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21 Nov 2020 19:59:34
Celtic could be ready to gamble on Roy Keane as our new manager.

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21 Nov 2020 20:06:09
JC Buzz Bomb, I hope you're kidding! Keane isn't the answer although he'd go through that dressing room like dioreah.

21 Nov 2020 20:15:26
Bookies are quoting Eddie Howe @ 11/ 10, Moyes second favourite at 5/ 1.

21 Nov 2020 20:30:40
I'd take Howe in a minute. Nobody knows for sure who will work but he 100% would improve our set up and direction. We are clueless now and if I hear NL say one more time, "didn't see that coming" I will implode.

21 Nov 2020 20:39:36
We need to realistic, the current gig is a poisoned chalice so we are not going to attract anything like that level. until this 10 thing is done and dusted.

An old friendly hand with international experience, so this doesn't become more embarrassing. is a possibility.

21 Nov 2020 21:53:07
I also think Roy Keane would be too big a gamble at this stage.
We should bring in Eddie Howe because I can’t see Lenny turning it around.

21 Nov 2020 22:00:50
Craigie broon?

21 Nov 2020 23:19:39
Chris Houghton or Scot Gemmill for me.

22 Nov 2020 07:59:59
I don't understand the fascination with eddie howe. he's a piss poor manager.

22 Nov 2020 08:16:42
I’d rather have Robbie Keane back up front than Roy Keane anywhere near the club. He’s a bitter, twisted man with a massive superiority complex.

Heard the Eddie Howe rumours before the international break (an alleged certainty) but I personally can’t see it.

22 Nov 2020 08:24:25
I must be missing a massive point here, a team that has won the last 11 trophies, a squad full of internationals who regularly play in Europe with 60 thousand fans in attendance, with a worldwide fan base. And we are a poisoned chalice, the list of managers some people have put forward are mediocre at best. We as a club are now at a pivotal time, as Rangers are here to challenge and take over. Where as lawell seen it fit to barely do enough to stay ahead of the pack, the Rangers will put their foot down as soon as they see a weakness in us . We only have to look at what they are spending to put themselves in the position they are in now, I have no doubt if we were in this position we wouldn’t be spending to make up the ground like they have. We took the cheap and amateurish option with the way we appointed Lennie, we can no longer afford to do this . In my opinion we need a new coach/ manager that will make them realise again we aren’t going to let our standards drop again and aren’t going away without a fight like the time Desmond was pissed off with the Rangers directors, he went out and spent the money and got a manager who invigorated the fans and clubs alike. We are at that point again, in my opinion we should be aiming for the best possible manager around, why should we be looking at managers who are out of work, never managed decent club sides . Surely we should be aiming for that, if Gerrard was to leave them after this season would they be looking at out of work managers, or under 21 managers . Lawell has downgraded our expectations too much and fans seem to have bought into this.
In ranting about all this, ill be surprised if we even need a new manager as personally I can’t see lawell admitting that he made an error, and look to replace lennie. Like after all the other shocking games and results we have had this season the club will keep their head down, stay silent for a week until we play the next league game, probably get a win and then say we have turned a corner again.

22 Nov 2020 10:56:26
Lennon has to go now. The players aren’t playing for him anymore. I’m getting sick and tired of him saying the prayers are lazy aren’t working hard enough how’s responsibility is that?

22 Nov 2020 12:03:21
Its a poisoned challice because of lawell, he has turned our club into a lauging stock. Who offers a job to a bloke in the showers after wininh a cup. In my opinion they should both walk today or desmond sack them. don't put kennedy in charge.

22 Nov 2020 12:16:29
I’d agree with lawell and Lenny buckieboy 👍.

22 Nov 2020 12:26:14
For the first time in my life being a celtic fan I've genuinely lost all faith in the current management and first team. I've always had a bit of hope when we've been poor in previous seasons but this season is different, there's something definetely going on and the longer neil lennon stays the worse it is going to get. I know it's pure negativity and as a fan people will say to get a grip and get behind your club but the bottom line is this set up this season has gave me zero confidence in them.

I understood Lennon getting the job last May after the cup final and I was one for supporting it, it made sense to go with somebody whose experienced celtic and knew the set up and what it meant compared to going with someone knew where it might be too much of a gamble. It's massively backfired though when you look at the net result as a whole.

As much as I'm grateful for the historic nights against lazio we were very lucky and needed 2 last minute goals and weren't the better team in both games, as for playing against rangers, I think that's 7 games Lennons managed since he came back and nobody can say there's been a convincing performance in any of them compared to when brendan was here.

The past 3 games against them rangers have absolutely dominated us and even when you look at the games we won, the 2-0 at ibrox last season we sat in and didn't play that well, the 2-1 game at parkhead they were the better team with 10 men and we got a winner through a mistake from tavernier to allow Forrest to score, the cup final was a disgraceful performance and only had forster to thank for not allowing it to be a drubbing.

As a fan I look at the overall picture and the net result, I don't just look at it from the last 10 games which Lennon seems to do purely just to cover his backside, he hasn't installed a winning mentality in this squad and let's face it, we only won the league last season due to it being cut short and with rangers making mistakes, not because we were ruthless over the course of the season. We've been turned over now by cluj, copenhagen, ferencvaros, and sparta prague, all at parkhead.
We're nothing more than a mediocre team now and it's all down to Lennon, he's clearly lost the dressing room and there isn't another answer.

I don't know who we should go for if we were to replace him, people think Eddie howe, I don't think his style of football has been that exciting to be honest and usually sets his team up to be more defensive, which is exactly the opposite to what we need right now.

I know this seems to be a bit of a rant but I just hope other fans can see some comparisons in the points I've made, I still hope they turn it around but based on the overall performance, if it continues the way it has been we need to accept that 10 in a row is out the window.

22 Nov 2020 15:34:57
Not being funny but the 2-0 at Ibrox was total domination they didn't even have an effort at goal until the 70th min.

22 Nov 2020 15:54:02
Ralf Rangnick or Rafa Benitez that's the level we should be looking at, not Eddie Howe and certainly not Roy Keane.
Invest in top manager instead of the Shane Duffy's and such like.
If the club want to keep Kennedy it needs to be in another role.
The board can't be accused of not spending money, their big mistake was appointing Lennon.

Our recruitment of late should be under review and if Lennon is having the say on these players like Turnbull etc, why is he not playing them.
I think I'll throw a brick at the TV the next time Frimpong is at right back, he is hopeless in that position.

Make the changes now before it really is too late, let's go to Ibrox in January with new ideas in place, it will give the new man a few weeks to look at everybody and get some new faces in early January and if ceratain individuals want out now, let them go.
Sorry for the rant.



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