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04 May 2020 07:58:06
These are the facts I'm not here to dispute or get into heated debates the facts are Celtic have not completed the season there are 8 games remaining so that makes the title tainted if awarded nobody can win a game at half time its entirely upto your board to accept the league if they want it but this must go into the history books that 9 inar was by vote and not by completing the season .

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04 May 2020 09:21:27
Of course the title will be tainted because of the unusual circumstances. It is out with the control of all the clubs who will be declared title winners across the globe.
I still believe Celtic deserve the title because of the big gap we have built up after going on a league run of 19 wins out of 20 and only dropping 10 pts all season.
Celtic will be 9 In A Row Champions and the history books will clarify this.
That is also a fact.

04 May 2020 10:32:21
The word 'tainted' has been used to describe trophies won by cheating and bending the rules, like using EBT's and tax dodgers, so why should it apply to this season, where no suspected wrong-doing, or jiggery pokery was evident up to 30 games out of 38.
Of course everyone wanted the season to finish in March by winning our next 2/ 3 games and enjoying all the emotion from both sides.
However, this is a unique and very dangerous environment, where football (and all other forms of contact and congregation) has had to be suspended indefinitely until peoples safety is guaranteed.
If the title is to be awarded prematurely then it will not be tainted, but decided on merit and points accrued after 79% of the season, not ifs, buts and maybes from the flat-earth few, who are constantly in denial and dispute with their own shadow.
By all means mark it with an asterix under special emergency circumstances, during a world pandemic - but never tainted.

04 May 2020 10:58:14
Not the way we would have wanted to win 9 IAR, everyone associated with Celtic was looking forward to Winning 9.with games to spare, the form Celtic were in and the fact sevco had thrown in the towel weeks ago, meant the title was never in doubt so in my opinion although the season’s had to be called early, due to this virus, I hope Celtic won’t accept the title if there is any suggestion that it has tainted attached.
Instead I hope they would say we will wait and play season out whenever.

04 May 2020 10:58:20
That was well said Celtic_mad but you are wasting your breath on these clowns. The thing that i find strange is that any Rangers supporters that i have spoken to freely admit that we were going to win the league.

04 May 2020 11:08:49
Got to love the old tainted title nonsense! Like Celtic mad said, tainted titles are when for example Juventus bribe people to win them or when the old rangers used money they didn’t have to pay players with! This season will end under circumstances that none of us could ever have seen coming! Making it all but impossible for us to finish! Celtic are the ones losing out here not sevco! Their manager all but admitted the league was over. we had a 13 point lead with 25 goals better off and would have won the league! We’ve been robbed of the chance to properly celebrate 9iar. so tainted titles and asterisks next to it are absolute bulls**t! 9 in a row will be fully deserved as will 10 and no amount of crying and moaning from the deluded can change that!

04 May 2020 11:19:23
Zombie tears are delicious. Love we live rent free in your head. Here we go 9 in a row 🍺🏆.

04 May 2020 11:38:09
Celtic Mad explains the title circumstances better. 👏.

04 May 2020 12:04:30
In my opinion it's a bit like a F1 race where there is a timing board and if after 2hrs the race hasn't finished then it's called there and then. If over 75% of the race has been completed then 100% of points are given. If it was looked at like this then if we get to end of May and no football has been played then call it and as over 75% of season has been played then award the title. It's not tainted but just no time left to complete the race/ season. Hard luck on hearts but they have been rotten all yr except against sevco. The team with the lowest points deserves to go down.

04 May 2020 12:39:35
Jim1970, if we had been claiming the title at the halfway stage of the season then I'd be inclined to agree with you but that isn't the case.
To put it in perspective and in a way you might understand, we're 4-0 in the 75th minute of a game and the ball is constantly in the opponent's half.
Does that make sense? I hope so, now go and explain it to those who just won't listen. HH.

04 May 2020 13:11:29
Tainted my arsenal
Tainted is a word used when the other person is desperate let's be honest even the rangers board are desperate they have a secret it's Gona destroy the voting system your blah blame nobody listens to the cheating rangers after the ten years of cheating and conning not paying your bills. Etc I won't go on. Your an embarrassment. They are now using the terrible corona virus you make me cringe.
Rangers where on free fall you where drowning. Gerrard managerial carear has been saved he's won nothing and after Xmas was going down hill fast. If the roll where reversed for any other team they would be demanding the title don't embaras yourself any further. celtic are runaway leaders and desevidly so. 10 in a row is on lads and I'm hearing whispers the Scottish Cup has to be won I can't wait.

04 May 2020 15:19:46
Couple of questions for Jim1970.

1. Let us flip this around, would it be fair for Celtic to lose the large advantage they fairly earned up to this point and lose the opportunity to win 9 in a row?

2. Should an asterix be placed beside all the trophies Rangers won while fielding unregistered players for a whole decade and possibly longer if Hugh Adam is to be believed when he claimed they were using other dodgy payment schemes in the 90s?

To conclude, I am 100% certain that the Rangers board and many of their fans are delighted that we may be awarded the title, assuming the remaining games can't be played because deep down they know there is little chance of them pulling this back and they now have a perfect excuse to deflect from our achievments.



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