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17 May 2021 14:15:26
I read somewhere that Howe was in talks with Crystal Palace. don't know if it's true just passing it on.

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17 May 2021 15:28:45
The longer this fiasco drags on the more doubt and uncertainty there will be in supporters minds, as these rumours and counter-rumours surface - much to the delight of our detractors. The club got every major decision wrong in the past 12 months (or more) and they need to quickly clarify the situation with positive, precise information and prompt assertive action as we have dawdled-on far too long.

17 May 2021 16:11:08
Doubt and uncertainty also come from people referring to it as a "fiasco" OAB.

17 May 2021 16:56:04
What would you call it Kev? We have been rudderless for months, stumbling from one dilemma and disappointment to another since the Autumn of 2020. The Board have remained silent and impotent, the players have clearly been struggling for months while we are just supposed to guess what is going on and how long it takes? I think the support need answers and solutions to this situation?

17 May 2021 18:08:21
He gave his word, and it’s does not look like the kind off person to go back on his words.

17 May 2021 19:06:38
Howe will be manager 100% excited as I've watched him over last 30 yr playing and managing afcb he has been on mnf couple times recently and never been mentioned about celtic obviously its hush hush I reckon a number of staff will come in at same time possibly a week today.

17 May 2021 22:39:29
The last info I heard is that Howe will be announced after the Championship play offs are decided.
The delay is based primarily on Celtic wanting to make one overall statement about the new management/ coaching team and at least one of the potential future coaches (currently at Bournemouth) is waiting to see if they make it to the PL. If they do then he's staying with them and if they don't then he'll come with Howe.
I said before that I get my info 3rd hand. It has been consistent so far in that Howe is the man etc. but it could change any day so I wouldn't hang my hat on any of it.
We're all in limbo until we get definitive news. HH.

18 May 2021 06:55:25
This is looking desperate now from Celtic, I read this morning now the players won’t actually meet Howe until the first day of preseason. I can’t believe the hold up is to see what staff he has lined up and can only be the gardening leave proposition . If it’s going to cost us a million pounds now, i think we should pay it to get him now. If we can’t afford that, the talk of us spending upwards of 30 million on our deflated squad is probably over exaggerated. We pretty much go straight into champions league qualifiers, if we have looked under prepared before, what are we going to look like now. Have the club already given up on qualifying, again our board, as they have all season look like they are sitting on their hands. The old adage that lawell lives by preseason, where do nothing and hope for the best still seems to be prevalent today. Then once we fail, we sign a couple of players. This surely isn’t a modern way of thinking.
Does anyone actually truly believe our arrogant board are sitting there proactively thinking about giving the best option for Celtic for this incoming season. We are notoriously slow in getting deals over the line, and this season we have let contracts run down as well. Lawell is more likely thinking of his golden handshake bonus, which incidentally is probably being paid for with the previous seasons ticket money which they are flatly refusing to offer us anything for .

18 May 2021 11:20:00
OAB, I agree that the season in its entirety has been a fiasco but if the stories are to be believed, we've acted effectively and had the Howe deal wrapped up for weeks. If the club are keeping quiet about that there must be a very good reason since announcing it would get lots of fans back on side.

18 May 2021 13:57:25
My problem with the waiting, is If its true and they want to avoid paying a couple of million in comp, then to save that will more than likely mean we lose £50m by getting handed our I'll prepared arse yet again in the CL. If we isn't here preparing signing a, remember he needs at 8 to go straight into the team and another 4 to have cover, then this won't allow us to have a go. Don't get me wrong our board live to save a few bob then lose tens of millions by never being prepared, so this shirtsighted approach fits their opus memorandum to a tee.

18 May 2021 19:57:22
English media saying lampard will be palace manager.

18 May 2021 20:40:14
Everyone needs to settle, Quinn1888 the bit you mention regarding the players not meeting the new manager until the 1st day of pre season is totally normal.
The players will now have went on holiday and won't report back to the club until the 1st day of pre season.
We have know for a long time that if it is Howe that he wouldn't come in until the summer. If it is him we won't hear anything until Bournemouth's season is finished which might not happen until the 30th depending on how they do in the 2nd leg of the playoff on Saturday.
Now saying that, it doesn't mean that he isn't working in the background along with the new DOF (if we are getting one) identifying players and we could see a major announcement with the DOF, Manager and 3 or 4 players.
Also if it isn't Howe I would expect whoever it is to be doing exactly the same in the background.

19 May 2021 07:11:06
Jonbhoy, I agree they could be doing due diligence work in the background, but with the way the board have worked for the last few years, could you really see them all sitting around a table with Howe, a dof ( which incidentally has gone very quiet ) , sitting alongside 3-4 new signings . All at once, because I can’t . If our players have gone off on holiday, all the other players who aren’t in their respective euro squad will be . Obviously it seems it’s Howe and they need the championship finished before he can be announced, as for players I’d say we will scrambling around all the way up to the start of the season or the last day of the window. I expect is to view it that we should have enough to get through the first couple of rounds against the easier opposition .



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