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14 Nov 2023 12:30:43
The Celtic Turnover for June 30th 2023 was 30% higher than the annual Turnover Sevco announced yesterday.

Our Annual accounts for next year, will have a similar figure but the Sevco figure will be considerably less, with No CL football and No European final.

I expect our Annual Accounts next season will be 40% higher that the latest Ibrox Club.

Yet Sevco have a higher wage bill than Celtic.

Rangers FC cheated for over a decade trying to compete with Celtic, which resulted in a shameful death.

It wouldn't surprise me, if Sevco are also looking at dodgy schemes because Ibrox clubs will try anything to compete with Celtic, if they think they will get away with it.

When are Sevco and their supporters going to accept, that Celtic are the best and the biggest club in Glasgow. ?.

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14 Nov 2023 16:02:53
With their higher wage bill, less money coming in through turnstiles, less in European football earnings, yet our media try and put a positive spun on their accounts. They have around 3 million in the bank which will be needed to keep the lights on and we have 73 million.

They will have poorer accounts next time with no player sales and with no other money coming in, it looks like they may have to downgrade yet again.

They also have a court case which could cost them 9 million if they lose.

With Uefa looking on they cannot play fast and loose like they previously did, are they heading towards trouble again.

14 Nov 2023 16:55:34
The Scottish Media also refuse to highlight that Sevco still have £17.6 Million in loans outstanding.

There’s currently at least £90 Million difference in revenue between Celtic and Sevco.

14 Nov 2023 17:16:47
The Sevco publication are the works of a fiction writer . If the reader reads them very carefully there is, or at least there should be a disclaimer on them, that any truth is merely incidental and these figures are what the Sevco Board would like to have.

14 Nov 2023 18:14:24
Cheers Buzz, forgot about the loans, as they probably have also.

It really looks good for us, so we need to push the advantage as they will not have money to spend on players.

If we win the league this year, and we strengthen in January, they will need to take risks to try and keep up with us and that in itself will put their financial position in jeopardy.

As Buzz points out we are heading towards 100 million of a difference between the clubs, which is huge nd will inly get bigger if we keep getting unto CL and to do that we need to strengthen significantly to ensure we can qualify.

We have the financial resources to do that and stay far ahead of them.

14 Nov 2023 18:47:16
I’ve just read that Celtic made more money on our merchandise alone,
Than Sevco made on merchandise, commercial and sponsorships combined.

15 Nov 2023 00:10:41
First post guys
Do rangers still pay tax owed to hmrc in their settlement agreement and if so where does that show up in the clubs accounts
Not up to date with tax debt just asking cheers.

15 Nov 2023 13:32:34
The Old Rangers settlement agreed with HMRC will go down as a creditor.
HMRC will probably only see about 7 pence in the pound.



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