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08 Nov 2023 17:52:08
For me it's a complete waste of time even dissecting last night's game either in terms of mistakes or where the manager got it wrong the problem is structural and systemic and much deeper. We've also done recruitment failures generally and the summer window particularly to death. We all know what was needed and where we needed to strengthen and it didn't happen end of story no excuses. There are many things the club can't control the standard of the league etc. but they failed to control what they could. They had it in their gift to strengthen the first eleven for the champions league campaign and either chose not too or failed to do so. Surely we're agreed that with our resources despite the limitations of finance and the league situation etc. we could have recruited a goalkeeper, left back, central defensive midfielder and a striker that would have improved the first team? But they didn't and that's negligence.

Ian Bankier was apparently of the view that spending to compete in Europe was a waste of time and that the focus should be domestic success. It would appear Peter Lawell is of the same view although worse than not spending the cash much that has been spent has been largely wasted. There are big questions over his boy as well given recruitment in the last two or transfer windows.

I think we're at a crossroads as a club and the board needs held to account. I don't think they have what it takes to develop a business model to take us forward from a footballing perspective like many clubs of a similar size on the continent. It's rinse and repeat and re-set to zero on an annual basis which isn't going to see us making progress not now, next season or ever. What is their ambition? What defines success for them they certainly aren't telling us. At least Bankier told us what his level of ambition was even if we didn't like it. Is Lawell's ambition the same? If so have the balls please to tell us please rather than piss on our leg and tell us it's raining.

Why would players want to play in Europe for Celtic based on last night's performance? Nobody likes being humiliated. Who would want to manage us? I've said repeatedly I don't understand what was in this for Rodgers. His face at the post-match press conference said it all. Embarrassment. He couldn't improve on his achievements during his previous tenure or on the Spurs managers achievements other than do better in Europe. He certainly doesn't need the money. But he hasn't been backed and I don't believe he signed up for the squad he took to Madrid last night having repeatedly told the board he needed quality and power and was given boys to do a mans job.

If the board don't back an elite manager in Brendan Rodgers they will back nobody neither today or tomorrow. I fear he's been sold a pup. As they say in Glasgow it's not about sane it its about dane it. The board must do better to say the very least in the January transfer window or we could again be hearing the word 'terminado. '

Winning the league and qualifying for the champions league is like practicing your religion doing your best and the reward at the end of the journey for your efforts is hell because their certainly ain't no pleasure in watching Celtic as a supporter in Europe only heartache, embarrassment and pain.

I wonder if Peter Lawell felt it today as much as we did or if Scrooge McDuck is just happy swimming in his £70 million pool of gold coins.

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08 Nov 2023 18:49:03
Jfp . We know it's a waste of time, but we've got to vent. here's as good as anywhere for doing it?.

08 Nov 2023 19:15:17
JFP - I did not post last night because I had nothing constructive or of any interest to say. Honestly, after the 2-2 game I was resigned to getting a hiding in Spain. They were clearly much better than us and the Board could have spent 50 Mil and we would have nothing to show for it. We recall past glories but I fear at this level we are just punchbags. Too many teams with unlimited resources are railed against us. UEFA are not interested in the likes of Celtic and our peers.

08 Nov 2023 19:36:20
Bankier is probably right, the gulf is massive sure we may get a few draws along the way but pouring big money into trying to compete in the CL is probably pointless. I believe our playing style is detrimental to our CL performances, we cannot compete technically with the other teams and the best way to compete with these teams is to play more direct football and mix it up. That's how Rangers got to the Europa final but with our front three it's not possible.

08 Nov 2023 21:03:15
As bad as a result/ scoreline last night was we've been incredibly unlucky last two seasons in europe . we have a half decent team but are the board capable or willing to bring in more quality to enhance and improve what we've have. we're never going to win cl but getting out of the group stages gives us more money and a bit of prestige (right word) ? To possibly entice guys who'd normally look unfavourably at playing in scotland to then sign for us?

08 Nov 2023 21:27:53
I think the main reason sevco got to the final is because they were lucky with the draw they got and almost every team was a team in turmoil and were absolute garbage! Sevco always seem to get this kind of luck! We did far better than them in a far harder group last season than they did in their easier group.

08 Nov 2023 23:19:52
You're off your rocker if you think our group last season was far harder than theirs.

09 Nov 2023 10:13:42
Post of the year, JFP. Well said.

09 Nov 2023 14:28:03
I would be surprised that as Brendan Rodgers was negotiating his contact with Celtic and having recent experience of Managing club, how could he sign a contract without knowing what his transfer chest would be .
BR isn’t a fool, he is a modern experienced Manager who knew last summer that the transfer window just over was the last window that he had full knowledge of what he was getting to spend on players . If the budget fell short
why? Was it Boards fault? Was it recruitment team. ? Or was BR fault?
I honestly don’t think it was Board. If it was BR or recruitment team would have said so To me it had to lie between recruitment team and Brendan as it would take time for B R to fully assess what he had, especially amongst younger players and recruitment team could find what they wanted at price they wanted .
I think Board were tight-fisted in past, but we now seem capable of bringing in a lot more money, so Board can open purse. Strings, but players £5-£10 may bbe harder to persuade to come to Glasgow.

09 Nov 2023 21:44:40
Between leaving and injuries we haven’t had much or any use of 8 players
6 from last season and 2 vital cb’s to cover long term inj CCV and Starfelt his cB partner who has gone . I think it would take a very complete first team squad to overcome the loses we have had in September and October.

It’s the turnover of manager and players that causes us most problems. Once we have a player playing well SMSM have him leaving and some of our fans love spreading news . So much talk of player leaving that player starts believing it and we have to replace. our best player.



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