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16 Dec 2017 10:00:50
Marvin Compper is rumoured to have been at CP for a tour and some brief discussions. If true, the only way this would be an acceptable deal is if he'll be a squad replacement for Erik if he's moving on and we have another target who's actually going to improve the first team. But then why would Compper swap a German bench for a Scottish bench and also what does that say for Ajer's chances?

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16 Dec 2017 10:28:48
He’s better than boyata and bitton so why would he be a squad replacement for Erik?

{Ed007's Note - So you've watched Compper play, which one of his 3 sub appearances this season impressed you most? For me the guy's older and no better than Sviatchenko and if Erik was willing to stay we wouldn't be chasing Compper.
Any talk of tours of Celtic Park etc are garbage, RB Leipzig haven't given Compper permission to talk to anyone yet so if this tour and talks happened expect the Germans to make a formal complaint to UEFA about it.}

16 Dec 2017 11:19:29
Seems to me that if this guy is coming in then we will be buying 2 centre backs this window.

16 Dec 2017 11:16:41
Boab you are the only Bundesliga enthusiast who has had anything positive to say about Compper from what I’ve seen. Ed, I’m hoping the tour is just media guesswork, which has been very prevalent since BR joined the club. Don’t get me wrong I’ve never seen the guy play but the reviews really don’t inspire confidence.

{Ed007's Note - I'm not going to straight out bash Compper because I haven't watched enough of him but I watch a fair bit of German football and although I know who Compper is I can't remember him standing out in any games or highlights I've seen. I would be amazed, and disappointed, if Celtic are pursuing him as a replacement for Simunovic or Boyata.}

16 Dec 2017 12:02:50
I would hate for a cb to be brought in to take Ajer's place on the bench rather than actually improve the first team. I think we do need a new cb or 2 but I think it should be players who will actually improve the starting 11 rather than a backup.

16 Dec 2017 13:03:35
Going for a 32 year old who is cup tied for the Europa is the kind of signing I feared.

I mean Celtic, show a bit of ambition for once. Totally pissed off if this is the extent of our rebuilding what is a defence that couldny keep weans oot a close.

He made a roaring and total arse of not sorting the defence in the summer and we have paid dearly for that. Rogers needs to up his game and sort it. This German guy reeks of the cheap skate mentality we all know and hate.

Needs to do better.

16 Dec 2017 13:04:25
Rob don't hold your breath mate.

16 Dec 2017 13:29:26
I think Ajer has proved each time he's made an appearance this season that he is ready to start more. If we bring in another experienced (but not on their last legs) cb who preferably has CL experience then we'll be golden.

16 Dec 2017 14:25:10
BBC Scotland have reported that we are in talks to sign Compper.

16 Dec 2017 14:34:13
BBC are reporting that the player has been at Celtic park and was impressed talks are going ahead fee around 1m this reported within the last hour Chris Mcglaughlin.

16 Dec 2017 15:41:34
Never seen the guy play but adding a bit of experience to our defence can only be a good thing. Played for decent clubs in good leagues so should do the job for a year or 2.

{Ed007's Note - He can play at LB as well so maybe cover for CB and LB in one player.}

16 Dec 2017 18:17:33
Ed I was more impressed with his sub appearances than I was of Eriks performances this season! 😂

Just because he hasn’t played much doesn’t mean he isn’t a good signing? He’s still an improvement and better experience than boyata and Erik. Plus he’s techinally a better player. So while he might not be the cb answer, I still think he’s be better backup for simo and whoever he partners (I’m hoping we sign 2 centre backs) . I’d like to see the boy from Zagreb and have Compper as backup. Boyata is another Ambrose and Erik is slow.

{Ed007's Note - Yeah his two 45 minutes appearances - he was hooked at half time in both games - and 19 mins in a meaningless CL match and you're an expert on squad players from Germany. How do know he's an improvement on anyone at Celtic or technically better, what have you seen him do in those 109 minutes that his manger hasn't? RB Leipzig didn't want to sell him because of their injury problems, they have injury problems and he's still not even making their squad.
I'll take a wild stab in the dark and say your talking oot yer bum!}

16 Dec 2017 19:12:32
Better than what we have although av no seen him brilliant.

16 Dec 2017 19:49:26
Sorry remind me where I said I was an expert on German squad players? I’ve seek him play plenty for Hoffenheim and the games he’s played for Leipzig outhwith this season he’s been good.

You don’t need to be an expert on German squad players to know he’s better than boyata and bitton.

