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07 Feb 2019 21:17:48
Would fans on here support a boycott of everything to do with the sfa?
By that I mean ANY game played at hampden until reform is made in the corridors of power?

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07 Feb 2019 22:09:29
We would all love to see an end to the hypocrisy and cheating; but It's possible most Celtic fans would not want to sacrifice supporting our team (who play a lot of games there) to hand a big advantage to opposing teams (and their support) who would be facing us for trophies.
I know that the SFA are a corrupt and biased shower of charlatans who currently ride roughshod over us and favour Sevco at every turn, when they're supposed to represent and govern EVERY team in Scotland with integrity and honesty; but until there is a serious, substantial backlash from ourselves and several other member clubs, the SFA, SPFL and the Lanarkshire Referee Mafia will get away with virtual murder.
Ably assisted by the warped, slanted Sevconian Media outlets.

07 Feb 2019 22:35:41
Tennis ball protests in live games would bring the whole thing to a head.

07 Feb 2019 23:55:47
We should boycott all away venues and hurt the other teams SFA an spfl where it hurts them the most in their pockets see how long the TV wants to show games with empty stands.

08 Feb 2019 07:14:46
The only way to get change is fans to unite and take action. Even If Celtic try to do something they have no support of other clubs.
But fans like ourselves and the dons seem to fight for a common goal
It may hurt us short term but the long term benefits outweigh that for me.
Stay away from hampden, stay away from away grounds and starve the sfa and other clubs until they are forced to do something.

08 Feb 2019 09:10:47
The majority of member clubs should unite to force change. Some of the decisions this season alone defy belief. The hypocrisy from Gerrard is comical, he ridiculed Steve Clarke during the week on the treatment of referees and how difficult a job they have etc etc then his club go and appeal a red card for a serial offender which was a stonewall red card every day of the week.

08 Feb 2019 09:49:28
What or who would it take to report the SFA to UEFA for match rigging, because that in essence is what they are up to.
I’d even contribute to crowd funding to take this on because this is getting effen ridiculous. Fraud is being perpetrated against the paying public something needs to happen.

08 Feb 2019 09:51:35
I am incensed too at the level those cheating barstewards are stooping to to help their team, but, if we were to protest with tennis balls etc it would be used to divert away from their cheating and try to show us as the wrong party.

The club need to make a statement. Especially if Simo gets penilised and that utter can’t McGreggir gets away with it again.

Let’s face it, Morelos is walking. That’s where we are in operation stop the 10. They are cheats to the core.

08 Feb 2019 14:17:15
We need the backing of the other clubs if we want to see change. That is why I don't think boycotting away games is an option. However, I do agree that fans have to be united and take the initiative.

My suggestion is that collectively we agree upon what we want to change and draft a manifesto. Once that is done each group of fans need to build support within their own club. The next step is to contact their club and tell them they won't be attending matches, won't be buying season tickets or merchandise unless their club uses its position to get the changes we all want to see.

This tactic has already proved successful when we influenced our clubs to vote against letting sevco start out in the spfl.

The question is do enough fans want to see change and are they willing to put in the required effort.

08 Feb 2019 14:19:59
You only need about 50-100 people to make a tennis ball protest effective. We could get that many tickets in the home end of every away game that Sevco play and disrupt their televised games. I think one or two of the other teams (Aberdeen, Hibs, possibly St Johnstone, Motherwell) might support us in this and then you might be able to force some real change.

08 Feb 2019 19:35:10
Excuse my ignorance guys but how does a tennis ball protest work?



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