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01 Nov 2018 14:02:33
It's always the same at this time of year, we've just won 5-0 going on 10-0 and the big story of the day is our fans singing about the poppy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this issue but I just wish people would choose to either wear one or not wear one and respectfully let others do the same and let that be the end of it.

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01 Nov 2018 15:21:37
I certainly won't be wearing one. It's been totally hijacked by the Far Right (the very people they were fighting against) and the Orange Lodge.
As history has shown The British Forces have done Terrible Atrocities yet I'm supposed to be proud of them, no thanks.

01 Nov 2018 15:29:19
The poppy fascists are out in force. Gets worse every year looking to be offended with not wearing a poppy. Not everyone in Britain supports the atrocities the army have done wearing a uniform.

Ww1 and Ww2 I would support all day long. Iraq, Afghanistan and Ireland to name a few not in a million years.

They have plundered many nations divided many lands.

01 Nov 2018 15:43:55
James McLean has the right idea.

01 Nov 2018 15:57:02
I wear one to respect - in particular - my relatives lost in WW2, however, I do agree that there has been an almost extremist political undercurrent in recent years, being exploited by jingoistic and fanatical elements for all the wrong reasons.
Celtic and their support have been demonised for years, while another club has exploited the situation to fuel bigotry and intolerance.

01 Nov 2018 16:14:51
They do it for all the wrong reasons. naybe if they'd payed there taxes it just might have saved a few lives by providing better equipment. on side note Celtic donate more than any other club in Scotland to the poppy appeal. funny that. and you'll not read that in the press.

01 Nov 2018 17:49:23
Well said Kevbhoy.

01 Nov 2018 19:28:39
Good post Kevbhoy, very balanced. Let folks do what they want.
I wear my poppy with pride.
My grandfather survived two years at the Somme, WWI.
Other relatives died and were injured fighting persons in WWII.
I disagree it is hijacked by fascists.
A great many armed forces personnel support Celtic and have done for generations within the armed forces. The poppy is supported from all political parties within the House of Commons, not Fascists. Last time I checked no fascists are in the HoC.
The decision to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan was voted for by all MPs from all parties in HoC after exhausting debates. We went there with around 30 other countries in support, who also democratically voted for it.

{Ed007's Note - I think I've just been sick in my mouth a bit. There's some garbage sent into the site but this is on a different level of moronic. Go and read up on these "wars" ffs before you embarrass yourself even more.}

01 Nov 2018 20:21:04
What an astonishing outburst.
Itโ€™s clearly abusive.
I mentioned four wars. I understand all four of them extremely well. No need for further reading.
I invite you to explain yourself and your abusive personal comments. Back up the rhetoric or apologise.

{Ed007's Note - Clearly abusive - ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Did I hurt your feelings?
I'll apologise for nothing to an ignoramus. Start with Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair and Jack Straw should be publicly hung and it should be shown live on TV.
In this day and age, if you're stupid enough to sign up to the armed forces you should be required to get insured against death and injury. Getting shot at or facing chance of being blown up etc are all part of the job description, they know what they're getting into or are they THAT dumb?
Simply put, if the government, bankers and arms dealers & drug dealers that are sending you to war aren't going to pay to look after you or your family in the event of injury or death then why should joe public be hassled and bullied into it?
I'd much rather help those that need help through no fault of their own, the poor, kids, cancer & dementia sufferers and their families.
WW1 and WW2, yeah that's fine, but after the 2 World Wars, your fights over oil in the middles east, Northern Ireland, the Falklands, the so-called war on terror where the UK and US actually fund the terrorists they're supposedly fighting-forget it.
And there can't be many WW1 and 2 vets left to look after so people are entitled to shun poppies if they disagree with these modern so called wars, that's a freedom that the young men in WW2 fought for.
This annual poppy garbage has long been beyond the pale, if people want to wear one then wear it and if you don't then don't, I couldn't give two flying f**ks but don't force anyone to do either.
So don't come on here demanding apologises from me when you clearly don't have a clue what you're on about.Have you ever heard of Harry Leslie Smith, I'll listen to him or Jon Snow before I'd ever listen to the likes of you.}

01 Nov 2018 21:24:29
But any Goss on who we're signing in January ed.

{Ed007's Note - James McClean's coming in as a PR man.}

01 Nov 2018 21:33:18
John McLean is coming in to put a stop to the pyrotechnics. Yipeekayeh mutha****er.

{Ed007's Note - He's coming to Capo the #AsthmaticCSC

01 Nov 2018 23:45:20
Why oh why do fans need to sing about this though? nothing to do with football just like the palestinian flags which is another nonsense. Plenty Celtic fans fought in ww1 and ww2 like my grandad and its a disgrace to keep singing this stuff, just like most fans who go on about palestine couldn't even find it on a map.

02 Nov 2018 09:56:32
Why oh why if it's nothing to do with football are clubs forced to wear poppies on their shirt and players, staff and supporters forced to participate in a minutes silence?
It's nothing to do with football and if you are being forced to participate in something you strongly disagree with then you are well within you rights to let your feelings known.
Your paying your money to watch and support your team, not to be used in a political stunt, if people want to keep politics away from football then it has to be ALL politics across the board.
Celtic fans singing a daft song about the poppy has as much a place in football as the actual poppy itself and remembrance jamboree does - none.}

02 Nov 2018 10:41:50
Reading this pish utterly bores me to death. I'm in the military and I couldn't give a flying **** if people wore the poppy or not. I don't need to hear people's reason why they do or don't wear them. I want to read gossip and information about the team I support, pushing your ideas toward or against the poppy appeal is fascist in itself. Sing songs about the players, the history of the club, keep it about football, I don't buy papers because it's full of garbage and propaganda, I read this site as an insight to what is happening with our club and its players and generally am pleased reading all your thoughts and opinions regarding football. Let's avoid the political pish lads or at least set up another forum for you guys to bore each other to death HH.

{Ed007's Note - Why should people leave it when it is being forced down their throat whether they want it or not - and isn't you telling us what we can and can't talk about a bit 'fascist' in itself?}

02 Nov 2018 10:25:46
Here here well said Ed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ if the poppy is a personal choice for or against then itโ€™s every persons choice on wether or not to voice their opinions if itโ€™s thrust upon them at a sporting event. Makes me cringe this time of year (not the press they will do anything to criticise us) the way our own fans jump on the morale high ground and turn against those who wish to display their opinions against the poppy. No room for politics at football? c'mon give me a break itโ€™s happening constantly all over the place and will never change.
Wear a poppy donโ€™t wear a poppy adhere the minute silence or shout out against it choose your own path but donโ€™t criticise others for choosing theirs.

{Ed007's Note - Yep, you can disagree with it but sit at the back of the bus and keep your mouth shut about it in case you upset anyone.}

02 Nov 2018 20:27:24
It doesn't upset me ed it's just a boring topic of conversation that's all, nothing worse than having a wee look at the posts hoping someone has info on potential transfers or updates on player injuries etc, and end up feeling like i've been tied to a chair and made to watch an episode of loose women listening to these type of football discussions.

{Ed007's Note - It bores the bollox off me but we seemingly need to go through it every year on here mate - the thing is you're never going to change anyone's point of view and well go through it all AGAIN this time next year.
I can't wait ๐Ÿ˜ฅ



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