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25 Mar 2021 13:41:06
Why has this guys CV even got him linked with the Celtic manager job?

'Roy Keane was appointed manager of Sunderland shortly after his retirement as a player and took the club from 23rd position in the Football League Championship in late August to win the division title and gain promotion to the Premier League. He resigned in December 2008 and from April 2009 to January 2011 was manager of Championship club Ipswich Town. In November 2013 he was appointed assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland national team by manager Martin O'Neill. '

Aye and whit?

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25 Mar 2021 14:03:45
Ohh JFP, with every report that Roy's odds are dropping you may require something stronger than the Bovril 👍 to get you through this.

25 Mar 2021 14:04:05
Agree its not the best, he's linked because of his name, I don't fancy him and think it would set us back a few years.

25 Mar 2021 14:10:34
we will just need to get behind him jfp if it is him bro. ed pointed out on here that it will be crucial to who his assistant is i 100 percent agree there if he can bring a great assistant with a tactical knowledge of the game could be a good appointment.

25 Mar 2021 14:13:31
Genuinely not trying to tip you over the edge JFP (honestly) but in his favour, Roy that is,

* no fool
* great football knowledge
* winning mentality
* Scottish Premiership hardly La Liga
* managerial experience
* excellent people to call on if needed (Sir Alex, MON, Mick McCarthy)

25 Mar 2021 14:15:50
Pedro Mally

It’s embarrassing.

If he wasn’t Irish, Dermot’s pal and unemployed he wouldn’t even be in the frame. He certainly wouldn’t be getting an interview on the basis of his CV.

He is to progress what Nigel Farage is to European unity and race relations.

I’ll have a half in that Bovril please.

25 Mar 2021 14:16:03
It's early days Mally and as they say until it's signed, sealed and announced it's nothing more than a guessing game.

Maybe Roy is playing along under DD's instructions to throw the hacks off the scent.

25 Mar 2021 14:25:19
UI, totally agree. I'd say assistants plural (the team that's around him) would be crucial.

Listen, if Slippy G can win this league in 3 seasons, why can't Roy (with the correct backing) not do better?

25 Mar 2021 14:29:04
JFP, I hear what your saying and you know I agree with you, but I'm just trying to play 😈 advocate.

No matter who is appointed, whatever their credentials, background or experience for the job. There's always someone that's not going to be happy.

25 Mar 2021 14:34:13
pedro. its Michael beale who does it all for that sevie team all the tactics and formation slippy is juts a big brand name that sells seasons books attracts players and brings money in to the club. as for winning the league in 3 seasons no chance need to win league next season and try push on in Europe.

25 Mar 2021 14:35:05
Mccarthy aye right, seriously ad back him like any of our managers but gut feeling this won't end well if it's him. too much baggage and let's hope he doesn't bring butt.

25 Mar 2021 14:47:01
If it is Keane I would not even look at Celtic or the results until I know he and DD is out the club But I really can't see it being Keane.

25 Mar 2021 15:15:17
I'm not sure I would go as far as you Tony but I certainly would not give the club any of my hard earned cash and would be calling for DD and the board to resign as they are obviously clueless if they appoint Keane.

25 Mar 2021 15:24:48
JFP, I read a bit on the guy Beale but again, with the right team around there's nothing to say that Keane couldn't win the league on his first season.

Mally, the Mccarthy bit was tongue-in-cheek as we all know how much Roy 💘 Mick.

More often than not, I agree with the two of you and the posts you put up, so I really hope that Keane doesn't get it or there will be some sore heads on here.

25 Mar 2021 15:27:12
Agreed UI re Beale @ Sevco.

25 Mar 2021 15:27:21
UI what are u trying to say that Beale is the fat bird that can sing but needsto be fronted up by a model who cant? 😂.

25 Mar 2021 15:40:07
Don't get me wrong I really admire Keane but not as a manager he has done nothing to show me that he would progress the team in any way Its just clone for Lennon IMO as far as manager goes.

25 Mar 2021 15:46:17
Hi Ed, good stuff with the podcast stuff it’s something I will tune into when on the night shift. Always read the pages but usually by time I’m going to post I have read similar. I am undecided on Keane but like everyone else his success it’s dependant on recruitment of good coaches and we need players out and others in. I’m always cautious of the french players we have had, some great abilities but attitude at times questionable. I always think a good market is Scandinavia, Germany, Poland etc. They settle well with weather and Glasgow etc. Anyway good luck Ed and if it’s Keane I’m quids in as backed him at 16s lol.

{Ed007's Note - Thanks mate, we enjoy doing it and once we've done a few we should have everything running smoothly 👍
There's changes being made to UEFA's FFP Regs and according to Ed002 one issue that may cause friction with some Football Associations is that any changes will be written to meet European Law which will impact British sides in respect of Work Permits, buying kiddies from Europe etc..

25 Mar 2021 15:57:30
Keane would be a really bad appointment imo.

25 Mar 2021 16:08:28
In relation to the younger players, I know it’s a gamble signing them and it’s all about potential but like we have seen in recent times, unless our youth coaches are not doing their jobs then the path to 1st team has been blocked so it’s money wasted. That’s why we need the d. o. f role and set our style of play out then no matter what manager comes in the philosophy is the same it’s just really about them working around it.



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