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31 Aug 2021 15:01:11
People saying we are weaker need to wake up. Barkas has been replaced with joe hart. Right back wee have a reformed ralston who is in top form and juranovic who looks a player and looks like he can help out at left back if needed. Last season was frimpong and kenny. Startfelt has replaced Duffy. Left back still more the same with a few added options and a young energetic Montgomery who looks a player. Centre mid brown and ntcham are gone ntcham empty jersey for nearly 2 seasons stealing a wage and broony great servant he just got old James McCarthy has been brought in for that position and I don't think I need to explain what he brings. And wee have a free flowing Tom rogic who looks a new signing. Right mid we have Abada and Forrest to battle it out there last season we did not have a right mid all sesason we have added quality with Abada. Left side jota will be in and Kyogo can play there Forrest has also been used there and does the job. Up top eddy is gone who was wanting out Kyogo has replaced him need I say more on Kyogo replacing eddy and wee have the Greek lad in comeing to add to the fire power up top. Wee have offloaded a few big hitters in wages wile brining in some great transfer fees and getting some right bargains by the looks of it. We are a lot stronger than last year we are just abit light weight in squad depth that's all to say wee are weaker is silly. Just compare player for player here. I say wee still need a centre back for some depth there as we are short in centre backs but we're are definitely 100 percent stronger in terms of player quality.

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31 Aug 2021 15:10:39
That’s us telt 😂.

31 Aug 2021 15:14:54
Good post mate agree, my point was more ajer for starfelt at this moment we're weaker and ajer definitely had deficiencies, would like a cb as av said if say Welsh got hurt it's Bitton, fbs definitely stronger, rw abada looks good but time will tell if he can turn up for the big games, kyogo definitely upgrade on eddy, jota unknown quantity, just get a few more in even a decent loan because look at the bench on sun with a few injuries.

31 Aug 2021 15:15:33
26 + 6 = 1

Spot on 👍

PS: biggest weakness after signings will be midfield enforcer. A spoiler with dig. A Lennon, Lambert or Burley. Lewis Ferguson? We’re lightweight in the middle of the park although looking forward to seeing Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Mac when are you coming back in a Celtic jersey.

31 Aug 2021 15:20:05
Good post UI. I think when some folk say weaker they do mean depth because the first team is definitely better this season already. I'd honestly look at giving the boy Moffat a chance in some of the lesser domestic games considering he's the same age as Abada and we're a bit light in numbers. I'm not sure if that's allowed if he's playing for the Colts as well.

31 Aug 2021 15:24:11
That's what I hope will be happening Mally a centre back getting sorted as we speak it's risky if we don't bring one in. JFP certainly would help out if we got a bit of dig in the midfield would you take a young Roy Keane just now haha.

31 Aug 2021 15:42:33
Gk Stronger
Rb Stronger
CH Similar probably weaker Ajer/ Starfelt so far Ajer
LB Same to be seen if it improves
RW Stronger
CM Weaker until we see McCarthy
LW Kyoko never a winger, can play there but doesn't influence game. Jota? So weaker
CF weaker until we see the big greek. How many 2+ Million strikers have we bought that worked.

Bench Weaker and with OTP high press and looking to rotate. Overall squad is weaker. Suspension and injury need to be kind to us. All opinions the joy of football.

{Ed007's Note - The next post you use that moronic & childish OTP abbreviation pish in won't be going up, you're starting to turn into a troll and it's boring reading your constant negativity on nearly every thread you can be negative about something on.}

31 Aug 2021 15:50:50

I would indeed but not after he was washed up so he could say he wore the jersey 😂

I’d take a young Neil Lennon in a heartbeat. Never seen him hit pass further than 10 yards and certainly never split a defence with McStayesque elegance. I always wondered how he got there with they wee steps and he wasn’t the fastest to say the least but he could read a game. Best spoiler we’ve had.

31 Aug 2021 15:54:10
🤣🤣🤣 sorry for having a opinion that you don't like. Its a big world and people have opinions on everything. If you want to control the narrative fair enough. Life goes on.

