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22 Sep 2020 13:38:59
I really don't understand why the majority of our Fan Base won't give Taylor some time to settle in. He's played 24 games. Has 9 assists and 1 goal. Domestically he is probably the second best left back in the league.

Fact is half of Europe are struggling for high quality full backs. What makes us so special that we deserve as good or better than what tierney was.

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22 Sep 2020 14:23:01
I think it's a position fans will always compare to KT; but even though he has done well in several games, he doesn't have the pace to go past players - like say, Frimpong on the other side - and although he has been involved in a lot of good stuff and will improve, we still need another left sided wing-back for competition and cover.

22 Sep 2020 15:14:02
Best one?

22 Sep 2020 15:29:32
We wrote off Bolingoli after a similar amount of games. I personally don't think he's a bad player but he doesn't suit our attacking team. He's a full back not a wing back. There's a place for him in the squad but I'd like to see an experienced attacking LWB brought in for him to learn from. Douglas fits that criteria but that seems to have went quiet.

22 Sep 2020 16:19:40
I like Fingprong, I think he has the making of a brilliant right back/ right wing back
I also like Taylor and cannot believe how he can be ridiculed by so many .
Taylor is probably the hardest working player on our team . He is highly thought of by our coaches and players who seem to involve him in almost all our attacks . He doesn’t take on players often, as he is our defensive lynch pin on the left, however he is very good doing one twos and either playing a colleague in behind or getting in himself.9 assIt’s so far is a very good return .
Fingprong can take players on very well but is more recently taking the safer option of doing as Taylor .
We do need another left sided back to compliment Taylor, not necessary to replace him.

22 Sep 2020 16:47:58
Best one! You would need some pair of green spectacles to not see that barisic is by far the best left back in the Country. Taylor will be fine domestically. Could do with a wing back who can go past players. Then we would have the option depending on the opposition. definitely need another one in to have cover either way.

22 Sep 2020 17:07:05
Didn't even know what position barsic played.

22 Sep 2020 17:15:47
Taylor's job shouldn't be dribbling past defenders our any other definition of a wingers job . he does the right thing if he can't get passed his man he passes it back to the creative midfielders . look how often he pass it back then immediately makes a run forward beyond the guy he couldn't dribble passed and no pass is giving. he's willing and able to put that work in to go forward but the creative midfielder usually passes it side ways or back and gets applauded.

22 Sep 2020 17:57:39
He looks for the overlap every time when the winger approaches the box which is pretty convincing. You can see he is trying at least. I’d give him time, he’s not the worst we have had by any means.

22 Sep 2020 18:31:06
Don't understand this anti Taylor talk, I think he is a great player, he seems to get criticism, whilst others in the team can do no wrong.

22 Sep 2020 19:08:06
if legends like forrest and brown can get and take stick the way they do then i think some supporters who are not taylor fans can give their opinions on him its the way it is.

22 Sep 2020 19:39:34
Liam . Agree . but he's getting hammered for an aspect of his game which in truth isn't really a full backs job if they can dribble past defenders it's a bonus. but a give and go beyond is every bit as valid a way of beating your opponent. and comparing / judging him with the superfan that was Tierney who choose to piss off doesn't help.

22 Sep 2020 19:58:14
From what I’ve seen I think Taylor has a lot of promise. To those who want to castigate him publicity why don’t you go and support the Rangers? With regard to the Tierney lovers the difference between Taylor and Tierney I agree is indeed massive. One is wearing green and white hoops and deserves our support the other feckd off when we needed him with 10 in a row in sight and plays for a team somewhere in a foreign country.

22 Sep 2020 20:21:35
A lot is being made of Taylor's inability to beat a man. Have to say I'm less than convinced by him defensively as well. Gets skinned too often and doesn't stop crosses into the box enough. He is decent SPL standard. In better. Hope he keeps working hard and improves though.

22 Sep 2020 20:26:34
its wrong to compare him to tierney and personally don't know anybody who actually does. deep river bhoy i agree taylor is decent on the overlap and though I'm not his biggest fan I've said for a long time that he is.

22 Sep 2020 21:04:57
24 games
9 assists
1 goal
Pretty decent return for someone that is apparently not very good going forward 🤔
He is a defender, his job is to defend first and foremost. He is pretty decent at that too, he keeps possession of the ball most of the time.
I think he is a decent player and is young enough to improve, he works hard and gives his all for the team. You can't ask for much more that that, put it this way I would suggest that if we sign someone no matter who they are Greg Taylor will push them all the way for the starting slot in the team.

22 Sep 2020 21:16:20
If we get a projected 10+ assists from him this season is that not a massive bonus? That’s what his stats project.

22 Sep 2020 21:23:58
Every season in July and August we are subjected to how wonderful Rangers2012 players are by the MSSM and Radio and TV pundits, so much so that Celtic fans believe them and repeat their nonsense . This year Batisic is one of their golden boys . They were going to sell him for £20m and we had fans speaking in glowing terms about him .
The halo has started to slip, even Rangers2012 fans weren’t happy with him on Sunday, so he will become average like the rest of them.

22 Sep 2020 22:55:14
No that's not a bonus he is a Celtic full back that's what he's there to do and should be doing.



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