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05 Jul 2022 15:21:01
Afternoon All

Just read these figures regarding transfers since Ange became manager.

Transfer fees paid out - £40 million.
Sales of Player's - £33 million.
Net Spend- £7million.

Obviously I'm not sure if these figures are correct?

Let's assume they are.

Therefore based on this it appears that the board are very much backing him and are definitely behind his vision of team and football club in general.

The more informed than me can comment more however it's satisfying to read supporters praise of board and backing of Ange.

Does that mean there is a new vision from the board and possibly us as fans?

Hail Hail ?.

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05 Jul 2022 16:03:00
I laugh when they say that Celtic bought the league last season because we paid £23 Million in the transfer market but they forget to mention that Celtic received £33 Million last season for the players we sold.
Now Celtic have paid another approximately £17 Million already in this transfer window and that’s where Brian gets his figures.

05 Jul 2022 16:43:14
Wasn't that when their old cub was" buying the league" only difference is Celtic are spending what they have, can afford and legitimately and their jealousy is killing them!

05 Jul 2022 17:31:38
I think possibly the £40 million gross spend makes Ange the best backed manager (since he became manager) in our history?

05 Jul 2022 18:25:59
He won't be far off Brian but im sure lennon has spent more over his 2 spells was manager.

06 Jul 2022 10:10:47
I mentioned on a post last week that I was waiting on the "bought the league" trollop coming.

It really sticks in their craw that their record out going transfer is only half that of ours. Pedro was good for one thing at least. Getting 7m for Armstrong was superb and we've consistently moved our players on for higher fees over the last few years-


Almost 90m in transfer fees for those 5 alone.

06 Jul 2022 10:30:43
Martin O'Neil spent more than Ange. Ange is off set with sales. We didn't get money coming in when Martin spent big in his first season.

06 Jul 2022 12:56:32
Martin O’Neill in his first 2 seasons spent approximately £27 Million on players and Celtic received approximately £10 Million in transfer fees in the same timeframe.
To spend £17 Million over 20 years ago, was a tidy sum of money especially for Celtic.
But for Ange to do what he did last season and for Celtic to still make an extra £10 Million profit was amazing. The job Ange had on his hands last July was massive and yet he turned into a miracle worker.
Now the Celtic board should be applauded for not standing still and allowing Ange to kick on with his future plans.

06 Jul 2022 13:09:52
So Martin O'Neil spent more than Ange.

06 Jul 2022 13:50:32
I think some fellow fans would actually read my full post before offering an opinion.

Basically Ange has only been Celtic manager for a very short period of time and has been given a gross transfer spend of approx £40 million in this very short period of time.

Assuming he stays for same length of time as Martin O'Neill and has continued success in transfer market etc then there's no doubt in my mind the board will continue to back Ange.
Therefore based on that. Ange transfer budgets in comparison to other Celtic managers should outweigh them all.


06 Jul 2022 14:05:23
There’s obviously a couple of ways of looking at it.
Yes Ange has spent more money than Martin did 20 years ago ( £40 million against £23 Million )
But Celtic spent more money 20 years ago ( £17 million against £7 Million )
Would that be fair because it’s not all about gross spending but more about Net Profit.

06 Jul 2022 14:52:42
As per my initial post I have clearly mentioned the net total.

My initial post merely states that Ange in a very short period of time has been given a gross transfer amount of £40 million.

It's absolutely not a criticism in fact as again in initial post board should and have been given huge credit.


06 Jul 2022 15:05:16
Brian. ?.

06 Jul 2022 15:12:48
The board has to get credit for spending the supporter's money. No one on the board pays a bolt into celtic, take enough out.

{Ed007's Note - Board's aren't there to put money into any club, if you need money off the board you aren't been run well at all. Why should anyone pay out their own pocket to do their job?
Are you saying that when Michael Nicholson was appointed to the board as Acting Chief Executive Officer in September 2021 he should have started PAYING Celtic money? The Celtic board is mostly made up of employees, why should they put money into the Club and not get paid for doing their job? Would you chip in at work out your own pocket so that another department can afford better equipment?
I'm no board apologist but we need to keep things realistic people aren't going to just give you money for nothing are they?
And then there's the small matter of UEFA FFP Regs.}

06 Jul 2022 16:12:10
I agree Ed?

Hopefully my final point is.

The board are in a no win situation. damned if they do and damned if they don't ?


{Ed007's Note - Outside of the footballing department - some may say overall - the CEO is the most important person at any club as it's them that make the final decisions and recommendations to the board. Look at the difference at the Club since Peter Lawwell left and that difference was brought about by the board's decision to replace him.}

06 Jul 2022 19:15:22
Of course they should get paid and no I wouldn't put money into my work. The board get paid to make decisions about the club. Weird we have to praise them for spending our money on football players, to play football at a football club. What have they done to develop the club since it was rebuilt. Celtic plc are holding Celtic back and no happy clapping board apologist will change my mind.

{Ed007's Note - So why say that "No one on the board pays a bolt into celtic, take enough out."? You could say that about you at your work or any employee anywhere. I'm no happy clapping board apologist and to suggest I am is either lunacy or ignorance, you can fault the board for plenty of decisions they have made - mainly standing by Peter Lawwell so long but you can't accuse them of taking their wages and dividends and not putting money into the Club - which is exactly what you done.
The board isn't only their to spend money on players either and believe me, it's not "our" money they're spending on players, the season ticket money doesn't even cover the wage bill.}

06 Jul 2022 19:33:28
I wish we were spending £100m a year and laugh myself sick at their meltdown. When Murray was using Hector’s nestegg spending millions, all you heard was, great businessman, tycoon, we’re going to win the CL. Twice. But, as soon as we have more money than they paraffin’s, it’s all, they spent more, how is that even real? That’s no fair……. dry yer feckin eyes. And keep up the spending Celtic, we are playing for another £50m next year, straight into the group stage again. This is the time, again in January, to bury them.

07 Jul 2022 06:23:27
It's a fact no one on board pays to watch celtic and get paid a very good wage for being on the board. To say different is mental. You say it's there job fair enough. So why do we have to praise them for treading water. They don't develop anything at celtic, it's never build for the future. 1000s of supporter's up at paradise every other week and we don't even have a cafe. Our ticket office is a glorified porta cabin. The youth set up is getting pilfered every season are all these boys just leaving for money. I never said you were a board apologist.



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