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07 Nov 2021 22:19:19
so the rat (BR) being touted for the Man Utd job!
No surprise there and leaving mid-season is nothing new to this guy.

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08 Nov 2021 07:08:54
And good on him. as a manager I'd say he deserved the chance .
As a Celtic fan who appreciates the class he was and the class that was around the club when he was here I really struggle with anyone's opinion that he's a rat.

Beggars belief really. lennon in my opinion was never right for role but as a fanbase most called for a sacking of what we can class as one of our own, yet br is a rat. pot kettle sometimes.

Br left us for a better team. better owners. better youth team. better facilities. better opportunity. and if he is in frame for man Utd better prospects.

And if he didn't that team would have chosen elsewhere.

08 Nov 2021 07:56:43
No one has got a problem with him moving on. Its not like he's the first person to up sticks and move to pastures new.
My problem and thousands more is he played us. He portrayed himself a Celtic man. Named his son after a Celtic player. Danny Mcgrain story and lots more.
Then leaves with 11 games to go. No Celtic man walks out with 11 games to go none. Billy McNeil, Tommy Burns would they do that to the support and for that reason he's a RAT.

08 Nov 2021 08:29:36
What about a manager who needs to walk but doesnt? Whose inability and hanging about cost us the 10? Is he a Rat too? A true Celtic man would have walked, wouldn't he?

08 Nov 2021 09:00:48
So when we take managers from other clubs mid season are they Rats too…? very bitter.

08 Nov 2021 09:31:32
I will always appreciate what Brendan did for Celtic.
Brendan was let down too many times by the Celtic board and he probably thought he took Celtic as far as he could, under the limited circumstances.
I can understand why Celtic fans are upset the way he left but Brendan still left Celtic in a very comfortable position to win the league that season.
Overall there’s No doubt, that Brendan leaving cost Celtic 10 in a row.

08 Nov 2021 09:53:51
Was BR really a rat? Personally I think that name belongs to DD and the board who have been letting the club and us supporters down for far too long, BR was probably as p****d off as the rest of us.

08 Nov 2021 10:38:13
If that manager has told the fans of that club. He's one of them, dream job, named son after ex player, told stories of travelling to club to support, used ex players at the club to highlight his passion for all things to do with that club. Then up sticks and leaves with 11games to go at a crucial part of the campaign. Yes he's a RAT.

08 Nov 2021 10:54:21
I never bought into Brendan being a big Celtic man.
I remember reading his cousin mentioned that Brendan supported Sheffield Wednesday when he was younger.
The majority of Irishmen want Celtic to win and do well but they tend to follow English football.
A few of Brendan’s family were big fans and actually followed Celtic but not Brendan.

08 Nov 2021 12:47:02
Let's not get confused with what Brendan did for the Club and the way he walked out. He was one of the best managers we ever had. He took on a failing squad and transformed them into absolute winners. The downside was his utter disrespect for the Club with his move South and his attempt to poach our staff as well just before a really important game at Hearts . Any so called Celtic man would have seen out the Season then moved on. There was always a job South for him.
That to me was rat like behaviour.

08 Nov 2021 14:44:56
I think it's disgraceful to label BR or anyone who did so much whilst at our club, a rat.

Seriously? If any of us knew what was going on behind the scenes, the numerous promises that he was made by PL, all broken no doubt.

Magicpole makes a good point about Lennon not walking when he should have.

Selective memories by so many.

08 Nov 2021 14:48:08
BuzzBomb, as you and me have agreed on numerous times, the Celtic board lost us the 10.

The Celtic board contributed to BR leaving, they then brought in the cheap option appointing NL in the showers and the 10 went down the pan.

08 Nov 2021 14:57:19
Br left because he was offered a job in a bigger league on a hell of a lot more money than he was on at Celtic, Everyone of us on here would jump from our current jobs if we were offer the same and if you try and say you wouldn't you are havering pish.
To me a rat is something that hangs around a place trying to devour every scrap they can before they scurry away to there next target or are hunted, Lennon came under that category and for me so does Kennedy.

08 Nov 2021 17:02:10
Did we Fergus break promises to Tommy Burns. Did The Whytie/ Kelly's break promises Billy McNeil. Celtic men don't walk out with 11games to go.

{Ed007's Note - Remember as well, Auf that Leicester were happy to wait until the end of the season for Rodgers to move.}

08 Nov 2021 17:29:01
That's the part i never understand. If he stays until end of season. Wins TREBLE TREBLE he goes down as a Celtic great. Up there with Stein. Money or Celtic immortality over 11 games.

{Ed007's Note - Exactly mate, if the Club meant what he said it did to him he could have stayed and finished the job regardless of his relationship with the board, even if he came out publicly and said he would be leaving at the end of the season as he feels he isn't getting the support of the board to go forward - the fans would have backed him been very angry with the board.
@Zosh1907 What manager has Celtic ever taken from another team midseason? Lou Macari is the only manager we've appointed while a season was underway - apart from temporary appointments in NL (twice) & Kenny Dalglish when Barnes left - and that was in October when Stoke had played 9/10 games - hardly midseason is it and probably one of the worst Celtic manager's in my lifetime and the way he conducted himself at Celtic I'd probably pap him in the "rat" category.}

08 Nov 2021 19:50:19
I might be wrong as I don’t follow Japanese football closely but didn’t we appoint Ange halfway through the the Japanese season?

{Ed007's Note - So we did ??? I made an @rse of that!!}



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