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06 Apr 2021 11:24:16
1 fact i can state is a new manager will be in place this summer along with Dominic McKay and possibly DOF everybody chill out and take a chill pill instead of doomsday posts day in day out we have had a bad season we try win Scottish cup and kick on again next season.

look forward to the summer and see what the new set up brings or you can just keep moaning on how the board is not making all the moves its making public. everything to move the club forward will be in motion just because they don't release it to the press does not mean it is not happening you would think the club is going under with a lot of doomsday posts 1 bad season and its like were in turmoil this was always going to be a transitional season regardless of a successful season or not.

PS projects always need to be bought some work out some don't.

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06 Apr 2021 12:13:18
Why waste three months treading-water, with a management team that have an uncertain future and half a team that won't be here? Appointing a manager now will give him a chance to assess the squad and maybe even convince a few quality players to stay-put? It also gives him a settling-in period where he can familiarize himself with Scottish football's 'top six' and a cup to play-for. He will not be accountable for this season because it has gone with the wind. We have went into previous seasons under-prepared and unfit, so here is a chance to set the foundations, or else we wait for a new-broom scenario in June/ July, brisk introductions, transfer window, contract talks and CL qualifiers all in a fortnight of starting a new job?

06 Apr 2021 12:33:41
I think that our new manger needs to be in place asap.
The sooner we get Kennedy and Strachan out of there the better. It would give everyone a lift having him and his back room staff in place.
This will give him time to assess the squad and see where he needs to strengthen.
Hail Hail 🍀🍀🍀.

06 Apr 2021 12:39:44
a suppose mate you could bring him in just now to a season that has been a disaster with the same players there who don't want to be there and giving a half effort on the field.

were it could all go wrong for him due to the team being completely demoralised were he loses the Scottish cup and loses the last derby match of the season were we have the fans base already split on him being manager which will add 10 times more pressure on him and let's be honest the way fans have been acting this season if howe was to lose the scottish cup and the last derby against them there would be calls for him to be sacked already. what would be your views on him if we lost to the sevies in the cup and the last match against them in the league i think you would have doubts

or we could just let kenneday see the season out and let howe sort things behind the scenes building up to the summer then he officially comes in this summer already having put some things in place knowing he was going to be manager 2 or 3 months in advanced fresh start for him and the squad and a new season ahead with last season put away were it should be

so if howe starts in the summer we will be unprepared and unfit why appoint managers in the summer then if it means teams will be unprepared and unfit should every team sack there manager 2 month before seasons ends and let the new manager who was coming in in the summer take over as its risking letting them start in the summer as the teams will be unprepared and unfit i always thought that's what pre seasons were for getting fit

3 months treading water you say. i can picture eddie howe accepting the Celtic job to come in to start a fresh in the summer him just sitting there for 3 months watching netflix. as soon as he accepts the job he will start preparing regardless if its this season or in the summer. just because its not official till the summer does not mean he won't be looking at what needs to be brought in and on the phone to people from club finding out what players will be looking to leave and what positions will need filled and he will definitely be having conversations with players who want out regardless if he joins in the summer or just now. he will be very munch involved soon as he accepts the job.

if its Eddie Howe for the job but starts in the summer him and Dominic McKay will 100 percent be in dialogue sorting things out behind the scenes wile this rubbish show of a seasons plays out with Kennedy seeing it out.

06 Apr 2021 13:11:34
I myself see it a totally different way, let's say we appoint him (Howe) just now and he loses the 2 Rangers games with a squad that is not his, he will already be swimming against the waves next season, cause there will be many a fan who will already hold a black mark against him for losing those 2 games. I say be patient, appoint him asap but don't allow him to officially take over until when the season finishes, that way he can start afresh next season with his own squad.

06 Apr 2021 17:57:54
If he isn't confident of preparing this squad to beat rangers then he shouldn't bother coming at all.

06 Apr 2021 18:17:31
But it isn't his squad, give the guy the chance to intigrate his own methods during pre-season with his own squad, really don't see the reason in gambling on him giving us the so called" bounce effect " to win the scottish cup, this season has gone.



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