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15 Apr 2021 00:23:04
Currently I keep hearing people saying we need a complete rebuild from top to bottom.

However, I do not agree with that opinion. Yes, we need a manager. Yes our squad is going to need a decent amount of work with players leaving and some being out of contract.

That being said there is much to be positive about. Hopefully with us hitting a bit of form in recent weeks, people start to realise, actually our team is not as bad as is being made out and they have a good foundation to build on.

In addition, our youth setup is top notch and brings in a lot of talent and develops them. The fact teams like Bayern Munich, Man City and Liverpool are poaching them is testament to that. The problem is not the youth setup, the problem is that managers are not giving the players a chance, which is something we have to address.

On top of that our finances are second to none in Scotland and we have a decent amount in the bank.

Anyway, that is enough optimism from me, I will be back later to moan about not having a manager in place lol.

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15 Apr 2021 08:00:56
The problem is that there is no proper set up in Scotland for getting these bhoys the games they need to be ready to set up.
Just throwing these bhoys in to sink or swim do as much damage as good.

15 Apr 2021 09:40:09
Another reason for the Colt squads to be playing in the lower leagues then Kev?

15 Apr 2021 09:42:48
Good point Kev, as they need game time in a competitive environment for their development.

It is unlikely they will get it at Celtic unless they are exceptional talents or exceptional circumstances.

So we either need to have a system in place that gets them game time in the first team, loan them out, get a reserve league or get a colt team, although the later is looking like it won't get off the ground.

15 Apr 2021 10:19:28
NAW, Ice Man made a very strong case when he was on the podcast for not seeing the Colt route as a beneficial route for young lads to get the necessary experience if they are going to come into our first team squad, and as a former professional footballer I do believe that he has a greater insight into the 'real' world of football than most of us.
His point, in summary, was that even if our youngsters were playing in the lower divisions as a team then they are not quite experiencing the rough and tumble of football at the lower levels since they are still cocooned within a big club on a day to day basis. He suggested that our lads need to go and play in the existing lower league teams, get in and around them, share training and dressing rooms with them and learn about the tough side of the game from players who are doing it day in and day out.
I agree, and although that doesn't necessarily make it fact, it sounds like a sensible approach for both our club and the young players to embrace. It could make them tougher and it might even make them appreciate the opportunity they have at Celtic even more to the point where their determination and longer term ambition would improve. HH.

15 Apr 2021 11:10:04
I don't see why the colt teams can't play in the lower leagues all they have to do with them is tell them there is no promotion for the colt teams and they stay in the league I don't know why that would be a problem pay some kind of compo to the Highland league teams who don't get promoted to the lower leagues.

15 Apr 2021 11:31:34
marco, how would you feel about that suggestion if you were a player or manager at a Highland league team who desperately wanted to get into the senior league?
Do you honestly think it's ok to buy them off just because we can? Really? HH.

15 Apr 2021 11:49:15
@Besty - I think it is a moot point on whether or not the colts route would be a benefit to player development as it is looking like a non-starter as 4 clubs in the SPFL has said they are against it and you need a 11 to 1 majority to get it off the ground.

My personal opinion is it would have been of some benefit and certainly one of the pieces of the jigsaw. Be getting them playing competitively, they would have developed to a certain point and then we could have loaned the ones we thought could make it and they would have had a better chance of making it into the starting XI at their loan club.

15 Apr 2021 12:21:27
NAW, any of the lads in our development squad should be able to get regular game time at a lower league club. There are plenty of clubs always looking. If we can't loan them out then should those players even be at Celtic? HH.

15 Apr 2021 12:42:15
I agree with you with regards to the standard of player and I am sure they all do have the talent but they need to have the mentality and attitude to go with it.

Going back to my point, I was meaning to loan them to PL and Championship clubs after they got a bit of experience of playing competitive football at the lower leagues with a colts team. This would have hopefully gave them a taste of what was required and prepare them mentaly as well.

15 Apr 2021 12:52:51
If your good enough age shouldn’t matter. Celtic simply have failed when giving young players a chance. The odd game now and then isn’t good enough, 10 mins a game isn’t good enough.

Welsh is a perfect example, first few games he was to be frank not that good. Regular games has seen an improvement and more games the better he becomes. The issue is he only got a chance due to numerous injuries at the one time otherwise he’d be a bench warmer.

Our new manager needs to be brave and play a youngster and stick with him - playing poorly is part of the learning process and us fans need to do our part and provide support.

After all there is nothing better than watching one of your own play and play well.

15 Apr 2021 13:14:21
You make a good point Kev T2. No-one gets good at anything by not doing it.
I agree that we haven't been particularly good at giving young players a game, especially in recent seasons. What's even more disappointing is that we seem to have been quite content to let some lads stagnate at Celtic without the pro-active approach of getting them game time elsewhere. Most of our young lads should be good enough for SPL teams, never mind lower league but the urgency hasn't been there to let too many of them go. HH.

15 Apr 2021 15:25:07
I agree with sending the youth players on loan in the lower divisions. There could even be a draft system similar to the US where the recently promoted teams get first pick, and so on. That way there’s no negotiations or red tape and everyone gets to benefit. The Championship loan from the Prem, 1st from the Championship and so on. Obviously any left over could go into the lower pot if need be.

15 Apr 2021 22:19:51
For me, the colt team would be best for Celtic and our young players that way we can control how they train, how to play in the system the first team does, and if they could get promoted to the championship they would be playing at a decent level a lot more often than they do now I would also think it would be beneficial to the teams around them with possible higher attendances if and when there is some normalcy again just my opinion doesn't look like happening anyway.



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