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24 Jun 2021 10:21:46
So Postecoglou starts in earnest today we will see how fitter he can get our players compared to last season. I am not too bothered about Kennedy and Strachan staying on meantime as I think big Ange will eventually bring in his own staff, and these hangers on will just implement what their new boss tell them to do in training.
I read below United Ireland and Bestybhoy trying to defend Kennedy in particular and saying he gets lots of abuse, NO he gets CRITICISM for being such a poor coach.
Also there are far too many rumours of him being a "tell tale" going behind Lennon's back to Lawwell, as he was Pedro's "pet poodle" anyone who is such two faced should NOT be anywhere near the Celtic first team.

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24 Jun 2021 11:06:33
Good point there's a big difference between criticism and abuse. No one is above criticism and I believe its merited in this case. They been doing a substandard job for a while now.

24 Jun 2021 11:13:36
Timalloy and Gar
So calling someone gonzo, big nose and other shocking names is constructive criticism based wholly on his coaching ability?
My goodness, there definitely is no hope for some of you. HH.

24 Jun 2021 11:21:58
there's criticism tim then there's abuse if you think its fine to slag a man of and slag his looks because we had a poor season then that's very poor from yourself mate. were was his abuse in the invincible treble season if he was a poor coach were was his abuse when he knocked Rodgers back and stayed loyal to the club he loves. gonzo big nose is not criticism that's personal abuse. for me the want away players caused the downfall this season with downing tools.

24 Jun 2021 11:23:43
Name calling is pathetic they might not be what everyone wants but when it gets personal it's not on.

24 Jun 2021 11:38:23
Mally, spot on sir. It's poor form when someone resorts to using these names but it's just as disgraceful when guys who should know better defend it and imply that it's justified. HH.

24 Jun 2021 12:09:52
UI - Players downing tools! What a load of nonsense!
If a player wants away, fine, let him go, sell him. However, if we keep them and the coaching staff/ manager perceive a player is not working hard enough, i. e. downing tools, then why are they selecting him.
Moreover, if a player is downing tools, would his teammates accept it? They'd be giving him pelters, and it would be in the dressing room in front of everyone. Nobody, including the management team would be unaware of the situation.

24 Jun 2021 12:32:56
As a fellow big nose I’m outraged 😂.

24 Jun 2021 12:39:08
@Bestybhoy and United Ireland I will agree that personal insults about his looks and appearance are wrong, the worst I myself have called Kennedy is two faced and a pet poodle to Lawwell and I firmly believe he carried tales to Pedro which is not on in my book, for some reason Lawwell gave him preferential treatment NOT based on his coaching ability.
Also this argument about being a "good Celtic man" what has that got to do with anything, believe me I know plenty of so called Celtic men who were all pains in the posterior.

24 Jun 2021 12:53:23
Maybe Kennedy kept running to Lawwell to tell him what we all already knew and that was that Lennon was clueless🤔.

24 Jun 2021 13:17:35
Guys, how many on here referred to Wayne Rooney as "SHREK"It is name calling but there is no harm meant. We in the West of Scotland grow up with nick names, some will stick for life. example Aschool mate of mine tattooed his fingers "BRAIN" unfortunately his name was Brian. he was then known as Brainy and that is his name to this day 45 years on. I am not condoning what the boys are saying but can understand it and i do not believe they mean any harm.

24 Jun 2021 13:51:28
Never knew there was a Kennedy appreciation society on here. Personally, I would not want to see him involved at all next season and that is simply because he was part of an unsuccessful management team and then went on to become an unsuccessful caretaker manager. Two bites of the cherry and nothing to show for it at all; so no room for sentiment in football. Being part of previous success, keeps you in the job with appreciation and thanks, but when things go wrong - or implode - in our case then it's time for a complete change and when a new manager is installed (eventually) , I would at least hope for a whole new coaching regime to encourage new ideas and strategies and not repeat old bad habits, with familiarity breeding contempt.

24 Jun 2021 15:37:28
Oab2, criticism of his work is one thing but making it personal with name calling is a different issue.
If giving the lad a bit of defence against personal attacks qualifies as an 'Appreciation Society' then it's a club I'm happy to be a member of.
Would you not be too or do you condone the personal name calling? HH.

24 Jun 2021 16:07:52
oab nothing to do with a appreciation society ill stand by any one at the club who i think is getting personal abuse aimed at them. question him as a coach if you think he is not got enough but a lot of stuff have been getting personal.

24 Jun 2021 16:17:11
apcelt. i don't know what team you were watching that season there but if you could not see some players had downed tools then you must have been watching reruns of a previous season. its common knowledge mate that about 5 players wanted out and a few of them kicked up a fuss about it.

24 Jun 2021 18:26:23
Nicknames are Nicknames all footballers or footballing staff get it, its banter, if gonzo is that bloody harsh a name then the world is totally screwed.

Racism however different kettle of fish!

Now let's stop arguing about pish lads and start talking about big Ange, I like how the man talks in front of camera, I was so underwhelmed at the appointment however 2 interviews in and I'm starting to get the excitement back.

If he keeps any staff on that's surely his choice, I'm not sure if he had his own staff at his last club, as long as his philosophy is a breath of fresh air I'm all for it

Now let's see who comes in and who departs, hopefully any that depart that money is used wisely, the next chapter is about to begin HH.

24 Jun 2021 20:38:41
Turner1984, welcome to their club and not mine.
Gonzo or Big Nose were never said in a jocular fashion by anyone who ever said it on this forum. It has always been in connection with nasty comments and anger. There are other ways to demonstrate the anger without trying to lay it on an individual guy who has given his life to our club.
Shame on all of you who have ever mentioned anything about JK on a personal basis. He is Celtic through and through and he's better at his job than most of you will ever give him credit for. If we win the SPL next season he'll be a hero again and everyone will deny ever saying anything bad about him.
Shame on you all (whoever said anything about the guy) . ****in shame on you all. HH.

25 Jun 2021 08:58:31
that's been what i have disked about some of the fans base this season besty the abuse aimed at people who have gave so much to the club and love it just as much as them.



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