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12 May 2021 13:54:39
Never been more disgusted with Celtic than today, Green Brigades display of solidarity with Palestine would have once again shown what makes our club so great but the powers at be ruin it. The scenes in Gaza are beyond disgusting.

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12 May 2021 14:03:43
the stage is being set for the man of peace.

12 May 2021 14:32:32
Celtic, as a football club and a business, has no need (and clearly no desire) to adopt a political stance and I can understand that.
I can also understand why many fans feel strongly about the subject too. The Palestine situation is disgraceful and I can understand why many right thinking people across the world would condemn what the Palestinian people are having to go through.
What irks me about the clubs behaviour over the GB display is that they allowed it to go up in the first place and then took it down. They'll say they didn't know it was there but I'm sure it took a bit of time to do and I'm somewhat sceltical of the view that the club's security team didn't see it happen.
Personally I don't think it belongs at CP but that's just my opinion, however when it was allowed to be put there then that would suggest the club was ok with it. Taking it down will have more of a negative impact on the already tenuous club/ fans relationship than if they had simply refused to begin with.
Perhaps it's just anther day in the shytshow that our club has been all season. HH.

12 May 2021 14:55:18
Agreed bestybhoy 👍.

12 May 2021 14:58:55
Celtic is a football club. End of story.

12 May 2021 15:01:54
Plus, as Ed007 has mentioned in a different comment, there may well be SPFL rules governing such protests so it would appear that the club have done the right thing, legally anyway, in order to avoid sanctions closer to home. HH.

12 May 2021 15:25:35
It's not a protest it's a show of solidarity. People being murdered and genocide of a race and folk are upset what the SFA will do.

12 May 2021 15:26:13
We have already been fined by UEFA for the same thing, politics should have nothing to do with football.

{Ed007's Note - Tell that to the people who run the game....


And didn't we have a minute's silence for Phil the Nazi a couple of weeks ago?

12 May 2021 15:52:55
That fine then produced an amazing campaign from fans to provide support to Palestine, bring on the fine the club can afford it and would have led to again more money being raised for those in desperate need. People have short memories if it was a political statement during the troubles that affected people closer to home, near to no one would be complaining. Celtic is a football club but its the fact that they represent so much more that seperates us from the rest and is why i am so passionate about the club.

12 May 2021 16:17:44
Politics should not be in football, but euefa let it happen when it suits them,

12 May 2021 17:26:57
I'm a strong believer politics should be left out of football, however if green brigade were standing outside stadium with "bend the knee" banners I bet there would be absolutely nothing said and the green brigade would be praised.

End of the day, racism is unacceptable but equally so is innocent people being persecuted.

Hope I've not offended anyone, was not my intention.

12 May 2021 17:41:41
Pity politicians don’t get involved when zombie united get a a police escort when breaking national C.V. rules. Rules being a euphemism for when it suits!

12 May 2021 17:48:03
What’s always stuck in my craw is that a people that suffered the Holocaust can so casually inflict this injustice on other people with such don’t give a feck attitude while the so called civilised world looks on.



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