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12 Nov 2023 21:52:06
Hi Ed007, just a couple of questions for you. I'd there such a thing as a concussion substitution? The commentator was going on about it today after the Kyogo assault. If there is one, who would be the one to decide that the substitution was a concussion one, as the poor fella was out before he even hit the deck.
The fact it never even was reviewed for a red card was an absolute disgrace!

{Ed007's Note - I thought it was a careless challenge and there wasn't any malice in it but I do think it was a red card. Yes there is rules that if a player is concussed he can be subbed and it doesn't count as a subsition.}

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12 Nov 2023 22:02:37
I agree Ed, so it is strange that seeing he was unconscious before he even his the ground it is strange that it wasn't a concussion substitution (or maybe it was a I am too dumb to realise it) .

Thanks for getting clearing that up and as always you are doing g an amazing job sir!

{Ed007's Note - Thanks mate ?

12 Nov 2023 22:17:41
Yellow was correct, who in their right mind would have made a reckless head clash. Players make all sorts of split second decisions to go for a ball and obviously don’t always make the right choice.

12 Nov 2023 22:24:51
Glasgow used to be famous for reckless head challenges, Chasaboy . . .

12 Nov 2023 23:11:12
I was listening to our Hibs game on the radio and the commentator mentioned that both clubs get a 6th substitution if there’s a concussion sub used.

I didn’t know both teams got a 6th sub.

12 Nov 2023 23:20:58
It was reviewed?

13 Nov 2023 08:17:49
Chasabhoy, from the angle I saw it from the match it seemed like he done him on purpose, I don’t think the tv pictures made it look any better . I definitely thought that was a red all day, even going by endangering an opponent.

13 Nov 2023 08:56:33
Still think it was poor judgment rather than anything intentional.

13 Nov 2023 03:05:41
It was reckless at least nothing less imo. Could have been red an imo should have been just for being that how was ever going for the ball. Do you not think players know how to take players out whilst making it look clumsy or accidental? You would silly to discount it. The only way is to make reckless RED. I'm sorry your clumsily still dangerous off you go. The worst I encountered in my life were repeatedly clumsily. Clumsily or accidental I remember Henrik and our John Kennedy bless him. Both shocking.

13 Nov 2023 13:39:49
So poor judgement tackles are only yellow card offenses then? Even if it was 'poor judgement" it was reckless and dangerous.

13 Nov 2023 17:14:50
It’s a very fine line. deciding whether a tackle like that Aberdeen player made was made with or without malice and I think a tackle with force on head of
opponent merits a red . If further examination by Compliance Officer reveals malice used then player deserves appropriate punishment.



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