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11 Jun 2021 12:40:35
Wish the green brigade would stop acting like spoiled brats and stop the banners, yeah we no happy about things but we need to pull ourselfs together and get on with it support big ange from day one stop all the fighting from within. It might no work out this appointment but we got to give it a chance and support it fully.

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11 Jun 2021 13:01:17
The only reason sevconians and the media were doing cartwheels when slippy signed was due to his playing career, nothing to do with his ability to manage as borne out by a paltry one trophy out of 9 domestically, this guy has a really impressive cv, some on here poo poo pooing it due to where he's managed well some could say that about our league. he's managed at a wc and won Australia's only ever trophy, when was the last time Scotland or England won anything.
Give him a chance his opening presser was very impressive speaks well and has good ideas.

11 Jun 2021 13:14:51
100% mally let's back the man its no going to be an instant fix might take time to bed his team and tactics in. can't be protests are first loss or draw either.

11 Jun 2021 13:34:56
Agree lads. Yes the season gone was a disaster but it's gone. Howe turning his back at the last min is gone. And l know the board have to take some blame too but we need to move on. Ok Ange might not be everyone's cup of tea but the guy is here he wanted the job and is now the celtic manager and need our support and backing. Loved the way he came across in the interview and let's see where he takes us.

11 Jun 2021 13:35:32
They aren't protesting ange . but an inept board.

11 Jun 2021 13:39:00
As I've said beforgentlemen. We have a saying inAustralia. "Give the guy a FAIR go". So give the new coach a fair go. I do question some of the Celtic supporters. Spoilt brats. Yes. Some of them.

11 Jun 2021 14:39:15
100% correct mally. Gerrards a god now having won 1 trophy out of 9, and really last season should’ve won a treble. Folk laugh when u say “ rangers aren’t as good as they think”, folk say “ how can u say that, they finished 20odd points ahead of yous”. I still maintain had the board acted last October or before last season could’ve been different, I certainly don’t think we’d have finished 20odd points behind them. gerrard is lucky Celtic and Lennon had a mare of a season, had we won that league and he won nothing he’d be looking for his next job right now.

11 Jun 2021 15:06:12
What’s spoilt about protesting against a board that stood idly by as we lost the ten who in all fairness without the banner nobody would know who half those people were yet they are at the helm of our club. No issue here just another reason for people to dig in at the gb for no reason.

11 Jun 2021 15:09:57
@Aussie Ray maybe you should follow your own advice, since you started posting only recently all your posts are negative and attacking regular members of this site.

11 Jun 2021 16:30:14
Timalloy. Get a grip. Celtic supporters are spoilt. Demand success. You earn success. As I said give the new coach a fair go. Simple. But pigheadedness gets in the eay.

11 Jun 2021 17:38:47
Bye the way. The team has won the 9IAR and the quadruple treble. Fantastic achievement. Rangets win 1 league flag and the Celtic supporters turn on the club, and the board. that's why I say the supporters are SPOILT. Think aboit it.

11 Jun 2021 17:55:48
Last seasons failure wasn't really the board's fault, it was purely the managers fault, although, suppose you could say it was their fault for appointing him, but once Lenny was appointed, it was his team selections that were at fault, suppose you could say, he should have been sacked sooner, but it was ridiculous that Soro and Turnbull, when he became fit, weren't played as soon as possible, LG should have been put on some kind of intensive get fit punishment regime, and then he should have been played alongside Eddy, Broony should not have started a game, once Soro was available, but because this was ten in a row, sentiment over came sense, aah well, back to one in a row.

11 Jun 2021 20:11:09
The thing with football is after a defeat there is always the next game same as a bad season there is next season you can't dwell on things yeah it was a bad year its how we responded. I could see the point wanting big changes in the board if we were hopeless over a period of time but one bad season is not that.

11 Jun 2021 20:29:05
I think BOTH the board and the management team are to blame for that total disaster last season BOTH are equally to blame the board should have seen really early on IF not the season before that they got the FULL management team wrong and delt with it at the time instead of waiting until the wheels and the doors fell off the car. Total incompetence from the board to let it go on and no one came out of it in good light.

11 Jun 2021 21:01:56
Want to add to Garryc1977 comments about Gerrard being a god.1 trophy in 9.etc. last season was a disaster for us but OMG. they and SMSM are going way over the top about how good they are. They should be embarrassed at not winning a treble. They had only 2 games that they were put under pressure. Not a single league game did any team put up a good show against them- including us. But when we went out the cups they bottled both of them big style. If our board acted, we may well have pulled it back.

11 Jun 2021 21:03:47
Gar1888, one bad season - really?



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