{Ed007's Note - I'm simply not prepared to spend my time deleting replies to your trolling. We know you're not happy, you don't need to tell us on every thread.}

31 Aug 2021 16:00:00
The squad will be built over two or three windows and although we seem to have a smaller match-ready group to challenge week in week out, there is enough variety to rotate and there are others like Jullien, Forrest and McCarthy to come in when they are fully fit.
The main positive for me is that we have offloaded the malcontents and those of us who wanted major changes after last seasons shambles have got our wish. Just to reiterate what JFP said on Sunday and it would have been nice to see another grafter and ball-winner in there?

31 Aug 2021 16:03:51
United Ireland good post mate.
The way I would put it is, instead of using word "stronger" I would say we are in a much better position than last year.
Ange himself is an improvement on Lennon
He has shipped out most of the disgruntled and underachievers of last season and replaced them with better and more hungrier players with a good attitude.
Yes we still need additions to our squad but Ange will work on them in January and the summer windows.
Also our Board need to get transfers done quicker, but Ange now realises this and will be putting a rocket up some board members bahookies.
Starting Wednesday Ange will know which players he has to work with and I have no doubt he will push our whole football club forward.

31 Aug 2021 16:04:10
Fair enough mate. I'm happy i support Celtic. Doesn't matter how much i personally think things could be better. I will always be there to support who ever pulls the Hoops on. Will go to other sites its na drama. It's been emotional 😉😉.

{Ed007's Note - So because I'm not letting you to post with the same negative stuff all the time you'll just go elsewhere, that's kind of admitting you were trolling but it's up to you what you do. I never wanted or asked you to leave the site, if I want people to leave I'll delete their accounts and don't give me that nonsense about controlling the narrative on here, there's plenty of people with differing opinions but they know how to conduct themselves on a forum without getting everybody's back up.}

31 Aug 2021 16:28:35
Auf you pop then.

31 Aug 2021 16:33:58
AGG 😆🤣😂.

31 Aug 2021 16:37:59
Auf is offski 🤣.

31 Aug 2021 17:08:25
What have you been smoking. Can I have some?
GK stronger with Hart ok
RB Ralston better than frimpong. Not a chance. Juranovic hopefully a great signing but needs to be seen.
CB we lost Duffy and Ajer. Replaced with Starfelt who remains shakey imo but again give time to bed in. That's -1 good defender altho Duffy was a waste if a shirt last season.
LB no improvement. Laxalt gone
Midfield lost brown ntcham Christie Eli replaced with McCarthy abada kyogo and Jota (pos) . Rogic always was hot and cold so not giving him new player nonsense.
Up top we repl eddy and Griff with an unknown Greek that's had 1 gd season.
Can't see how we have improved. Some deadwood has gone but we are v light on quality if injuries occur which I'm sure they will as some of these guys are bit lightweight for rough and tumble of Scottish game.

31 Aug 2021 17:13:11
AGG hahahaha.

31 Aug 2021 17:24:35
Ralston is better than Frimpong, defensively, which is his main job.
Laxalt gone is an improvement
Midfield is an improvement, because of who is not there, although I would have Kyogo as an forward.

31 Aug 2021 17:35:55
carrick bhoy its not as strong as what you have been smoking if your sticking kyogo in as a midfielder. pass it this way mate and no double or treble draws before the pass mate. if you think Ralston's form and Juranovic are not a upgrade on Frimpong then your stuff is definitely strong so i say again pass that sh*t mate Frimpong had pace that's all no end product and could not defend. as i says to we are short at centre back. anyway you passing that strong rubbish.

31 Aug 2021 18:04:47
I listen to you on the podcast and you sound a good guy. So if your getting grief because of me (which I find bizarre. I will leave you and your wee sensitive following to it. Plenty of other sites where you can speak your mind. HH.

{Ed007's Note - I am a good guy, and you can speak your mind freely on here but if you're standing in the middle of a town centre shouting the same things over and over again you're going to get asked to stop.}



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