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22 Feb 2021 01:28:17
We don't know for definite the circumstances behind why Lennon is still manager of our club.
If the rumours are correct, then there could be a stand off about compensation.
Personally I would blame the club more because they should just give Lenny what he's due and move him on.

That's the procedure the club should've followed back in November when the fans were showing unrest outside the stadium.
There's no doubt these last 4 months have strained the relationship between Lenny and the Celtic fans.

But until we know the full story of what's happening behind the scenes this season at Celtic Park, it's hard to point the finger at this stage.
I've witnessed the great relationship between Lenny and the Celtic fans when I was in his company a few years ago.

I visited a few pubs with Lennon and his agent Marty and another older friend from Motherwell, who turned up later on.
He was the manager of Hibs at the time but the Celtic fans would be all over him and he loved the attention.

The fans would get their photos and selfie's and would leave Lenny to enjoy his pint.
But the atmosphere when he was about was brilliant.
That's why I find it sad how this has been allowed to unfold over these last few months.

And also the media coverage about his smiling and smirking from last night is only making things worse.
The PR from inside Celtic Park has been nonexistent.

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22 Feb 2021 01:48:32
I am like you and hold Lennon in high regard for what he has done for the club and will not let this current spell in management tarnish that.

That being said, if the rumours are true about the compensation being negotiated. Then there is no negotiation to be had, he has 1 year rolling contract and is due 1 year's salary if we wish to replace him. There is no haggling to be done, just pay the man what he is owed and get the next man in ASAP. The longer we leave it the less time he will have to prepare for next season and assess the squad.

22 Feb 2021 07:24:47
It’s funny, I don’t recall you lads singing from that hymn sheet when Ally was being hung out to dry. Funny how laughter has went full on round about. Round you boys!

Orange juice friends 🍊.

22 Feb 2021 07:40:28
Sorry to say but for me the respect for him went long ago as far as 2019 Christmas game against them where he showed to me he was not capable of being manager of Celtic and I had doubts about him even before then I now don't blame him for staying on because of the compensation I blame the board but if I saw him on the street I would just walk on he is nothing to me.

22 Feb 2021 08:31:40
If this rubbishshow is about a few quid, how much is the clubs reputational damage costing? If all this is about money, the unearned Lawell bonus should cover the payoff!

22 Feb 2021 09:54:55
The only person making this worse is Lennon, he should have been sacked months ago. The smiling and smirking just sums lennon up. He should do the right thing and quit or the board and him come up with a plan for him to leave. He cannot be in charge for the rebuilding job. I hope and pray he is nowhere near our club come the summer.

22 Feb 2021 10:13:30
No supporters in stadia, Lockdown, Social Distancing and limits on public meetings have kept NL in this job, allowed the Board to sit back in contempt and carry on this fiasco beyond realistic limits.
No manager of any club (where the players may have downed-tools, lost confidence and team spirit) would have survived past October.
Financial stand-off or not, the whole situation should have been addressed back then, decisively instead of becoming a soap opera.
The cryptic hints that he will be here next season have to be put to bed without delay as the misplaced vote of confidence is not only wrecking this season but is sabotaging recovery for next term.

22 Feb 2021 13:59:52
Perhaps I'm missing something but when Ed explained the 12 month rolling contract to me he said that basically on any given day the manager has exactly 12 months left so would he not be entitled to a year's pay no matter when he's let go? Is there potentially a performance clause which limits his pay-off if we don't win the domestic title? Apologies if this has been explained already.

{Ed007's Note - That's how they work, Kev but I see some people are saying that it's bonuses that are the issue. Say for example Lennon would have been due £1 million bonus for winning the 10, until it's mathematically impossible he is still due that money and if we sack him he would be entitled to that money.
Whether that's true or not I have no idea.}

22 Feb 2021 15:45:52
I wouldn't have thought so Ed. He would be due it if he won 10iar but if he was sacked for whatever reason before that happened means he isn't due it if he hasn't won it. 'Mathematically possible' is fairly meaningless if it hasn't been accomplished, unless there is something in his contract that says otherwise however it would be foolish for the club to add or agree to anything along those lines. Lawwell may be many things but he isn't a financial mug. HH.

22 Feb 2021 18:57:57
Im told by a good sorce the reason neil is still in job is cause the club are trying to silence him about players brought in that he didn't want as he wanted better players so won't be silenced so u can't really blame him can you.

22 Feb 2021 20:08:25
Lenny isn’t due ANYTHING. He’s been a complete failure.
He’s as much, if not more than anyone else for the disaster of a season we’re having.

24 Feb 2021 02:26:13
Personally I think Lennon knew before Ross County game, that it was his last game due to a settlement being agreed.

Why did he not give celtic tv interview?



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