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08 Nov 2023 17:16:11
Aberdeen were furious in May 2000 when they received 7,000 less tickets than Rangers.
They wrote an official letter of complaint which was a waste of time.

Aberdeen didn't reach another Scottish Cup Final until the played Celtic in 2017.
Aberdeen actually played Celtic in both domestic cup finals that season and they received a 50/ 50 split in each final.

Aberdeen also played Celtic in the 2018 League Cup Final and this time they received about 5,500 less tickets than Celtic.

Aberdeen play Sevco in this years LC Final.
Today it was announced that Aberdeen will receive the same reduced allocation as the 2018 League Cup Final, when they played Celtic.

Celtic most tickets - 33% of the time.
Rangers/ Sevco most tickets - 100% of the time of course.

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08 Nov 2023 17:53:42
I honestly don't understand why all the clubs don't question it and push for change.

08 Nov 2023 18:18:30
The SFA will change the rules depending on how Celtic are doing or how the Ibrox clubs were competing.

Remember in the year 2000,
Rangers were going for their EBT cheating double and it was the “Orange Final” to honour Advocate.

The SFA mentioned it was only fair because Rangers had more season tickets.

Forward on to Aberdeen’s next Scottish Cup Final.
Rangers are deid and the latest Ibrox club are struggling.
Now the SFA have moved the goalposts.
Now the SFA believe it’s only fair for each club to have a chance with an evenly split allocation.

It was the same in the mid 1960s.
The SFA banned a lap of honour for 10 years.
At that time, Celtic had a brilliant team and we reached every domestic final with the exception of the 1968 SC Final, during that period.

That’s why I love it when Celtic win because I know it’s us against Anyone, Everyone Else.

08 Nov 2023 18:29:42
I remember in 1986, hearts had to not lose the last game of the season to win the league.

The ref for their game had already been decided. However, when it became apparent that Celtic had a chance of winning the league, they changed the ref for their game.

It was an unprecedented act as there was nothing wrong with the initial appointment. The new ref was actually a well known Hearts fan. This and many other acts of cheating are the reason I despise the SFA.

08 Nov 2023 18:32:51
It was the DOS Ebt with Craig Moore from September 1999 also known as the “wee tax case”
Flo and one of the De’Boer twins also used it.

That season Moore broke the SPL registration rules in over 20 league games and 4 Scottish Cup tie’s including the Final.

That double should be added to the 15 other tainted honours achieved with the big tax Ebt’s.

08 Nov 2023 21:36:45
Reading these posts, why can't celtic just move to another league? I know uefa has rules etc but from what I see is that the SFA is only worried about one team, I am sure deep down that every sevco rat supporter know this! So to me, WTF is the point of the SFA or Scottish Football in general? Something needs to happen because to have a team go so many games without conceding a penalty and always get the 50/ 50 decision just is mind boggling!

When was the last time they had 2 away games in either cup competition in one season? We now know that is 8 boxing day home games in a row! And they always seem to get a home game for their cheese fest in November.

08 Nov 2023 21:49:58
I still can't believe that our board did not question this cheating or push for the honours to be striped when it came to light.

They also allowed the nonsense LNS verdict to stand unchallenged even though it was based on a false premise at the time of delivery and even more so when the EBT case concluded.

They also allowed the SFA to get away with helping oldco cheat during the EBT/ DoS schemes and giving them a European license even though they knew of their outstanding tax liability.

I despise our board nearly as much as I despise the SFA.

09 Nov 2023 21:46:27
LetsgoBrandon . Celtic cannot step away from SPL to another league as UEFA wouldn’t allow it .



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