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23 Aug 2020 15:11:35
Why doesn't mcgregor or forrest take corners if they are on the pitch, maybe christie is the only one willing to stand up and take them. Like penalties, remember griffiths saying he wouldn't take another one. Surely lennon and brown should have said to ryan to stop and let somebody else try and do better, its a team game and everyone on the pitch should take responsibility.

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23 Aug 2020 17:03:35
I can't believe in 2o2o we are talking about a player that cannot take a corner but insists on doing so AND others who won't take corners

I used to think that players focused on improving every week
They don't

They tick over with light training

They do not work on weaknesses and they rarely prepare for opposition either

They are lazy
Coaches are lazy
Manager is lazy

They get paid fortunes for this

Thankfully, Celtic are not unique in their general apathy towards improving

This is WHY we watch players month after month after month make the same sort of mistakes whether it is mistimed jumps, going to ground, misplaced passing, failing to deal with and break a press, countering with 3 on 2 and messing it up

Again, thankfully Celtic are not alone

Pity really.

23 Aug 2020 17:46:09
I thought we were only training twice a week because C.V.?

23 Aug 2020 18:00:18
Corners, free kicks, shooting (with both feet) , dribbling and heading (although there has been recent guidelines on age) are all basic skills that potential footballers learn as soon as they can walk.
Unfortunately many coaches concentrate on fitness and stamina, thinking the skills are natural. However, like anything that involves technical ability, it needs practice, practice, practice.
The best players - no matter how gifted - knew this and spent extra hours on their own (like Jinky, Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney) until it was second nature and still they kept working hard to be the best.
When players are to dumb or lazy to improve on a weakness or learn a particular skill, the coaches should remind them of their duties.

23 Aug 2020 18:53:01
If only

I heard that KT obsessed over improvement

It is not, sadly, a common phenomena with footballers

Note my godson 22 months old is a potential future player and CAN WLAK . but he cannot take corners or free kicks, he can't head the ball either, but HE CAN DRIBBLE .

23 Aug 2020 18:55:13
McGregor has had his turn with corners and his deliveries weren’t any better.
If we did get Douglas at LB then it would be problem solved.
Another left back Meling scored on his debut for Nimes today. They only paid £900k.

23 Aug 2020 19:02:24
Bollocks how do you know are you at every training session on the cusp of a quadruple treble. but no we're sh@te at everything jeez some folk are never happy.

23 Aug 2020 19:22:46
The rumour is Slippy overworked his players in Dubai.
He treated the sessions like it was pre-season.
It definitely showed with their lack lustre performances.
We need to trust and get behind everyone at the club this season because with the 2020 Scottish cup to add to our already games in hand, Celtic will be playing catch up for the next 6 months.
I don’t think Celtic would have an unhappy dressing room if they are still winning trebles.
I always felt Lenny was the right man to win 10 In A Row but next season I think there will be changes.

23 Aug 2020 19:23:21
We are less rubbish than anybody in scotland . there's a difference and aye I do go to Lennox town when I can get away from work, around 3 but they're already away by that point. CASE RESTED

they could work on corners between 3 and 5, no?

Instead they're all on their play stations playing fortnight or grand theft auto . or angry birds.

23 Aug 2020 19:25:41
How full time footballers aren’t 2 footed now a days baffles me Celtic players are in for 9:30-10 every day and away for 1:30-2 that’s them had there lunch and done some training and they still get 2 days off under Lennon! Tough life.
Magic formula is practice practice practice.

23 Aug 2020 20:09:37
Why go up if you know they're away. yhecreason we score late in games is our fitness how do you know they don't practice set pieces between 10 and 12 or 12 to 1.

23 Aug 2020 23:06:23
Training twice a week?, ever since the C.V. lockdown started, I have never seen so many people out jogging or cycling or walking, there is absolutely no excuse for any professional footballer to let himself get out of condition.

24 Aug 2020 07:41:43
My nephew is 16 and was/ is wanted by a few premier league teams me and his dad had him kicking the ball with both from when he was 4/ 5 he can kick a ball as good with his left as he can with his right he used to be a striker for his home team but was scoring loads so his manager moved him into midfield to give the other boys a chance to score he still finished top scorer now he is playing CB he has only scored a few but he will be a good player for someone soon he also practices corners and free kicks and penalties all the time even though he rarely takes any he just wants to improve as a player and I think all players especially foreign players have the same mindset or players who want to goto the top do. Everyone else is just settling for what they have and an easy life.

24 Aug 2020 11:28:27

They practice set pieces between 1030 and 1045 as that's when you see the balls clearing the Lennox town fences . you can time Christie's corners too as they generally hit the butchers windaes around 1115and the bakers roof at 1130.

24 Aug 2020 16:48:57
Whatever Celtic do is working and a possible Quadtreble is proof.
It’s like the old Duracell adverts when the Sevco bunny runs out of energy and the Celtic bunny was a new lease of life and romps to another treble.

24 Aug 2020 16:23:16
all the best to your nephew marco he sounds a hard worker mate.



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