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18 Oct 2023 19:25:28
Controversial but I feel I have to say this I notice that the greendrigade have asked people to show Palestine flags on CL day. Why bring trouble to Celtic FC the team that they support? They know Celtic will get a heavy fine for it so why do it? Parkhead is a SPORTS ARENA not a political platform, why not go to George square before or after the game and wave the Palestine flag? Its not as if waving the flag at the game will change the world, It's only going to get Celtic in trouble.

Please just think of your actions before you do it and think of the damage that you will bring to Celtic. If I thought for one minute that it would change the situation there by waving a flag I would be the first one in the ground with the biggest flag I could find but it won't.

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18 Oct 2023 20:43:48
Of course, I gave my total support to the Palestinians but I fail to see how I have to bring my club into my support. I support the GB when they don’t go off on a tirade against club. GB know as well as anyone that any placards and banners of support will result in a fine and maybe worse, stand closure .

The GB are a proud group of Celtic supporters, and I am sure they wouldn’t want the team to suffer.

{Ed007's Note - Chris, people need to start to learn the difference between the Green Brigade, The North Curve and the Bhoys group.
This constant berating of the Green Brigade is getting boring and only shows a lack of understanding of what is happening with the broader Celtic support.
The Bhoys group have came out and backed the GB 100% with any planned protest - this is two opposing groups who don't really get on BTW - and encouraged everyone to join in, where are they getting mentioned and pulled up for all of Celtic's ills.

This "problem" at the Club is - as I predicted - a lot bigger than the GB v the PLC, Celtic supporters have been supporting the Palestinian cause since long before a lot of the GB members were even born.

Nobody has explained yet either why there is a problem with flying Palestinian flags, are the PLC board stopping the Celtic support from waving flags of foreign countries, will that apply to the Irish and Japanese flags - we already know they offend a few folk in Scotland?
If you want to take a pop at people over their support of Palestine then include the thousands of Celtic fans who aren't in the GB or Bhoys.}

18 Oct 2023 21:09:30
The Celtic fans showed the same loving support to the Ukraine’s last season.

It’s UEFA that have a problem and not the majority of Celtic fans.

I’m proud of the majority for our fans, for not being sheepish and showing we won’t be bullied.

{Ed007's Note - The people who helped make this great Club what it is would be ashamed to see the attitude of some of the support - and the people running our Club - these days, Buzz, utterly ashamed.}

18 Oct 2023 21:24:09
Story from someone claiming to be from GB that the club has cancelled their tickets forthcoming games.

Nothing from club or GB yet if its true.

It's coming to a head. Not good for either side moving forward. Might stop a fine or a stand closure but could be split we do not need.

{Ed007's Note - The GB have had no official notification and the rumour isn't clear if it's just the GB or the whole standing section. Surely it's unfair to ban people who aren't members of the GB for something that hasn't even happened?
Why isn't everyone that was planning to show support to Palestine being banned?
Oh and btw, if UEFA ever did try to close one of our stands for something like that the Court of Arbitration for Sport would laugh it out the building IF the Club showed the balls to take them on.}

18 Oct 2023 22:11:57
I'm curious why sevco fans can fly the Israeli flag. England were allowed to project the Israeli flag onto Wembley and anyone can fly Ukrainian flags but we can't fly the Palestinian flag.

People asking why we are doing it? The reason is simple, it is because it has a global audience and brings more attention to the issue.

{Ed007's Note - TRIFC and the Klan support Israel because of the ties that go back years between Irish Republicans and the Palestinian's causes so anything that the Irish or Celtic fans do they do the exact opposite, it's basically that.
No matter what Celtic fans do they just take the opposite view regardless, if a Celtic fan started a campaign against dogs $hitting in the street within a week you'd have a TRIFC group all for dogs being allowed to $hit where they want.

Remember the uproar when the young Celtic fan wanted free feminine products at Celtic Park and then the campaign started growing? Their reaction on social media was disgusting and as misogynistic as anything I've seen in my life.
In one stadium in one the TRIFC had Armed Forces day for the Brits, supported Israel and had a Totenkopf Nazi flag on display.

