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13 Mar 2021 18:20:01
Sheffield United blog reporting that Celtic are in talks with Sheffield United to appoint Wilder.

They are also reporting that they have not sacked him because it means they would have to pay a large contractual fee, which they are haggling with Celtic over as they want us to stump up the cash.

How true this is anyone's guess.

If true he would not be my first choice but he is better than some of the names I have seen branded about.

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13 Mar 2021 18:41:35
I wouldn’t mind Wilder as manager.
He prefers the 3-5-2 formation and we’ve seen before that formation,
If played properly blows away our opponents in Scotland.
In tougher games we can revert to a 5-3-2 system.
Wilder is a manager who will stay with Celtic for years and hopefully build a successful team.
Most other names who’ve been linked to the Celtic managers job like Howe, would only stay until they get a better offer from a club in the pub league.

13 Mar 2021 18:59:06
Was just reading about him there Buzz and he has transformed the last 4 out 5 clubs he has been at, picking up unpolished gems and giving them a chance and improving them. Teams are always well organised, might not be a bad shout to be honest.

13 Mar 2021 19:00:31
I think he is a good manager and would do well at Celtic but my reservation is he is not renowned for attacking football or developing youth players. That being said we could do a lot worse if he ended up coming.

13 Mar 2021 19:02:57
I hope this is a joke, this would be a terrible appointment.

13 Mar 2021 19:47:58
Why do you think it would be a terrible appointment JonBhoy?

13 Mar 2021 21:11:49
Well LennonAtWork
This guy spent £120m in the last 2 seasons on players like Burke £6m, Brewster £24m, Berge £24m, Ramsdale £18m, Mousset £10m and MCBURNIE £18m
The fact that this guy spent £18m on McBurnie should prove that he hasn't a clue about identifying a football player.
If you think our defence is bad, have a watch at Sheffield's, They won 1 game out of there first 18 this season and have only kept 2 clean sheets out of 28 games conceding 45 goals.
Lets also have a look at the players he thinks are strikers
Lys Mousset bought for £10m - 7 goals in 46 games
Oli McBurnie £18m - 7 goals in 57 games
Callum Robinson £7m - 1 goal in 17 games, sent to WBA on loan after 6 months
Richairo Zivkovic Loan signing from 2 division club in China, Wilder claimed "'We know enough about him, we've kept tabs on Richairo for a while and tracked his progress. He'll be unpredictable to other teams, but we know what we're getting and he wants to make the most of the opportunity.
'He will give us genuine pace at the top of the pitch. We're learning all the time this season, but pace in the Premier League is key and Richairo is someone we think can kick us on.
He played 5 times scoring 0 before being sent back to China

People on here have been saying we need a young forward thinking manager who will look to bring through our young players but then think this guy would be a good choice! Aye nae problem
But I guess people will say that he had a good season last year, Aye well some said the same thing about Lennon.

{Ed007's Note - I couldn't have told you who Sheffield Utd's manager was until the other day. My flabber will be well and truly gasted if Wilder is even in contention for the Celtic job.
If he is and gets the gig then the first 5000(ish) on the season ticket waiting list will be getting an e-mail from the ticket office VERY soon.}

13 Mar 2021 21:40:23
Honestly Ed, if people thought we were bad under Ronnie wait to see what happens if this guy gets the job. It will be the football under Ronnie along with the tactics, subs and fitness under Lennon.
If Wilder does get the job it will be Lawwell giving the fans a final 2 finger salute before he heads off into the sunset.
I that's the standard of managers we are looking at I would honestly rather we went for Stephen Robinson.

{Ed007's Note - WHOAH!!! Behave yourself there now Jon! #UntilRonnyIWasNeverHappy Seriously though from what I've heard and what's floating about Lawwell doesn't have any input on ANY new appointments. Apparently Desmond - under advice maybe - has instructed the board to trust Hammond's recommendations for now i.e Liam Shaw's. Hammond's knowledge of youngsters in the lower leagues of England might be seen as an asset moving forward especially when the post-Brexit regs kick in.}

13 Mar 2021 22:45:32
Mixed reaction between I Cannot believe this - and don't want to believe it. I said on here that once Celtic finally parted company with NL it would have been common sense to have at least one candidate 'sounded-out' beforehand (not including Big-Nose) .
The Celtic job is one of the biggest 'gigs' in football and there would have been plenty of interest from all over Europe.
Suddenly the media are trying to pair us off with a 53 year old, failed (miserably) manager who's previous experience prior to his relegation plight at Sheffield was at Halifax, Oxford and Northampton This has to be one of the earliest April Fools jokes ever?!