I’ll yake a wild stab that you clearly don’t watch many celtic games to see that boyata is rubbish and Compper is better. He’s played much more competitive leagues than any of our current cb’s.

Compper would be better back up than boyata or bitton. I’d still like to see benkovic alongside simo. Next you’ll be saying benkovic is shite too just because I don’t watch a lot of Croatian league footy?

{Ed007's Note - You've got me, I don't watch any Celtic games. Oh and Comppper left Hoffenheim 5 years ago next month - FIVE YEARS! I guess age and sitting on a bench for the last 6 months hasn't had any effect on his ability or fitness etc. since then. And as a 32-year-old German I'm not surprised he's played in more competitive leagues than our CB's.
You said yourself he's not the same player so if he's getting worse why should we want him, what does he bring to the table that Boyata or Simunovic doesn't, is he quick, better in the air, a threat at set-pieces, does he like a tackle, can he spot a pass, what's his defending style?
And don't say 'he brings experience', that's just an excuse people use for signing old has beens like Bruno Alves.}

16 Dec 2017 21:07:47
Bring in old players and saying it's for their experience only works if they're still decent players. Look at when we brought in Ljungberg, he was useless but had a lot of experience. If we're only looking at old men, ed let's get majstorovic back or big bobo. 😂.

{Ed007's Note - That's it mate, just experience isn't enough and you've highlighted where we've been stung before like that with bigger names than Compper but he will be no more than adequate cover for CB and probably LB as well. Boab will be able to tell us how he compares to KT at LB........}

17 Dec 2017 00:47:22
In BR we have to trust cause he demands so much in our players he won't make a bad transfer in his eyes.

17 Dec 2017 11:24:05
Every manager makes bad transfers now and then. Every signing is a gamble.

17 Dec 2017 12:14:14
We would need more than one CB ideally with important CL qualifiers to contest, someone that has played regularly and not just someone whose made a few sub appearances. With the World Cup at the end of the season we will be without Boyata and Lustig so he can't cover CB. Jozo has the plastic pitch issue as well and Ajer is still inexperienced at CB as is Bitton. Erik will likely be off in this window too. So all we have for CB is Jozo, Bitton and Ajer and with Jozo's injury track record there could be the possibility of the Astana away defence. Although experience is good we need someone playing regularly and fit. Whose to say with the amount of games we play Compper isn't going to become a cropper? He is getting on a bit. Kolo looked alright in Liverpools run ton the EL final but look what sitting on our bench done to him when he finally got a game (Monchengladbach)

17 Dec 2017 15:32:49
On today’s performance I’ll still stand by my previous comment that commper is better than boyata! Maybe Ed007 thinks that was an acceptable performance from our centre backs!

Yeh I’d rather take a gamble on someone who has more experience, a technically better player. You ask what he brings to the table that boyata doesn’t? For a start Compper knows how to defend plain and simple! Boyata is f******g atrocious! A bit like your attitude.

{Ed007's Note - You're the only guy on the planet who thinks Compper will improve our defence. A Chelsea fan on the live chat even said he's slower than Bitton lol He has more experience than who, how many CL games has he played in, is he more experienced than Lustig that has played at international tournaments? How good is he playing at LB?
If Compper's the answer, God knows what the question is. As I said, a cheap option to replace Sviatchenko and cover for CB and LB.}

17 Dec 2017 18:41:04
Simunovic is as much of a liability as Boyata at the moment, neither of them are good enough for Celtic, it looks very much that BR doesn’t fancy Erik so we need to sign 2 quality centre backs in January as a priority .

17 Dec 2017 19:42:15
Can't see any sense in bringing in someone who can't play in Europe, that would mean if he plays it would be domestically, and you would be playing a different centre back pairing in Europe, and then he plays domestically, which would mean the Europe pairing would be getting unnecessarily disrupted, part of the problem with the defence is there had not been a settled central defence, which makes Gordon's job harder as well, so can't see any sense in giving the German a deal, unless it's for next season.

18 Dec 2017 13:04:23
Is the whole point not to argue over how a 33 year old bit part player, will or won't sort our pathetic defence, but rather, why the phuck are we even considering it would?

I love a bargain, but to be a bargain it has to be worth more than I paid.

A possible four year deal for a guy who will be pushing 38?

I can't believe how absent reality is to whoever came up with this pile of shite idea.

Celtic boards spelling of ambition?


Get the lid aff that tin.

{Ed007's Note - For me this one's up there in the bizarre stakes with the Gamboa and Hayes signings.}



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