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05 May 2022 12:25:08
ED007 or anybody tech minded HELP
I watch most games now via Firestick but it seems to have developed problems, Celtic TV has always been a No go on it just buffers constantly, now BT Sport does same thing buffers then screen goes blank, I have tried switching off/ on multiple times, rebooting etc but nothing works.
Any advice would be helpful, the girls are trying to get me a new firestick from their uni guy pal as my firestick is up end of May anyway, but I want to watch CL final and EL final.
I know some of you guys watch games via he's Goals but when I try that on my laptop all I get is some guy watching game and giving commentary, NO live game.

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05 May 2022 12:41:58
Get iptv on it. If you have iptv use windscribe vpn with it and it works great
1 year is about 40quid for it. i've used it for about 3 or 4 years now.

05 May 2022 13:12:19
You should contact the person running it for some help. Could also make sure all the software is up to date and try clearing the cache. Also, if it is buffering could be people in your house doing things online at the same time. There are a few things you can try.

05 May 2022 13:49:05
Cheers Steff and Ange will have a try your solutions, yes my girls are looking into getting me new one I will tell them about your tip Steff, although girls probable know about all this, it is ME that is the Dummy. That is why all these books programming, computers for dummies are aimed at ME lol.

05 May 2022 15:34:19
Tim mate who is your provider virgin/ sky/ bt?

05 May 2022 16:21:03
robroy it is Sly but is the firestick not independent.

05 May 2022 16:24:05
It all depends on who's providing your service Tim. Best to try and join one with a technical support group chat etc.

05 May 2022 16:28:24
Tim if you get a couple of winners this weekend. buy yourself a new telly.
Those old black and white ones are rubbish with new technology.

05 May 2022 17:32:03
Guys my girls look to have solved my problem by first
clearing the cache (I had no idea how to do that)
Re booting everything including my Hub
Also they checked my broadband speed and boosted that also
They also advised me not to use the Superfast BT broadband but just next one along BT seems to be working OK now, test will come tonight
Thanks for all advice.

05 May 2022 17:36:33
your provider tracks your activity on f/ s regardless who your provider

1️⃣ Login to your sky account at https://skyid.sky.com/signin/mysky? successUrl=https://broadbandshield.sky.com/

2️⃣ Once logged in click My Sky then Broadband Shield

3️⃣ In here you can totally switch off the Broadband Shield

Note: Sky are known to re-enable this without you knowing so always worth checking and every month or so go in and enable it - then disable it again.

Sometimes you may experience the same effects even though its showing as disabled - So best sometimes to re-enable and disable it.

Once you have disabled it either give it 15-20 mins for it to take effect or simply unplug your router for 30 secs and plug it back in ? is.

06 May 2022 01:15:31
I have used Kodi for the last 5 or 6 years to watch all my sports and wouldn't pay for an iptv service if I can get it for free.
If you want to give me a shout I will help you out as much as I can.
My email is in my profile page or get me on FB under johnwallace71

Oh just want to say that you don't need a VPN if you are streaming, you just need one if you are downloading movies or TV shows, all they do is strangle your Internet speed and can reduce the speed by up to 20% which can then cause buffering especially with live events.
Run a speed check on your device with a VPN off and another with it on and you will see the difference.
Like I mentioned I have been using kodi for a number of years through BT, Sky and Virgin broadband and never used any VPN and never had any issues or letters from my broadband provider.

07 May 2022 06:17:19
Hey man… In Google on your phone typing speed test. If you are under 40 MB per second, you’re going to have a hard time. If it is extremely low turn off all your equipment and turn it back on again.
Failing that…. You need to pick up the phone and call Sky for high-speed fibre broadband.



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