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13 Mar 2019 21:14:51
I have a good feeling about Lenny being our next manager. He is a good fit and fate has brought him home.
The last time we lost the league in 2011 on the final game of the season, Lenny said something like this isn't the end, its only the beginning. I loved that battle cry speech in front of 60,000 who all stayed behind even though we had just lost the league.
Celtic fans showed that day how special we are and I believe we deserve all the success we are enjoying at the moment because we pride ourselves on winning within the rules.
I would love Neil Lennon to finish what he started and lead us to 10 in a row. GBNL.

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13 Mar 2019 23:33:11
I get he is passionate about the club and all that but take the emotion out of it and ask yourself will he progress the team and the club? I don't think he will.

If he wasn't unemployed when Rodgers left how many fans would have wanted us to approach hibs at the end of the season to make him our permanent manager? My guess would be not a lot.

Lennon as manager just now is a convenience more than anything else. If Peter Lawell has any ambition then a short list should have been drawn up by now and interviews taking place now. there's no point waiting til the end of the season as it will disrupt the players ahead of the CL qualifying campaign.

13 Mar 2019 23:54:42
I'm hoping he doesn't stay, cheap option and a backwards step
I'm not sure who is being considered but Lennon is a good stop gap and nothing more
Too much baggage.

14 Mar 2019 09:25:21
There is too much at stake to start making drastic changes like a foreign coach who does not know the players or league. We know Lenny will make sure the players do their best for the cause for the next 2 years.
After the 10 is secured we can then start to drive the club in a new direction but as of now we all get behind our manager who I believe will deliver.

14 Mar 2019 09:51:44
Leon I says in another thread do wee risk another European manager who knows nothing about the club or do wee go with a man who knows the club inside out I am not Lennons biggest fan tbh but I think it’s to risky to go for a foreign manager. Do wee bunker down with Lenny for the ten? Or do wee risk another manager either way it needs sorted ASAP but knowing Celtic!

14 Mar 2019 10:02:09
Domestically Lennon wasn't up there with Rodgers but then look at how much money Rodgers had to spend compared to Lennon. In Europe under Rodgers we have gone backwards not forwards, Lennon beat Barcelona and qualified from the CL group stages. Under Rodgers we got destroyed by PSG home and away as well as getting thumped by Barca.

14 Mar 2019 10:49:58
Anyone remember Paul LeGuen?

When he signed for oldco Rangers, he was touted as one of the best coaches in Europe and was tipped to take Rangers to the next level. I am sure we all remember how that gamble turned out.

Therefore, while I agree that my preference would be to bring in a progressive coach, who can build on what previous managers have already built and hopefully take us to the next level. Sometimes I think it may be better sticking with a safe pair of hands until we get 10 in a row.

14 Mar 2019 11:46:24
I think if we got a foreign coach in like rose from Salzburg
We would just be a stepppng stone for him and would leave after 2-3 seasons, domestically I don’t think it matters who’s in charge as I think squad wise we are by far the strongest and should always stay like that. I like the idea of a foreign coach who could bring a new approach
But with Lennon we know what we’ve got, plus now he’s been away will he be so keen to move on again, it’s a tough choice and there’s pros and cons. For me keep Lennon, no matter what happens because we’ve won a double double maybe a treble treble it’s going to be hard for any manager taking over eventually we won’t win everything and that will be considered by some a bad season.

14 Mar 2019 11:55:41
I think we should bring in a new manager at the end of this season but sign him up now so he can see what we have got and what we need. And let NL carry on as manager until then. 2 years is a long time to take steps back and try to regain and progress.

14 Mar 2019 12:47:44
Employing a new manager is the riskiest responsibility any board has to make .
Trying to sign the best available is even a bigger risk . Someone like Rose could be one of the best decisions Celtic could make . However there are massive risks, not only may Rose use us as a stepping stone to EPL and leave us after a year or two, after 2 yrs wouldn't be a disaster 10 in a row would be attained, but after 1 yr doesn't bear thinking about . But Rose and all his brilliance on the European Continent may struggle in the very odd environment that exists in Scotland . We have things going on in and around football that is unique to Scotland and he may not be able to put a handle on it . Going for 9 in a row is not a time to gamble . I hope board thinks long and hard and comes up with right man.

14 Mar 2019 14:32:33
Many truly great appointments and signings come down to perfect timing ie: the right man - available at the right time and everything else seems to slot into place very quickly; then success follows on and and the lucky few go on to make history.
This has only happened a very few of times in my lifetime and it is very difficult to align these factors all of the time.
All we hope is the club agree on the best possible candidate as quickly as possible and we all get behind him to further success.

14 Mar 2019 17:19:15
Paul Le Quen looked great on the continent before he went to Rangers, but he couldn't handle wee Barry's petulance, Ronnie was the new Messiah but he couldn't manage the dressing room, this guy Rose may have found his proper groove and that is why he is making a deep mark at Salzburg, how does any one know he will be a success here, Lennon knows the lay of the land, he is more experienced now and more mature, he might be the best man for the job.



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