I mentioned it the other day, I wonder how many staunch TRIFC fans or Klan members have read "On the Jews and Their Lies" written in 1543 by the German Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther or read up on Christian Zionism.
Basically, just like their football company, the TRIFC support react to what we do, they are incapable of independent thinking and need to compare everything they do to what we do or have done.}

19 Oct 2023 04:57:33
F. UEFA and F. the board.

19 Oct 2023 07:04:48
As mostly an armchair fan nowadays, I love the atmosphere that the GB bring but I'm neither a particular groupie, nor am I a detractor. I call it as I see it on each particular issue.

I'm sorry Celtic Calling and Tony, but I'm with Ed on this one. Setting aside the hypocritical 'double standards' issue that it's ok to root for whichever side of whichever conflict the Celtic board happens to agree with today, it's about standing up for the oppressed - of which the majority of our families were a part.

That's not to glorify Hammas. Whilst I might agree with some of their aims ie. a free and safe homeland for their people, I don't agree with the killing of innocents. If even some of what their fighters are accused of doing is true then it's disgusting (for balance, as is what the IDF do, sanctioned by their right wing government which even their own people have recently been demonstrating against albeit for different reasons).

But Hammas isn't Palestine and doesn't speak for all Palestinians. Whilst I'll pray for innocent Israeli dead as well, show support for the innocent Palestinian people. Stay true to our roots; wave the flag in different sections of the ground, hold our heads high and pay the fine.

19 Oct 2023 07:09:12
The Tory Board hands are tied. No matter how many of our supporters support Palestinians, and abhor the Zionists, the Board has to prevent Palestinians flags and banners displayed at matches involving UEFA control . Board cannot continue paying fines because UEFA will increase punishment by closing stands and finally forcing Celtic to play home European games behind close doors.

I abhor what the Zionists do to defenceless Palestinians but I love my club as do so many thousands others and I don’t want the club to have to pay more fines, face stand or stadium closure. I have no doubt u will laugh and sneer at my ranting and pour scorn on what punishment I foresee . But if I am right and u can’t be sure I am wrong, it will be our club and team who will suffer much.
Zionists must not be allowed to make winning in Europe harder.

19 Oct 2023 07:05:23
Edi hope it's just a rumour. I think the club would be on thin ice banning supporters for their beliefs, when the club is built in one belief, we are all equal and our supporters, or some of them are demonstrating just that.

Sevco also believe we are all equal but they are more equal than the rest of us.

19 Oct 2023 08:58:22
Celtic must have received about 50 fines by UEFA over the years.

It’s a money making business by UEFA.

If they don’t fine us for waving a flag,
UEFA will fine us for blocking a passageway.

19 Oct 2023 09:47:33
Flying Palestinian flag at this time will be taken as showing support for Hamas (and I know that there are some in our support, who are happy to do that ) , what about flying the PLO flag, as a way of showing support for the Palestinian people and an abhorrence of Hamas?

19 Oct 2023 13:18:03
A free and safe land for their people, is not their aim, the establishment of an islamic state is their aim, I support the PLOs aims.

19 Oct 2023 14:09:35
Donegal that's cool as I said it's a controversial subject everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No offence was taken. I get the reason why they want to support Palestine I just don't agree with them supporting them at a football match for a place for sport, not politics. Especially when people know Celtic will get a fine for that and pyrotechnics that will likely be done also by anyone in the ground, just my opinion.

19 Oct 2023 16:59:11
Donegal Pol, no need to apologise to me, I am in total agreement with everyone who have full support for Palestinians and total hatred for Zionists. My point simply is that UEFA will fine and punish us for showing our support to Palestinians. Fines will increase and we could have stand closures as well as stadium closure . Remember we often have a Demi - Province as UEFA observer.

19 Oct 2023 17:36:20
We just need to remember that those who make decisions as the ruling class generally do not speak or hold the interests of the non ruling. Yet the ones who almost always pay the price with their lives are the latter. My govt doesn't represent me or my views yet they can goto war make policy changes because 50% agree.

20 Oct 2023 14:05:37
Kwaj unfortunately that’s the way it is . Regarding support or not supporting the Jews choice is made for us . Mr Sunak and his close colleagues are bribed by Jews, after been so handsomely rewarded it would be very poor form indeed for them to support the Palestinians
We know Sunak and wife came to UK and he entered Politics to preserve and enlarge their great wealth . So no matter how wealthy they are the Sunak’s and hence UK Government were never going to say no .
No matter how many UK and Demi - Province citizens support Palestinians, U K GOv. will nevertheless remain loyal to Jews.



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