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21 Jan 2021 12:01:20
I watched last nights game and as a season ticket holder for many years I'm as disappointed as anybody this season.

But I was just listening to Neil Lennon there and the absolute defiance in his voice. It made me stand in his shoes and have a think about what I would do in his situation.

If I'd gone to the north of Ireland 20 years ago and the press, media and general population abused me from day one for nothing and no other reason than me being Roman Catholic and Scottish. If they'd sent me bullets in the post and threatened my family. If they had attacked me in the street and in stadiums in front of 20,000 fans for it to be not proven. If they'd scrawled JFP RIP on the walls of my hometown and my own national teams fans booed me just because I'd signed with the club. If I'd captained and managed the club and played a major part in a period of unparalleled never to be repeated success culminating in 15 league titles over 20 years and 12 successive trophies over 4 years a quadruple treble.

If when the clubs time of success came to an end which all things ultimately do particularly during a period when a global health situation had turned the world upside down. If right at the end of my tenure the fans, public, media and Government singled me out for travelling abroad as instructed by the club as my employer with the approval of the governing football body.

Would I walk away? No chance because it would be bigger than results and team performances. Bigger even than how the fans felt or reacted. Because it would be personal. It's If I hadn't walked away for my own good, health and sanity and the safety of my family through 20 years of abuse I wouldn't walk away now. The club would need to sack me and as Tommy Burns said I'd be leaving through the front door because I sure hadn't done anything to make me leave through the back door.

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21 Jan 2021 12:22:04
Great post JFP.

21 Jan 2021 12:25:00
Lennon did mention in October that he would know when his time was up.
His time was up a while ago but I agree with you JFP,
Why should It be up to Lenny to resign?
The board should or should’ve released Lenny from his duties amicably with a severance payment.

21 Jan 2021 12:25:58
Bringin' it, JFP. Amen, brother.

21 Jan 2021 12:27:15
i think it is personal to him mate and him walking away will be them winning is probs the way he sees it.

if he is to stay for the season i will get behind him and won't join in and slaughter him and hurl abuse at him he has had enough of that from a certain horrible fan base and media.

but come the end of the season i would like to see a new manager and wish Neil well for the future.

21 Jan 2021 12:31:31
The problem isn't Lennon its the board. The should have removed him from his post, and in turn the firing line, months ago. This failure of a season that has seen us drop to Sevco like standards lies solely with the board. Not because NL and the players aren't to blame but because they had the power to change it.

21 Jan 2021 12:33:35
100% United Ireland.

21 Jan 2021 12:35:47
UI if I’m Neil Lennon I agree you need a new manager 100% but I’m not walking away and it’s nothing to do with hanging in for a pay off which I’ll probably get anyway. I’m just not walking away. As Belfast Tim said the other day about Neil. Never a backward step. We can question many things about his abilities as a manager, team selections, tactics etc. but we can never question his bottle.

21 Jan 2021 12:52:59
If he walks he loses money it's as simple as that. He walked away last time👍.

21 Jan 2021 13:09:30
You’re 100% JFP.
Brilliant Post and a true opinion of the man.

21 Jan 2021 13:26:29
If NL was a boxer and we were in his corner we'd have thrown in the towel to save him from taking any more punishment in a fight he is badly losing so that he survives to fight another day.

21 Jan 2021 13:31:19
malky the last time he left he had just win the league this time is different as JFP post states he is no letting those who have constantly attacked him win by walking away.

its nothing to do with money he is a millionaire and if he did walk he would still get a pay out. the board seem to be going with him till the end of the season so get behind him and stop joining in with that lot in slaughtering him leave it to the sevies to spout there bile and us celtic fans stand behind one of our own against the attacks on him for the reason we all know. and ask for change at the end of the season.

21 Jan 2021 13:36:21
Agreed Pedro but DD needs to throw the towel to stop him taking anymore punishment because like many boxers at the end of their career he’s not throwing it in and for the reasons I stated above neither would I. 👍.

21 Jan 2021 13:44:10
Very accurate and poignant post JFP; He's put up with intolerable bigotry and personal attacks, with no protection or repercussions from anyone in either establishment, authority or government.
His latest press conference was a minor release of the pressure and intimidation he is constantly under and he looks dejected.
As a man, I acknowledge there is no way I could have put up with a fraction of the garbage, he endures day-to-day from all quarters.
However, he has been fighting a losing battle, while others were more than happy to go through the motions and I will say that for the good of his health and well-being, he should remove himself from the constant, vicious firing-line - even from those with the Celtic community, while others even more culpable for this drastic situation, hide and hang him out to dry.

21 Jan 2021 14:12:28
I hear you JFP and I'm sure you've seen my post on NL the other day so you know we are on the same page regarding NL time in Scotland.

