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21 Jan 2021 16:48:29
guys what do you do when a family member or friend is down in the dumbs there life is not going well and there actions is effecting your own life you don't shout at them and get on there back.

you get behind them encourage them and stick by them and get through it with them in till there that person again and look to see how its best to move forward after you have weathered the storm. your positivity and backing is what will help the storm be weathered in till things can be sorted to move forward.

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21 Jan 2021 17:25:23
well said u i.

21 Jan 2021 17:45:12
U. I not sure i'm getting your point here. Are you suggesting Celtic stick with Lennon as manager until he gets things right?

21 Jan 2021 17:45:41
What do you do if the same family member is running the family business into the ground with poor management. governance and sheer stubbornness. do you stand back and allow them to ruin said business and say there there itll all get better some day .

21 Jan 2021 18:15:38
my point is the board are sticking with him till the end of the season so we get behind the team and manger and don't keep hurling abuse at them it only adds more pressure.

losing a league title is not ruining our club.

i wouldny turn my back on anybody who is having a hard time mate i would get behind them and try help and put confidence in them to make things better.

he will be gone at the end of the season and all youse can have your lollipops back and youse can get back to signing for its a grand old team to play for for its a grand old team to see and if you know your history its enough to make your hearts go oh oh oh WEE don't CARE IF WE WIN LOOSE OR DRAW. in till we hit a bad patch again then youse can spit your lollipops out again and get the pitch forks out.

its okay wanting a new manager its the way you go about it which tarnishes a great name our fans have.

21 Jan 2021 18:30:10
Hear, Hear UI 👍.

21 Jan 2021 18:37:04
I don't think there is person on here UI who isn't behind the team, but it's clear we have gone backwards since Rodgers left which btw most on here predicted. Sadly that blame lies which the manager and the standards he sets!

21 Jan 2021 18:40:07
U I. a dismal embarrassing season with no clue how to fix it is far more tarnishing . social media allows arseholes to spout any vile nonsense without fear of repercussion . but it doesn't hide the fact the season has been a disaster and as a club we have been going backwards for a few seasons . nl has came to the end of his tenure. thanks neil but time for you and the club to move on . the onus is on the board now . our eye are fixed on them . pl time to earn your wages . ignoring or showing contempt for the fans will lead to your downfall too. this is the only the 2and big decision (first was appointing nl full time)
they've really had to make in 9 seasons and so far the are failing badly.

21 Jan 2021 18:41:40
I wonder if you be spouting the same philosophy if Ronny Deila was manager just now.

Its always everyone's else's fault bar Neil Lennon, yet it is Lennon who picks the team and tactics.

21 Jan 2021 18:43:10
UI how do you know the board are sticking by him until the end of the season?
I tend to think that they will too but I don't know this, it's just my opinion.

There are no fans attending the games so how do we get behind the team and who's hurrying abuse at them?
Yes I know there were a couple of demonstrations outside Celtic Park and that's not something I agreed with, but do you think that is the reason these players are under performing?
Do you think the players are reading forums like this (no offence Ed) to see what the fans are saying?

It's not that the majority of fans are 'Anti Lennon' it's probably that they don't think he us up to managing the team or getting us out of this predicament.
I for one didn't think he should have been appointed in the first place but that not Lennon's fault that's down to PL appointing him.
There's a video of one of Lennon's interviews from 5 years back after a defeat at Blackburn and it's like one of his many interviews this season. You should have a listen and see if it sounds familiar. Doesn't sound to me like he's learned anything since then.

21 Jan 2021 18:48:02
What do you do when you're team is in free fall have some one that can't do the job fact. And should never have got the job in the first place I think worst or one of the worst records in recent times of our club . Do you keep him in charge because he comes from Ireland got threatened about 10 years ago or do you change it before it ruins the club?

21 Jan 2021 19:03:26
I get what your saying UI but this is a football club a results driven business and the results are not anywhere near good enough anybody else you would be shouting for him to be gone ASAP. He needs to go the sooner the better it’s what’s best for everyone involved it takes all that pressure off his shoulders if he stays any longer it’s only going to get worse and more and more pressure will be on him .

