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18 Oct 2020 12:43:14
Hi guys first time posting anything on here. Been a fan of all the posts and banter for a while so finally joined! Just wanted to share my thoughts on where Celtic are just now especially after yesterday's dismal performance.

I've always tried to remain positive even after defeat but yesterday's result in my opinion has always been coming. We haven't got going at all this season maybe apart from a decent win home to Hibs. My opinion we played right into rangers hands with the formation and shape. We invited them on to us and allowed them to control the game without getting out of 2nd gear. The lack of fight from the players was alarming to me and can easily suggest all is not well within the camp!

Lennon did amazing to get us over the line when Rodgers jumped ship and to secure the treble was commendable given the circumstances. But I genuinely believe we haven't improved as a team in the 18mths or so since he has been back? I don't see much improvement in any players under his stewardship? I understand we were missing key players with injuries and C.V. etc but even so that doesn't make it right the team don't give everything on the pitch and not give up without a fight! His reluctance to give new players a run in the team annoys me too! Why did we bother signing turnbull? Exciting young talent to sit on the bench, Soro too not even getting a sniff! Sorry for the long post got more on my mind but will stop there for now lol! Any reply will be appreciated👍.

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18 Oct 2020 13:00:30
That is a great post, fair and balanced and clearly coming from someone who wants the best for Celtic

We have not improved over past 18 months and that's the thing that hurts the most!

Also, we are a little feckless and lacking hunger and desire to make that run or make that tackle. we have a team low on commitment and motivation at present and I'm afraid the only catalytic thing we can do to create any kind of change ( no guarantee it would be positive mind you) is a change in leadership/ manager

It's odd having a manager who is very unlikely to leave celtic for another job . why. is that? He is a yesterday man who should move on to a TV career or journalism/ punditry

Even EVEN scotland have a shape and some kind of momentum and mojo about them . that for me says it all really.

18 Oct 2020 13:00:54
Oh, and welcome to the site as a contributor.

18 Oct 2020 13:59:53
Spot on post jicer, the problem with turnbull and Soro is that for some reason unbeknown to himself ntcham can do no wrong. I’d like someone to tell me the last good game ntcham played. Aye he got the goal against lazio giving us a great result but I’m talking a full 90 minute performance. Turnbull and soro must be so far off it if they can’t get in that team ahead of ntcham on current form.

18 Oct 2020 14:18:24
Garry maybe ntcham is just better . which is a major problem.

18 Oct 2020 14:31:47
Great post jicer!
Garry no chance is Ntcham better than Turnbull Iv never been a fan of Ntcham and couldn’t understand the fuss Turnbull has the potential to be a star. Ntcham blows hot and cold too often and goes missing when going gets tough.

18 Oct 2020 15:46:52
A balanced post Jicer and welcome to the madhouse.
Lennon won't walk as it's not in his character and to be fair if he did it wouldn't do his future job prospects any good.
The decision to replace him is one that lies squarely with DD and PL and as much as I think its needed, I doubt it will happen.
NL was a bargain basement replacement for BR, he was available and had been over the course when he stepped in and did a very good job in delivering the Treble.
Celtic have never been good at planning ahead whether it be players or coaches leaving, we always seem to get caught out and it's then a case of making the best of what we've got or what we can scrape around to get and usually on the cheap.
We shouldn't forget that PL made something like 9M on the back of BR and his backroom staff heading back to Engerland.
So, the status quo will remain until it either falls apart completely and the 10 is lost and by that time it will be too late or NL manages to get a system that works again and the players playing to their ability and we can watch the same old movie next season.
I genually believe as supporters we have been short changed time and time again down through the years. Some on this site (a good bit older than myself) will remember how Jock Stein was treated and that was under the old regime that robbed the club for years (Grants/ Whites/ Kellys) f@#k the lot of you!
We deserve better than NL and I also believe (and it's well documented) that NL is not befitting as a Manager of our great club.

18 Oct 2020 16:08:16
Thanks for the comments guys sounds like I am minded the same as a few of you👍 I don’t feel I’m jumping the gun and it’s not a knee jerk reaction to one defeat off our rivals yesterday. I’ve seen the decline in players and our play for months now but Lennon hasn’t and looks like he doesn’t know how to change it. Even the subs Lennon made yesterday were too late and also was no change to our play or shape with the different personnel. Turnbull should have been on that park before rogic my opinion. Too many players look comfortable as they know they’re certain starters no matter how bad they play. We always seem to be waiting on ntcham producing the goods but he. very rarely does these days. He has regressed so much under Lennon it’s frightening but again what do we expect when these types of players can’t get a proper run in the team to gain form and confidence? We need a freshness in the middle of park and players like Soro and turnbull deserve that chance to give us it. Lennon bought them so I don’t know why he won’t give them a chance?

18 Oct 2020 16:20:08
DRB it is the managers job to install the belief and confidence into these guy's to make them believe they are better and deserve to be at Celtic, to be knocking the door down to get into the team and then play them. Is he doing that? I certainly don't see any evidence of it, I see nothing but no plan and mixed messages being sent out. Confusion It creates chaos, that is exactly what we are seeing is it not?
For starters Ntcham shouldn't be anywhere near the club after publicly stating 18 months ago he wanted out.

18 Oct 2020 18:45:11
Been saying for weeks imo brown mac cham does not work again imo hh.

18 Oct 2020 19:24:54
To be totally honest Garry I never rated Ntcham that highly anyway.

I think he is an average player, slows the game down to much and doesn't have an attribute to stand out in our midfield.

You have brown (who if this hadn't been our 10 in a row season, should be sitting on the bench now. He is to slow, limited creativity and other than his hunger and determination offers very little to our midfield.

Cal Mcgregor is the top quality midfielder in our team, although I think others around him are making his role difficult. He can tackle, he has a variety of passes, he can shoot, he can run and create. Christie has dropped his form recently but when on his game and consistent, he offers drive, creativity, he can give you something out of nothing, physically he's fantastic for the team. Which leaves us with the choice?

I think Christie (if form returns) and mcgregor are the only 2 certs for centre mid, we need to either bring turnball, soro or even Moi into that group. 1 of them needs to be the key ntcham, brown (rotation) and rogic are no longer first team quality. The sooner lennon realises that the better.

I think we need to play a more fluid interchanging formation between 3232, 5311, 433. We should be able to change formation through the game to upset our opponents style of play and offer different opportunities through the game. This season we have been flat, 1 dynamic and predictable. Lennon needs to get things sorted or step down if he can't deliver. But as I said after the 1 game in hand there should only be a point in it and its not even the end of October plenty of time.



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