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24 Apr 2017 13:18:11
We call them gullibles but sometimes they live up to that tag, to a man and a mason, they actually thought they would beat Celtic. Why? because brother Pedro fed them bull, all their players came out before the game and boasted of "closing the gap" and of course the SMSM fed them a daily diet of "OLD FIRM" and them never being beaten in 92 years of cup semis, wtf.
Even the suit who is a successful company owner and world wise fell for all the bull (thankfully in my case as I am £400 richer lol)
They are all just too easy con, which is why their club is in the state it is in.

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24 Apr 2017 09:44:18
If as we think broony loses his appeal will someone clarify why holliday and beerman weren't sent off by the so called best ref in scotland al no hold ma breath on that one. beerman for 2 stick on yellows and holliday for the roberts assault.

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24 Apr 2017 09:35:29
Anybody else notice waggy and tav take a decent throw well it was the only way they were getting the ball in the box.

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23 apr 2017 19:41:16
missing person appeal: strathclyde police are becoming increasingly concerned as to the whereabouts of a Mr U. Jack, who has been reported missing by his friends on the celtic banter page. he was last heard talking pish about stopping a treble around 11pm on saturday evening. anyone with any information please contact detective inspector rodgers on 001 888 1967.

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23 Apr 2017 20:11:05
lol I'd be surprised if any Sevco zombies post between now and next Saturday 😂😂😂, its great to be a Tim ✊️🍀
Hail Hail 🍀🇮🇪.

{Ed007's Note - Hopefully longer.......

23 Apr 2017 20:42:26
jfp i hope u find him but he's one of them he's probably at home knocking 10 bells out of his mrs.

23 Apr 2017 22:49:55
lol him, seeker and dunnonbear have all been lost in the city from raiders of the lost ark looking for some relic that gives divine intervention. still won't help.

24 Apr 2017 06:53:43
Welsbhoy u nearly ruined my cuppa tea I spat it everywhere reading that post. UJ was so confident his poor Mrs ribs will be sore this morning.

24 Apr 2017 08:09:01
Its now 8am Monday 24th has there been any sightings of the treble destroying Mr Jack yet?

24 Apr 2017 09:33:26
Still behind the couch ad imagine after that horsing.

24 Apr 2017 09:39:56
No doubt Mr uj will crawl out with some cute and smarmy quip about brenda and the mighty glorious rangers mark 2 and it's to be expected. well it is to be expected some new club 5 years old punching above their weight fighting for fourth spot in their first ever season in top flight in Scotland.

Firmly put in their place and again the shambolic organisation from the fifth best manager from qatar. embarrassing, the players didn't have a clue where to position themselves or who to mark. Years of dominance ahead it's a great time to be a Tim HH and mind the gaps 🍀🍀.

24 Apr 2017 09:50:23
Alright lads, as always I'm never shy on coming on to accept any deserving banter. Nightmare Monday - hungover and my team totally outplayed.

Let down by those pesky Masons in black giving stonewall penalties against Rangers - Collum will now serve a months ban!

@welsbhoy - don't think domestic violence should be joked about. If that's your level of banter fair enough.

@stevie - stopping the treble is gone, its onto Saturday to destroy the invincible tag!

24 Apr 2017 11:43:24
Fair play UJ on as promised. As for my post yes bad taste my apologies.

24 Apr 2017 14:09:04
at least you showed up jack the other lads are still missing. apart from that mad del1979 guy I'm sure he's skinnybhoy.

23 Apr 2017 18:20:33
Can I say a big thank you to all the 25,000 Sevco fans for turning up to Celtics training session today.
Many Thanks.

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23 Apr 2017 19:35:48

23 Apr 2017 14:12:16
Love that the telly gave scott brown man of the match. That lot will be spewing even more about the appeal.

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21 Apr 2017 13:28:04
An honest man at ibrokes. won't last long
Pedro Caixinha does not blame Celtic for appealing against Scott Brown's red card.
He thinks his Glasgow rivals "are taking the right decision".