21 Jan 2021 19:05:43
I was positive that given bit time Lenny could have turned it around in nov/ dec I wanted see how dec/ jan panned out but after watching that last night I feel as though something died in me We were so poor. Livi 2nd team looked fitter stronger and more organised in every area of park. I couldn't actually believe what was watching. Too many poor performers. Taylor Christie Duffy aajer who looked unfit to me. Boy ran away from him few times . Christie would have been as well not on pitch and I'm a fan How many times did he attempt win ball and fail? Hard to believe we could be so bad . I thought Lenny would have resigned.

21 Jan 2021 19:49:15
not one bit phill i was against the abuse aimed at Ronny Delia that man did a lot of great things for this club and still received abuse i was in agreement change was needed but i still got behind him till season was over my same view just now.

and pod the abuse is everywhere on every social media platforms linked to celtic on SSB constant obv the players will see it we even had the abuse on the official celtic twitter page on a tweet about how the foundation charity efforts have helped over 50 thousand people this winter a tweet that should be full of positives i found it a bit disgusting to go on a tweet like that and complain about dubai and lennon

that really pissed me of that abuse on that twitter post it would have been like ED007 putting a post up on here about his foodbank fundraiser and thanking everyone and how its helped people this Christmas and for some one to reply on the post to complain about dubai and sack lennon people are taking it a bit far.

as i says i would like a new manager in to but i will not go down that road of abuse. i have lived through one of the most successful times in my clubs history and i will look back on it in years to come and say i had some brilliant celebrations back then and i lived for the moment in every one of them and did not let certain stuff ruin my day we did not get the 10 but i have some great memory's and i also got to see that lot go bust into the bargain.

what a blast i have had these lad few year supporting my club but we regroup in the summer and kick on next season a new manager will be in place and the board need to push the boat out on a new manager i am in agreement with that and look to have a go at Europe.

21 Jan 2021 20:15:39
UI, great posts, keep it up. I believe you are talking common sense and displaying the attitude of a decent human being. Well Said.

21 Jan 2021 20:20:10
U. I I don't have a Twitter account and never watch Celtic games on sky with that p***k Boyd and Co . I always watch the games on SPFL or Celtic Tv.
The only thing I google each day is 'Glasgow Celtic' to see what news comes up and I check this site before and after work for rumours and to see peoples opinions.
I'm not seeing the crap online you're talking about online and sometimes it best to ignore it although there's not much else to do at the moment.
Stay safe.

21 Jan 2021 21:20:59
A couple of points not disagreeing with anyone above, all valid opinions and viewpoints making for good honest debate.

I would hope if Lennon was a close family member I would have the courage to say to him time to go, more importantly, if I was DD, I would do the same for someone who by all accounts is a friend. I hope this is not being dragged out because of financial compensation issues. Lennon has done his bit, it’s now over, let him go with his pay off and a blessing for the benefit of all.

If the intent is to let him go in the summer tell people now, pressure off for this season team might improve, fans know what’s happening and at least can look forward

Although fans see their club as an institution, it is actually a business, this clubs business model appears to be based on player sales, buy cheap sell dear, to support money brought in from Europe

How this spell has effected the value of the assets is unknown, best guess would be they have dropped, how will this effect the model? By continuing this current situation, what is the effect on the assets value. We are quick to jump on falling values for thier players when performances drop, morales in example then why would that not apply here. Get the team at least winning, scoring goals and hopefully building value to boost rebuild funds

When “they” were not challenging the money was a given, not so now, they are back and it’s not a fluke they are getting the results.
How the business model accommodates a reduction in euro funding or a competitor able to compete at the same level is yet to be seen

What war chest is available for a rebuild? This window doesn’t look as though there will be much business when fresh legs are desperately needed in a few positions

The sooner stability returns the better.

21 Jan 2021 21:22:32
Gaun yirsel United Ireland. 👍 Anybody using social media to abuse Neil Lennon or anybody else for that matter is anything but a Celtic fan. They are wallopers and should be decanted forthwith to Govan. The club should identify them and ban them from Celtic Park.



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