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23 Sep 2017 04:53:19
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23 Sep 2017 04:42:28
Happy hunskelping day bhoys πŸ€.

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22 Sep 2017 22:24:30
Ed someone sent me a team for tomorrow supposedly leaked by calvin miller, have u seen it or do u know if there's any truth in it? If there is he should get his baws booted.

{Ed007's Note - I've no idea what you're talking about mate, sorry. What was the team?}

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23 Sep 2017 01:00:28
Sorry bud fones been playing up. It was
Lustig jozo boyata kt
Brown Armstrong
Roberts rogic sinclair
No idea how true it is but he supposedly put it on some social media site then took it off. As a said he needs his baws chewed if it's true.

{Ed007's Note - Not exactly rocket science to come up with thaf team but if a player's knowingly leaked it he'll get his chuckies roasted.}

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23 Sep 2017 01:55:18
Surely he will go with Forrest.

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22 Sep 2017 21:15:08
Ed, what do you think of Sondre Rossbach as keeper instead of Gordon? Rumour doing the rounds on another site lololol.

{Ed007's Note - You need to send me cheques or postal orders before I tell you any more.....

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22 Sep 2017 21:43:02
A Dembele goal nominated for FIFA Puskas Award and Celtic nominated for a FIFA Fan Award. The zombies will be raging!

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22 Sep 2017 22:04:40
Which goal?

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22 Sep 2017 23:11:16
Against Saint Johnstone.

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22 Sep 2017 20:21:52
So what's everyone's team for tomorrow at the crumble dome? going to go for
Can't believe I'm putting Forrest in ahead of paddy by the way but can't drop him on this form, and wee paddy still looks short of fitness! Armstrong must start, love big ntcham but I want us to swarm all over them straight away and Armstrong is better equipped for it! Show no mercy against this mob celtic, go for the throat! I'm going 4-0! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€COYBIG!

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22 Sep 2017 21:38:11
Think you nailed it, I'd like to see McGregor in about them at some point aswell though. However I think 4-0 is a Tate ambitious, 2-0 will do me perfectly. sinky and Forrest with one each.

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22 Sep 2017 21:56:27
Think Paddy will start in place of Forrest.

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22 Sep 2017 23:19:38
Was thinkin 4-0 was maybe a bit much Augustus lol. just got a feelin we'll score a few mate πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.

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22 Sep 2017 19:15:05
As a punter I was looking forward to tomorrow both with my horses and football bets. What happens? my two big tips for Ayr are down the plug hole, literally as Ayr flooded.
Then I was going to have a big punt on Alves getting sent off, now he is not playing either. Grrrr
But undeterred my other "old firm" bets (ha ha THAT got you all going lol) yes of course I KNOW there is no "old firm" anymore despite sly sports desperately saying it every 5 minutes.
A penalty is only 2/ 1
ordering off even slimmer 13/ 8
Celtic 7/ 10
Griffiths anytime goal 11/ 10
Dembele 2/ 1
Sinclair 5/ 2
With no Bruno I fancy Morelos yellow 2/ 1 and Miller 2/ 1
I anticipate lots of cards tomorrow and I also expect our impartial man in black to issue cards to Brown, Simonovic and Griffiths to "even" things up and if he can get away with it I expect the bold ref to give Sevco a penalty.

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22 Sep 2017 20:01:13
In current form Timalloy James Forrest has to be the best bet of the day @ as big as 8s in places that gives you 2.67 in a place mate better value than LG and MD (first five goals)

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22 Sep 2017 23:10:31
Tim / Jamie what about odds for Celtic -2 or even -3 . & poss 2 up in within 20 mins: a young defender in there must be a good chance of a pen/ red card Just my gut feeling on this, we will go at them from the get go.

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22 Sep 2017 23:12:42
6-0 will do me. Not being greedy by adding LG as first scorerπŸ˜‚. A fool and his money eh.

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22 Sep 2017 18:56:41
Here's hoping tomorrow after the game were talking about football, and how well we played and about 10 in a row and our new hotel how healthy our books are what a great squad we have, what a great manager we have how good it is being a Tim, just another saturday then hail hail.

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22 Sep 2017 17:47:39
As usual being a retail manager I am working tomorrow but set upto record game on my TiVo box straight home with a take Away and a bottle of prosecco for the mrs and chill with a few voddies watching another Hun skelping. I see that plum Pedro trying to make out if we set up with a back three we respect them eh naw pal the only reason we have been playing three at the back is heehaw to do with respect or disrespect it's to do with having nae centre halfs. So coybig go for the jugular and smell them πŸ€βš½οΈ.

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22 Sep 2017

New image uploaded to the Celtic Player Sightings page entitled, The Bunnet and Baby Wallace

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22 Sep 2017 21:06:13
Hahah belter.

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22 Sep 2017 13:36:42
Ed, just a question, could you let me know your opinion on hitc, I have never read so much shite in the last few days as from these people, are they journalists? . I did not look for them, but they seem to have flooded the news now page in recent days. I would value your opinion but anyway will never read another article by them again.

{Ed007's Note - HITC just regurgitates stories from the media and pay kids to make up click-bait (hit-whoring) stories and rumours. You've made a wise choice to ignore them in future. It's why I tell people to look where a rumour originated from, a lot of the times stories in mainstream can be traced back to these type of sites, if you've read something first on HITC it's certain to be made up bollocks.
As an example, I could say in a conversation on here that I'd like to see Celtic move for Sondre Rossbach, the GK from Odd in Norway, that's it I've said it and we'd discuss it. Now imagine if I made a headline out of that opinion "Could Rossbach be the GK to replace Gordon?" with a link to a page full of adverts, you click the link creating advertising revenue for me only to find it's a short opinion piece with nothing really to do with the Club, the headline hints it could be someone Celtic's watching but the story is only what I think about a random player and I earned out of you reading it, the more hits you get the more advertising revenue you bring in and higher paying advertisers you can attract.
BTW, posters on here can help the sites income by clicking on just 1 or 2 ads a day until Ed001 swallows his pride and puts a no pressure donate button on the sites.}

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22 Sep 2017 15:00:29
Thanks Ed, They are now officially off my read list.

{Ed007's Note - I think NewsNow's overall quality has went steadily downhill over the past year or so.}

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22 Sep 2017 15:16:47

I hear we are after a keeper from Odd in Norway?

Any news ed?

wow kate middleton showed 23 more times what she should have.


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22 Sep 2017 17:54:22
On a similar note, has anyone seen the talk sport "5 reasons why rangers are better than Celtic"?
All 5 are total bollocks as they don't even exist, but the funniest of all has to be that they "have more history in European competition".
Are they above drug testing?

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