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21 Apr 2017 19:20:53
Seeno on Twitter that Foderingham is injured and out of game on Sunday that's a pity 😂😂.

21 Apr 2017 21:30:49
Bet it's mind games.

21 Apr 2017 22:51:15
Mind games? 90% of the guys patter is "I know who your starting 11 is. mabey with one or two variables"
He still gets that printed in the paper every time he says it. What a laugh.

22 Apr 2017 12:25:01
Bang on Rglen8, he is full of mad dog's shite. The teamsheet nonsense is wearing thin.

{Ed007's Note - The guy's an out and out zoomer and embarrassed himself like a star-struck teenager when he met Rodgers at the Glasgow Cup Final the other night, Pedro told Rodgers in a room full of people that "it was an honour to finally meet you, Mr Rodgers."
Realistically who couldn't name the Celtic team with one or two variables? We play the same core of players every week, the only question for me is who will be the CB pairing.}

22 Apr 2017 19:16:34
You can't blame him. he finally met Brendan the man who manages the team he loves! Lol.

{Ed001's Note - I don't get it. That is proper polite English of the kind a person would learn in an English class for those speaking it as a second language. My dad does a bit of English teaching in Spain for the Spanish and that is the kind of thing that he is expected to teach them to say. It is correct English, schoolboy rather than native.}

22 Apr 2017 18:15:01
Ed I totally agree. Our team more or less picks itself bar one or two variables. This guy is making a right tit out of himself with some of his antics. He is morphing into football's David Brent with his best squad in Scotland nonsense.

I actually read someone on the zombie page state that he thought their messiah was playing mind games with BR by saying that Foderingham was injured. Mental! It is hardly going to change our game plan or team selection.

23 Apr 2017 06:59:24
He knows he's not going to fluster Rodgers, think he's playing mind games wae his team and the gullible army, trying to install some false confidence.

20 Apr 2017 22:56:15
Good to see caxihnha stating he would do the same thing regarding Browns red card, papers making a big deal about nothing.

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21 Apr 2017 06:46:01
Good to see him naming our team aswell 😂😂.

21 Apr 2017 18:39:53
Steph, Pedro will learn in time to refer to us as 'Them' like Walter and Loaf Brains and all the others before them et al or he'll wake up and smell the coffee one day when he's told he must tell any Roman Catholic players he signs from Portugal or elsewhere not to make the sign of the cross when taking the field of play. While this might be acceptable anywhere in the world Pedro (the rock) it cannot happen in Scotland brother when you're the manager of the Rangers! ☘️.

22 Apr 2017 12:25:13
@jfp88 - Scott Sinclair has just used the term ' them ' in a Sky interview. Can you please clarify if he means Rangers or ' them ' ( Celtic )?

22 Apr 2017 14:15:50
UJ I think if he meant Celtic he'd have said "Us" but that's just a hunch from a uneducated bog trotter! ☘️.

20 Apr 2017 20:23:36
Take a bow James Stirling on the other mobs page . If any English clubs come calling it's 1 million minimum! They have money down there 😂😂😂😂 if your players were worth a mill? Yous wouldn't have got them free or on a couple hundred grand! Does coming 3rd up here increase value? Aberdeen should put for sale signs up and cash in lol.

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21 Apr 2017 22:56:41
It could be a tad quiet on the old player availability inquiry front this summer. No harm in dreaming and easing the pain with a bit of optimisim.

19 Apr 2017 17:13:16
Was over for a look at the deludeds page they're running a poll to c who thinks dodgy dave will succeed at sevco. and poll currently standing at 76% to succeed my god deluded right enough comedy gold.

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19 Apr 2017 18:48:47
The only ones wanting him to stay are lawyers who must be coining it in! They still think the club is in a better place since he took over lol . Multiple court cases, no listing on stock exchange, no nomad or retail money coming in? Still living on loans to get through the season? Pls stay dave 😂😂😂😂.


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