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18 Jan 2021 09:21:23
Fergal Harkin from Man City roumered to be joining the management team, he currently manages loaners and junior players in the Man City set up, very expierened, I would think it's a very positive and progressive step on the commercial side. He is from ballylifffin, you could call it the surburbs of Derry 😂 and is a committed Celt, will form part of new commercial set up with Ross Desmond.
Roy Kean will be appointed DoF in the coming weeks, he will start now but play no active role in the current set up, prepping for next season. He might not be everyone's cup of tea, came to us too late and his head wasn't right when he did, but he knows football inside out and also Celtic in his blood.
People might rubbish this Celtic attachment, but in most cases it is a reality, tell me how many fans who if they had a chance would not give 120% instead of half of these feckers who are running about in the Hoops giving 20%.

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18 Jan 2021 09:46:55
Am sorry mate, but it is this "he is a celtic man and is irish"thats got us in this mess. peter lawell knows that is what sells us a player and we then end up with pish. I do agree we need change and we need footballing brains, but there are people out there who have no affiliation to any of our causes and would be brilliant. so let's open our nt and trawl the people we need. hh.

18 Jan 2021 09:54:03
It was fine till the Keane bit can't see him co. ing as dof he'll want the managers job imo.

18 Jan 2021 11:18:35
Thats no happening either something has to happen but Roy Keane DOF no chance he wants a manager roll but if we even ask him to be manager there needs for change at the top he won't consider working for what's there at the moment there will be nothing announced any time soon it will be same old stuff until end of season.

18 Jan 2021 11:34:27
I really hope Roy Keane gets no were near the managers job.

18 Jan 2021 12:02:05
roy keane is a winner losing is no a option to him everybody has to put in 100 percent and win he has no time for passengers and half arsed efforts that's his thinking and its a good thing. not to win would be a no go to him and he knows what he is talking about. no player whose heart was not in it or did not have the passion and drive to win would be no were near celtic and that's what we need right now.

18 Jan 2021 12:34:43
Losing has been a fairly regular option to him in his managerial career.

{Ed007's Note - Will we just forget about that time he took over Sunderland who were second bottom of The Championship (the hardest league in the world to get promoted from) and took them to the title that season?}

18 Jan 2021 12:37:12
Ño we need a good forward thinking manager who knows how to set us up to play attractive winning football. ubfortunately Keane ain't it . if it's a winner we might as well give it to big yogi Hughes he's a winner.

18 Jan 2021 12:49:00
I didn’t mention anything about the manager’s job as I didn’t hear anything, we might still have the same manager next season, Who knows?
The being a Celtic man took us to European finals, numerous league and cup successes, so just have a look at bringing Celtic people against non Celtic minded people and see where the success rate lies.

18 Jan 2021 13:12:37
Roy Keane mentioned he’s embarrassed about his short time at Celtic and I think he would take a second chance at the club as our manager.
Roy Keane showed he’s a good manager after he achieved a massive turnaround at Sunderland.
But in this day and age the players get pampered and don’t respond well to criticism.
Look at how the Celtic players reacted to the Lenny rant after our CL exit.
For that reason, I think Roy Keane would be a big risk.
I was surprised at how nice a person Roy came across after I watched a video of him on stage with Gary Neville.
He’s always wrongly made out to be the big bad wolf.
They were talking about past experiences at Man Utd and it’s worth a watch.

18 Jan 2021 13:12:56

I read a rumour yesterday about Fergal Harkin (Football Partnerships and Pathways Manager) at Man City but haven't seen anything about Roy Keane who, to be honest, is a regular 'bpokies favourite' for a job at Celtic when one comes up.

Time will tell.

18 Jan 2021 13:46:35
That’s it Ed. 👍
If you get the chance, watch it guys it’s brilliant.

18 Jan 2021 13:51:26
There's a reason he's not in management it's gitcdisaster written all over it . lived him as a player was overjoyed when we got him. but not a Celtic manager and did he not turn us down a few years back.

18 Jan 2021 14:21:06
I've seen that buzz it's a good watch. and as buzz said Keane is very honest about his time at us and said it's the best changing room he's been in. remember the man had a year left on his contract and could have kept picking up his wage but decided not to.

18 Jan 2021 14:31:35
Remember when Zurawski scored the only goal at Ibrox.
Roy Keane and Neil Lennon totally dominated the midfield that day.
Rangers could’ve played all day and not score because they couldn’t get by Roy and Lenny to create any chances.

18 Jan 2021 14:38:16
for those gone on about him being manager the post was about him becoming DOF something he would do well at for us.

as i says roy does not mess about he is a born winner and its all about winning half the players in our team just now would not be there under him. as every one has to work for the team and give 100 percent and make sure you win for the team. roy does not accept passengers and half arsed players picking up a wage i would welcome him as DOF as he knows the game well and knows what players are needed and can tell a player who has the right attitude to win. players like ntcham would have been shown the door long ago and replaced with a battling midfielder.

18 Jan 2021 14:49:10
Buzzthey were outstanding that day Keane gave Barry Ferguson a midfeild masterclass that day with in his own words hips like a 70year old.

19 Jan 2021 10:11:20
I think he could get the players drilled and well organized and demand a far higher professionalism like BR did but I just see him being like Lennon yesterday x10 with the media and being too critical of the players in public.



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