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08 Nov 2023 08:40:29
At CL level we are simply not good enough. The quality of our players and the league that we play in are the two main factors. We see teams like Shaktar, Braga, Feyenoord, Lens taking points off big teams. We continually struggle. The club needs to change for us to even think about challenging. Continually holding ourselves back, reluctant to try and challenge by spending some money on higher quality players. Players are acquisitions and in turn bring us profit in most cases. Again we have failed to strengthen from a position of strength and it continues to set us back.

I am not a massive man for conspiracy theories but it almost seems like this board likes us having a title race every year. Likes to stagnate the quality we produce and never ever retain that quality wether it be signings or through youth. It's getting boring very boring.

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08 Nov 2023 09:27:19
We try to go toe to toe with the big teams which I believe is a mistake. Their expenditure far superior to ours. So why don’t we adapt what most SPL teams do to us and defend in numbers. I know it’s not the Celtic way but I hate losing by a cricket score. In saying that we have been extremely unlucky with sending offs in this campaign but does this help me no.

08 Nov 2023 09:49:41
Twice in the last 10 days,
Kyogo has managed ZERO passes in a Celtic game.

Kyogo played 65 minutes against Hibs and he only attempted One pass and it was unsuccessful.

Last night Kyogo played 61 minutes and again he only attempted One pass and once again it was unsuccessful.

08 Nov 2023 10:34:50
Celtic in Europe in recent years

Red imps 1-0 Celtic
Celtic 3-0 Red imps
Barcelona 7-0 Celtic
Celtic 0-2 Monchengladbach
Monchengladbach 1-1 Celtic
Celtic 0-2 Barcelona
Celtic 0-5 PSG
Bayern 3-0 Celtic
Celtic 1-2 Bayern
PSG 7-1 Celtic
Celtic 0-1 Anderlecht
Anderlecht 0-3 Celtic
Zenit 3-0 Celtic
Celtic 1-0 Zenit
AEK Athens 2-1 Celtic
Celtic 1-1 AEK Athens
Salzburg 3-1 Celtic
Leipzig 2-0

Salzburg 3-1 Celtic
Celtic 0-2 Valencia
Valencia 1-0 Celtic
Celtic 3-4 CFR Cluj
CFR Cluj 2-0 Celtic
Copenhagen 1-1 Celtic
Celtic 1-3 Copenhagen
Celtic 1-2 Ferencvaros
Celtic 1-3 AC Milan
Celtic 1-4 Sparta Prague
Sparta Prague 4-1 Celtic
AC Milan 4-2 Celtic
Real Betis 4-3 Celtic
Celtic 3-2 Real Betis
Celtic 1-2 Salzburg

Celtic 0-4 Bayer Leverkusen
Bayer Leverkusen 3-2 Celtic
Celtic 1-3 Bodo Glimt
Bodo Glimt 2-0 Celtic
Celtic 0-3 Real Madrid
RB Leipzig 3-1 Celtic
Celtic 0-2 RB Leipzig
Real Madrid 5-1 Celtic
Feyenoord 2-0 Celtic
Celtic 1-2 Lazio
Celtic 2-2 Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid 6-0 Celtic

Look at some of the teams here that are beating us. We are a laughing stock in CL. A complete and utter laughing stock.

08 Nov 2023 11:03:10
That's a bit of a mixed bag you've listed Ken.

I'm not sure why you have added a few victories and a few draws but left out the rest of our victories.

I would understand your list more clearly, if it was only defeats.

08 Nov 2023 11:09:30
Just another pathetic humiliation in the CL. Worst team in the competition over the last 20 years. We are a complete joke. Maybe they useless barstewards on the board will let us buy better. I bet it’s that utter can’t Lawell. I detest that man. Anyway, nobody was surprised and that the measure of us. We might win at home in a country full of uttercdross, but in Europe we are the dross.

08 Nov 2023 11:32:28
Celtic are hardly the worst CL club in the last 20 years.

Celtic only lost One of our first 18 CL group home games.
And we have an overall win record of 26% in our CL group matches.

I admit in the last 10 years our CL record has been horrendous.

08 Nov 2023 13:07:40
I thought the stars were the last twenty. But it’s picking nits to try and make it seem less disgraceful. We are an utter joke. The board of utter rubbishbags in the CL, we take the money and bank it, but do nothing, absolutely sweet FA to give us a chance of at the very least not getting humiliated. Would we even miss any of they ambitionless cowards if they left? When players don’t perform, haven't the balls or sufficient ability they get chased eventually, unless you are a board pick like McCarthy. We will always be a joke as long as we are led by clowns. And right now Coco et al, have their big red shoes too far to Nader the table. Being a shower of Tory loving twats just makes it a never ending series of abject failure.

08 Nov 2023 13:23:15
You can analyse the performance of individual players you want, but the main thing that we lack is a goalkeeper, who is good enough at this level, when was the last time big Joe made an out of this world save, a truly unbelievable save, that other top rank goalkeepers seem to do, Hart is SPL level at the most, he let's in one or two saveable goals and it affects the whole teams mentality, although last night, the red card was a bit ridiculous as well,

08 Nov 2023 19:19:51
Statistics can prove any point u want to make . We are not good enough for Champions League football that might mean there are approx 60 clubs in Europe better than us and up to 1,000 worse . It has only been relatively recently since Ange and BR have declared that they are going to develop Celtic into decent European team and to do that team has to be brave and take game to opponents. We had great nights when NL WGS had our players surrounding our penalty, getting breakaway goal (s) and going home all excited . Losing next couple of games nothing learned. Our youngsters found out last night how they haven’t strength, stamina speed and mental strength etc . Our coaches and fitness experts will know who wants to improve and who we move on . Our players have the choice and know what it takes . Closing shop when Maeda was sent off may have kept a goal or two off score, but we would be no wiser . Last night showed how much BR means when he says he wants us to achieve in Europe, it will take time and we sure as hell won’t buy players European stars.



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