for Bernardo, O'Riley and the wingers to pick their fellow players up by the scruff of their necks and get their fingers out. That should be Calmac's remit but he has looked insipid. There is no captain in that team and perhaps BR should be looking for one in January.

I know this post looks a bit negative but that's was not a Celtic side that we know and love. Serious, serious investment must be made.

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29 Nov 2023 14:23:37
When a guy like me can see guys like McGregor are out of ther depth in Europe why can't the manager, its not just this season its previous 1s as well, a think Edd has brought this up as well (apologies if not Edd) we lack quality and leadership.

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29 Nov 2023 14:54:49
The players are not to blame the problem is the board.

Do we really trust Mark Lawell to come good in the January transfer window even IF he was to be given sufficient funds?

We have risk averse accountants and lawyers running the club earning £700,000 none of whom are football men or entrepreneurs.

As was said after the game Celtic’s champions league hopes didn’t end last night they ended when the last transfer window closed.

The news that Desmond’s shares won’t be sold in either Dermot or his sons lifetime wasn’t good news.

Change required now after 20 years of failure in Europe and this year the third worst performing club in the champions league at number 30 of 32.

Otherwise maintaining the status quo will mean we’ll pay £600 for season tickets and £200 for champions league tickets to watch the same film in the same cinema directed by and starring the same incompetents next year. Rinse and repeat.

29 Nov 2023 15:25:02
Absolutely agree guys, Stengo and Troy, I was resigned to a likely 3 nil defeat after 5 mins. Nothing seems to change, Kyogo starved, high balls into box no one is capable of reaching, lacking in Wanyama type strength, defence has you cowering behind sofa.
Calmac is struggling at this level. Whole team struggles at this level and the opponents were not top drawer. I'm now nervy about our run of the mill league games never mind CL.

29 Nov 2023 15:57:27
Troy, I don't think McGregor is out his depth in Europe in general but I certainly think he struggles as a defensive midfielder. We need someone with real physicality and athleticism to make that role their own. As I mentioned on an earlier post, I'd love that player to fall within our current fee/ wage set-up but I really can't see it.

29 Nov 2023 16:50:01
I have to agree about Cal-Mac as he has never really asserted himself against any top European opponents. Indeed, I was agreeing wit other posters about his possible burn-out because of too many games for club and country as he has been a shadow of himself domestically all season apart from Ibrox when he bossed the game. It's a bad sign when BR can't rest him for Iwata or Holm in domestic games because we are so inconsistent.

29 Nov 2023 18:40:30
We currently have a team that should get us to qualify for the CL but we don't when we get there.

30 Nov 2023 20:02:10
Stengo ability to take the game bravely away to Lazio, whilst missing four of our best strikers and to keep them scoreless for 82 mins. doesn’t really indicate that we need a complete new team . Sometimes I wonder do we not get carried away with ourselves . Before the game last night, I obviously hoped for the best and maybe if everything went right for us we might scrape a win or possibly a draw . I certainly wasn’t surprised that we got beaten in Italy by 2 late goals . Our inexperienced team, coached by a new manager for just 5 mths and 4 top attacking players missing, I am more than a little surprised by the reactions.
Last season was worse, our manager was in his 2 nd full yr and he and players knew each other better . Most of us thought we had a better squad of players and by late losts of Jota, Starfelt and Mooy, our new players under new manager haven’t settled in as quickly as expected. This makes reaction this week harder to take and I spent Tuesday night and yesterday, brainwashed into thinking Celtic had reached a new low and that we needed complete overhaul from top to bottom to even rescue this season SPL . But haven’t stopped reading comments from all over the place, and not just this site, I now think that we haven’t moved forward and that’s a major disappointment, but we aren’t in free fall and it’s a matter of giving Manager and players breathing time and maybe ( pigs might fly ) and recruitment team may give him the necessary players to do well in Europe.



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