14 Mar 2021 08:07:03
Alex ferguson also failed at times and got sacked from st mirren. Same with mourinho, he has been sacked from a host of clubs. The point is getting sacked does not necessarily make you a bad manager and Wilder done amazing at sheffield utd. Like celtic Sheffield Utd have suffered this season from not having fans in the stadium.

Failure will always happen, it is how you bounce back that matters.

14 Mar 2021 09:17:32
I live in Sheffield so I am very familiar with wilder. All of the united fans I know are gutted he is going. He has a very unique system and seems to get the beat out of players. He took over Sheffield united in league 1 and got them to the premier league and finished mid table last year all with mostly the same players. However I have been told he does not want to work under a dof. So if we get him I would be very surprised if we go down that route.

14 Mar 2021 09:50:33
Onceabhoy he got Sheffield united from league 1 to the premier league where the finished 9th last season. He is very well regarded in english football and at Sheffield united. He is not like Lennon tactically or fitness wise at all. Burke has actually done well there since he signed. Yes they spent a lot of money this season which hasn't worked out but managers don't sign every player and the money they spent is still far smaller than most in the league. He succeeded everywhere else he uas been.

14 Mar 2021 09:55:40
Also they have had long term injuries to their CBS which is bad for most teams but because of how they play with the overlapping cbs it has meant they can't play their system.

13 Mar 2021 22:03:27
Yeah I was being sarcastic with the Lawwell bit, Sounds good in what you mentioned regarding Hammond.
You had also mentioned in the past that Hammond had recommended a few other players that for some reason either Lawwell or Lennon said no, If we are now trusting Hammond to bring in some players do you think there is a chance that he will get kept on once the new DOF and Manager is brought on board or will the DOF basically replace Hammond.

{Ed007's Note - A DOF will have a lot more strings to his bow & responsibilities than Hammond but he might find himself being made Chief Scout to work under the new DOF.}

13 Mar 2021 23:03:38
What's your gut on who it will be then ed? Looking at the names linked, nine fill me with confidence. I would think howe would be out again as soon as a Premier league job was available. And he is possibly waiting for Newcastle or Palace. think rafa wouldn't be a contender due to financial restrictions. maresca be a huge gamble.

My opinion is its kennedy or Keane still. don't think most be happy with that but I don't see many candidates.

{Ed007's Note - I think it'll be Keane or someone who's not been mentioned (much) yet.}

14 Mar 2021 11:37:31
They kind of blew the chance to finish in Europe spots as their form tapered off at the end of the season but they done really well in their first season back up. Their form this season has been shocking but as Cory mentioned that's a reasonable enough excuse. I think Wilder would do a decent job and I'd take him over most of the other candidates being linked.

14 Mar 2021 14:41:44
Slaven Bilic is out of work?

14 Mar 2021 14:47:09
I’ve been thinking Keane from the start tbh. At least he won’t take any s**t from players and also would expect them to be on the top of their fitness or they’d simply not get a game. Maybe we need someone that’s hard on the players, we’ve been lightweight for a long time and always get destroyed by physical teams. Never had a manager in that light really. Closest I can think is Strachan. If we can find the happy mediums between good football and physicality we could really be a solid team moving forward.

Others may not agree, the psychological aspect of the game needs to be taken care of in the seasons coming, fitness and composure.

14 Mar 2021 21:17:45
Ken, I have also said for a while that I had a feeling that it was going to be Keane.
I have also been thinking that we might make an announcement right before Sevco game, just like what happened when we announce Rodgers which happened the night before Sevco got beat off Hibs in the Cup Final.

15 Mar 2021 10:15:42
Bilic is out of work? He's always out of work. Maybe within that there's a clue. I'm not a detective, but I think going for him could be a mistake. We can't afford to make a mistake this time, although, we are all expecting one. I have exck6ded all the guys I would want to get it as non starters. I'm down to Jack Ross and Keane. Keane woukd want money to take on Slippy, so it's Jack Ross all day long or someone of that Ilk. Ambition is not in our boards psyche. I hope they surprise me, but I don't want to get ahead of myself thinking we will respond. A dangerous road for us thinking our board of Shoes Starers will pick up the taunting gauntlet thrown down by King.

15 Mar 2021 19:20:17
Wilder will not take Celtic job neither will he be offered it. The guy is old school manager who wants involved in EVERY department of the football club.
He doesn’t want DOF model and is as far from a yes man as you can get which should be applauded but on that basis our board would never appoint him and I don’t think he would be happy to just stick to managing the team.
Iv been wrong in the past but I really think this is not going to happen.
I actually think he would suit Aberdeen.



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