NL would stay as Manager for the next 20 years if you let him, quite possibly for the reasons you've stated, therefore the board need to make the decision that he refuses to make.

I hope for everybody's sake they make it quuckly because when we are all gone, Celtic Football Club will still be here and no-one is bigger than the Club.

21 Jan 2021 14:33:39
It's everything to do with money UI, the only reason the board haven't sacked him is because cash is tight.

21 Jan 2021 14:34:30
Are you really claiming all these criticisms of Lennon recently are because he’s an Irish catholic?

What about the Irish catholics like my mother who can’t stand the man? Is that bigoted? She doesn’t want him anywhere near the club and has never had since he came out threating a women. “I can make you disappear”. Something along those lines. He’s being criticised because he is part of the reason 10 has been f**kd! Not the sole reason but a big part of it.
But aye you yous the sectarian card, it’s easier 👍🏻.

21 Jan 2021 15:06:16
Unfortunately the time has came and long been overdue to get rid of Lenny . Yes he has had horrible stuff thrown at him in the last two decades but that doesn’t mean he should be in the job. Many of us have gave all the same reasons, the obvious one now is that none of us are sitting down to watch games confident we can win or at best keep a clean sheet. Take religion out of it, he was the cheap option and it’s backfired badly, and as such the club has probably fallen two seasons behind the Sevconians now. The longer this is left, the harder job the new man will have as he will have less time to assess the squad and see who is still to be here once next season kicks off. We all agree he is only a part of the problem but he’s a vital cog. If we could pull a charismatic and highly thought of coach out of the bag it could be enough to change the malaise but I doubt we will do that. Depressing.

21 Jan 2021 15:26:05
Ryan who said recent criticisms were because he was an Irish Catholic? Who said recent criticisms aren’t justified? Who said some of the blame for this season doesn’t lie at his door? I said and reiterate that the abuse he has taken since signing for Celtic 20 years ago is attributable to him being an Irish Catholic.

21 Jan 2021 15:56:55
You have to look at present times and at this present time he is pish get him out now season is over bring in a new manager and let him sort this mess out because I think it will take a new manager any new manager time to sort this mess out don't wait until the end of the season that will be far to late.

21 Jan 2021 16:06:58
ryan why would celtic fans give him abuse for being a Irish catholic hahaha your post is just silly. he is getting abuse from Celtic fans because we are having a poor season so what are you blabbering about. as JFP states above that is the abuse i am talking about. maybe the amount abuse that's been going on has put the team and manager under more pressure than necessary with the pressure of 10 on there heads also with the way fans are acting as if the club is going under because it will not be achieved

10 in a row is not everything mate who ever wins the league this season Celtic football will still go on. disappointing season yes but the club lives on. gutted were not getting it yes but just need to keep supporting and keep positive.

what will never be forgot is how fans treated a legend of the club because he had a poor season. and would probably make others think twice about joining our club as manager if that's how fans behave because of one poor season after dominating Scottish football for 20 years and winning everything going the last 4 year were fans moaned how the last cup of those 4 season were win because we went to extra time

many clubs in the world would give anything to see there team lift a trophy and live in the moment and celebrate that wile a lot of our fans were outraged and moaned and went in rants because we never win that final in style.

i get frustrated and upset to but i will not go into melt down and give people laughs i will stay positive as i know my club is the best team this country has every seen and before money took over football we were feared and respected all over Europe for the football team we were with amazing fans but this season with way the fans have behaved has left me sadden.

21 Jan 2021 17:34:20
What’s the abuse in past got to do with just now?
Why is him being abused in the past got anything to do with him not quitting?
You claimed he’s been abused in Scotland from day one until now because he’s an Irish catholic. Why even bring that up?

The only thing I took from your post is (Neil Lennon won’t quit because he’s been abused since day one in Scotland)

Why even bring the abuse into it?

I might be wrong but JFP post and UI posts suggest to me you think the media frenzy etc. I s because he an Irish catholic.

21 Jan 2021 18:00:03
ryan my point is the abuse he is receiving from is own is un called for he has had enough abuse from that other lot and the media from day one.

no body is disagreeing about needing a new manager but the abuse he is receiving is not called for. the media frenzy is because it is neil lennon they are loving it and loving his own fans giving him abuse and jumping on all the articles slagging him of to.

look at slippy he has win nothing since he came up here has he received the same slander and slagging from the media no he is praised like some hero we even had the Glasgow times slaging lennys looks. we even had the media run a poll on if lenny should be sacked did they ever run one on slippy after failing to win anything lenny has been back in the job 6 month less than what slippy has been at the sevies and lenny has 5 trophy's slippy has none and slippy is praised and lenny is slagged of running polls for lenny to be sacked.



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