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08 Oct 2019 20:46:12
Ed you must love this time of the year. It's the annual Green Brigade versus UEFA and the rest argument and will soon be Poppy debate time again followed by the January transfer window. Happy days Ed! 😂👍☘️.

{Ed007's Note -


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08 Oct 2019 20:53:39
The scary look won’t stop me loving Ed! Goodnight and God Bless. 😂☘️👍.

{Ed007's Note - God bless mate 🙏

08 Oct 2019 20:56:22
Green Brigade v Uefa. There’s only one winner.

09 Oct 2019 13:48:21

And it begins...... 😂😂😂😂😂😂


09 Oct 2019 15:34:54
Haha, if I was lawell id withdraw the donations that celtic make anyway.

09 Oct 2019 18:05:28
A month early. some things you’re team’s better missing. from over here in Airdrie where their appears to be a competition to see who can display the biggest poppy on their motor or lorry. I’ll pass this year again thanks.

{Ed007's Note - Staunch & classy - lest we forget 😂😂😂😂😂


09 Oct 2019 18:29:12
Ed that’s the Green Brigade versus EUFA and the poppy debate started as predicted. I wish I was a betting man and I’d have put £100 on Celtic to beat the Stevie G select at 21/ 10 when the MSSM thought they were certainties and gave the winnings to Mary’s Meals to really annoy them. Oh sorry I did! Now for three out of three I’ll open the January transfer window as we usually do in November every year. Should Celtic sign James McLean? Best of luck with this one Ed! 😂👍☘️.

{Ed007's Note - 😂😋

09 Oct 2019 19:07:46
Ed007 what u doing on an 80's casuals page? A seen that add for the Adidas and the guy asking for details for his pal to get a pair 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

{Ed007's Note - Somebody sent me it, Del. For his pal... aye, right!}

09 Oct 2019 19:20:51
PMSL seen the add yesterday . It's actually a good page . Ma boys are into all that clothing n they buy n sell amongst themselves . Not an Adidas person myself but it's humorous. Especially the money the Blackburn Adidas and Liam Gallagher spezials were selling for 😮😮😮😮.

{Ed007's Note - I used to be right into it but I just can't afford it anymore.}

09 Oct 2019 19:27:01
A feel your pain mate . A can't either, a just get the bill for the boys clobber 😔.

{Ed007's Note - Smart lads there lol.}

09 Oct 2019 19:58:10
Guys I’ve got no idea what this stuff costs and I’m not particularly interested to be honest. Personally I’ve never made any correlation between what someone can afford and what they’re worth. But the thing that keeps the costs in perspective for me is that you can feed a wean for a year for £13.80 through Mary’s Meals. Where we all best spend our hard earned cash is for each of us to decide. ☘️👍.

09 Oct 2019 20:46:11
Ed I’ve just spotted the orange and blue ‘lest we forget’ trainers! I wish I’d shares in them they’ll sell like absolute hot cakes in Airdrie. The wife always buys me green t-shirts and jumpers in the sales every year because nobody buys them in Airdrie. They’re extortionate in Coatbridge!

{Ed007's Note - You'd get chased out of Fairhill if you wore them - even with my one leg 😂

09 Oct 2019 22:09:21
Jfp the Blackburn Adidas went on sale for around £110 -£140 . 100 pairs were sold. A pair within days fetched 55k on fleabay. Madness . As for £13.80 to feed a child for a year? A read a few days ago a politition said a weeks universal credit meant she had to chose between her or her kids eating for a week! Think 13.80 for a year is wrong lol.



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