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06 Jan 2021 09:59:18
Don't suppose you guys noticed (or cared lol) that I have been MIA since Boxing Day. Mrs T and I came down with some sort of bug that absolutely floored us both for 10 days, so much so the girls ordered a CV home test kit for both of us, which luckily has just come back negative this morning, which is a big weight off our minds.
I hope most of you had a better festive season than the Timalloys and looking forward to 2021.
I was just just catching up on your posts over past week or so and not much to add except to say that this Dubai trip has become a PR nightmare, surely the club should have postponed this trip as the photos coming back show the club in a bad light.

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06 Jan 2021 10:42:34
Happy New Year Tim.
I’m glad yourself and Mrs T are feeling better.

06 Jan 2021 12:20:41
Glad you’re feeling better Tim. We need you for Cheltenham, stay healthy.

06 Jan 2021 12:32:18
Good you and the good lady are feeling better mate.

06 Jan 2021 13:04:40
Timalloy Happy New Year and welcome back. We thought you were in Dubai.

06 Jan 2021 13:11:43
happy new tear tim mate. and yes you were missed. lol.

06 Jan 2021 13:19:12
Happy to hear you and the missus are well Tim.
Could use some good tips on the GG's as the last one I put on is still running.
All the best.

06 Jan 2021 13:24:21
Good to hear you are all OK Tim. Dubai trip was booked BEFORE the new lockdown in fairness. That said, you can guarantee the sevco lot have been hitting nikla with complaints and THAT is votes so she has no choice but to address it. (just beacause THEY can't afford a wee break methinks)

06 Jan 2021 13:26:12
Guys it was scary the two of us just literally lay in different rooms out of it, luckily the girls were great and both being level headed helped a lot, also as the eldest is now a fully trained pharmacist (literally took final exams July) she kept us all right. I would advise anyone to book a test, if nothing else just for your own peace of mind.
Only good thing about being laid up it spared me the gloating of my ex bears and The Suit.

06 Jan 2021 13:31:25
TinyTim, you're right and the irony is the monkeys from Ibrox who will no doubt be complaining the loudest are votes that the SNP is never going to get as they don't want to break up the 'union'.

06 Jan 2021 13:48:54
Well Tim, as they say 'where there's life, there's hope' and you and Mrs T are here - that's the main thing.

Great news on your eldest qualifying as a pharmacist, brilliant.

06 Jan 2021 14:01:59
Glad to hear you and the winnings grabbing Mrs T lol are on the mend timalloy, good to see you back.

06 Jan 2021 14:15:40
Happy new year Glad you and the good lady are on the mend Tim god bless 🙏🙏.

06 Jan 2021 15:13:50
I was exactly the same tim. Got my test back today and all clear. Glad to hear you pulled through mate.

06 Jan 2021 15:55:15
Good stuff Gerry 👍.

06 Jan 2021 22:49:57
Glad yous are both over the worst.



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