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02 Jan 2021 19:42:01

I'd be stating the obvious if I said like the rest of us I'm massively disappointed today. I think with the possession Celtic had and the fact they had no shots on target it would be fair to say Celtic were unfortunate not to take three never mind one point today. I think Neil Lennon was brave today with his team selection and got it right. We had enough chances to win the game in the first half and couldn't take them with French Eddy probably due the greatest criticism based on his lack of effort. Neil Lennon can't be held accountable for Biton's moment of madness and subsequent red card. Morelos was going nowhere and Ajer was tracking back. Madness. Was it red? Doesn't matter many seem to think so and its history. We were unlucky losing Julienne the other night too. But the damage wasn't done today it was done earlier in the season. We allowed a situation to develop where realistically they had just to avoid losing today with the hope of winning which put all the pressure on Celtic.

I think it was Frank McAvennie who made a good point during the week. Don't quote me. We persuaded the want aways into staying in the summer. That now looks a grave mistake with hindsight. If we had to talk them into staying with the 10 in sight they should have been publicly named and sold when their asset value was at its highest. Can it be argued that the board were caught sleeping at the wheel and gambled with the 10 underestimating the challenge? Possibly. But the board did spend money and backed Neil even if largely funded by player sales but our recruitment has also been poor. Their are many who feel they took the cheap snd easy option with the mangers appointment which might also be a valid point. Others feel Peter Lawell has too big a say in player signings. I can't comment. I don't know.

Anyway for me it's not over although we have given ourselves a monumental task. So where are we? We've had an amazing run over the last 10 years and seen never to be repeated success. One club. Four seasons. Twelve trophies. Some achievement. If we do win the league that success continues. If we don't the relative financial positions of the two clubs is such that normal service will be resumed thereafter and they will be consigned again to more years of misery while we continue to dominate. So even if the 10 is gone and I'm conceding nothing fundamentally nothing has changed. Action is however required at Celtic to ensure that is the case.

We need a clear out starting with the 'they' want aways followed by the 'we' want aways. Eddy and his buddy are top of my list and if all that's been said is true Christie as well. The list is long.

That leaves the manager question. I would never descend to the abuse he has been given. He's had enough of that from every other quarter in Scotland over 20 years to our shame. But I think it's time to thank Neil for his services and to appoint a new manager to start the rebuild. If he's failed he's failed doing his best for the club he loves and nobody can do better than that and he is due respect. There must also be a serious question mark over our recruitment man who's time must also be up and add to that John Kennedy who must go this time.

The only real question it leaves is should these changes be made now allowing the new man to assess what he has before next season? Or do we hang fire until the end of the season and let Neil see it out?

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02 Jan 2021 19:54:30
JFP1888, that's the best post I've ever read on this forum. I'm with u 100%. To answer your final point, I think time to change manager to influence outcome this year has come and gone. I would personally leave as is and hope that we can win the 2nd half of the league (see no reason why not) win Scottish Cup and leave in somewhat of a high. I never say never but I have today in my head accepted the 10 is gone, my heart says otherwise.

02 Jan 2021 19:57:00
Ffs jfp that’s one for the bog later 😂😂😂.

02 Jan 2021 20:07:58
Think the want away thing is just a red herring, sure Eddy might want away, everyone knows he will move on to richer pastures, but if he isn't getting the service, how is that his fault, if the midfield isn't working, it's not his fault, . Turnbull and Soro could have been playing regularly weeks before, or is it months before, they got into the team, Taylor keeps playing well, anytime he is asked, then he gets dropped, .
Who was supposed to be in charge of monitoring the player fitness training during the lockdown when the season got stopped, how was LG allowed to become so unfit?, with modern technology, players fitness levels should have been constantly watched, as I think some other clubs did with their players, it all seems very unprofessional .
And every year I ask, what's the point of going to a hot place like Dubai, to train and then come back to a cold place like Scotland and have to recliamatise, If they are going to play on cold days, why can't they train here on cold days.

02 Jan 2021 20:11:15
Good post JFP and similar to my own thoughts/ views.

I posted earlier that we should amass 50M+ if we sell;-

* Eddy, Ajer, Ntcham, Christie and one or two others.
* We have (I think) 3 first team players with us on loan; Duffy, Laxalt, Moi.
* and 6 players currently out on loan at other clubs
* There's also Browns position next season - player/ coach?

It's a watershed season in terms of the first team squad, manager and coaching staff (Kennedy's should also be away) and a D. O. F. could change our whole set up for years to come.

If there's as much as a peep from PL about a hotel or museum it will kick off big time.

02 Jan 2021 20:11:45
Chinks having thought about it I agree leave the manager and see if he can win the second half of the season then appoint the new man for the next. 👍☘️

Welshy, the thought of you reading that post on the throne is just too much for me today! 😂👍☘️.

02 Jan 2021 20:13:45
I was thinking similar Welshy. Don't think I could concentrate that long after having more than a couple today.

02 Jan 2021 20:34:02
Pedro I’d like to think even Pistol Pete is bright enough to know this isn’t the day to tell us we’re getting a hotel or a museum! 😂☘️.

02 Jan 2021 20:53:46
Good post JFP
I agree we should raise money now from the players who want to leave our club because most of them only have 18 months left of their current contracts.
It will let us build in the summer for next season.
The manager situation depends on who we bring in.
I don’t mind waiting until the summer for the correct appointment.
It might not solve anything sacking Lennon immediately.
The time to sack Lennon was after we lost at home to Sparta months ago.

02 Jan 2021 21:12:05
BB I agree having had time to think about it stick just now and win the second half of the season then let’s twist again next summer.

02 Jan 2021 21:22:20
Great Post again JFP.

02 Jan 2021 21:24:43
I would say get rid now and do similar to pistol Pete recruitment policy and pick the first person he sees in a Celtic top in the Tesco car park to be our next manager until the end of the season.

02 Jan 2021 22:50:57
You're right JFP, PL will bide his time. as always.

03 Jan 2021 14:53:50
If we leave it till end of season it leaves new guy with only weeks to take things in not sure about this one to be honest hh.



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