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29 Dec 2021 06:32:12
Av never slagged our new ceo because I don't know anything about him, but straight from the horses mouth big ange saying he's the driving force behind our transfer business and he's doing a good job,

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29 Dec 2021 12:08:11
I think he's clearly an appointment that suits the board.
The Dom McKay thing is very strange ? but will no doubt come out in the fulness of time.
As long as Nicholson/ board continue to back our manager we can ask for no more at this stage.

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29 Dec 2021 13:53:54

We discussed it last night.

We’ve got all our eggs in one basket more than ever with Ange.

His contacts in Japan etc.

Where is the DOF that would ensure continuity?

Where’s his back room team? Recruitment?

Where’s the restructuring that was going to revolutionise the club that McKay talked about?

Or was that the problem?

I just hope the board don’t scunner Ange and he walks.

He’s been excellent but doesn’t look like a man that suffers fools.

If Nicholson is good enough why was McKay appointed in the first place?

Bizarre and worrying.

29 Dec 2021 14:21:58
I see JFP, that makes sense. I haven't heard the Podcast.

Agree with all of the above and without getting into the whole, 'you can't slag the board, we've won X, Y and Z' - I believe to an extent we've done and won a great deal in recent years DESPITE the board.

The lack of a D. O. F. / Dom McKay disaster, lack of a backroom staff of Ange's choice, are still very much there IMO and it's only because of the great job that Ange is doing that there is less focus on these two key points.

Our board are dinosaurs, self serving and weak. I don't believe they represent the values our club was built on or stands for, I don't believe they have the vision, ability or determination to progress our club in the way or rate it should be progressing. Take the most recent AGM - farcical.

As ever, we must accept it and hope that the day to day success is maintained because we can do nothing about the future or bigger picture.

I believe we really need someone to cone in, buy out DD and replace the majority of the board before any real change can take place.

Having said all that, in business terms, our league is very limited in terms of generating substantial income/ investment meaning we end up back at square one of the argument for change/ progression.

Apologies for the rant.

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29 Dec 2021 14:36:58
The relationship between ceo and manager is crucial, and thankfully they seem to be on the same page, let's give the guy a chance, he needs a good window so he needs to deliver.

29 Dec 2021 14:45:15


Ange has been absent fantastic.

God Bless Eddie Howe.

It is history now and purely conjecture but I think he would have secured 10 in a row if he’d been appointed when Mo Rogers left given he was apparently on the radar.

But at a higher level the disconnect continues.

Our absentee landlord doesn’t seem to be accountable for much.

29 Dec 2021 14:46:11
If the ceo and ange can work together and get the signing in for Jan and make the celtic stronger than that can only be a plus. However as was said last nite of the podcast.

29 Dec 2021 15:12:24
Mo Rogers ? ? ?.

29 Dec 2021 16:34:25
I meant to finish and say that's all vital but so is getting the structure correct. Even if the board came out and as less gave some information on these area like DOF, head scout and addition to ange back room staff it would give fans so idea what's going on. Do u really think ange was on their radar jfp back then? Can't say l do myself. But look he is here and doing a super job.

29 Dec 2021 17:17:00
He must have been because after howe turned us down anges name popped up almost immediately, and from the other end of the world so they must have researched him.

29 Dec 2021 18:04:43
Ter, I don't believe Ange was ever, ever, an option until the 11th hour.

If he was, why would our board not have secured a contract with Eddie Howe long before they were dumped at the altar?

It's worked in our favour, absolutely, but that was not by design and as a result, Ange had far less time to prepare for the new season, less time to get players in etc

The lack of basic information coming from the club, via the board, fits in with the complete disrespect and disconnect with the fan base in recent times.

Maybe, I and many other fans are dissalussioned into thinking that Celtic is a bigger club than it actually is and that the present board are on point in everything they do, how they communicate and how they run the club - again I go back to the AGM of a couple of months ago.

Just my opinion.

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29 Dec 2021 19:13:49
But that's my point ped they knew him they don't just appoint someone else on a whim sure they wanted howe but the peed ange came it at suggests he was earmarked along with howe, they did the same when deila got the job it was Keane that looked fav.

29 Dec 2021 21:06:47
I just hope it's not all just talk like the old board.



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