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17 Dec 2017 14:26:57
Has to be said but that's a worse performance than against Red Imps. It's been coming for a while now, I'd rather it had ended against Hibs than Hearts but a good number to finish the unbeaten run on. Jozo Boyata and Gordon not for the first time this season have been awful today they've been found out massively. Doesn't take a genius to know they've all got a mistake in them if they're put under pressure so that seems to be everyone's tactics now when we play them so there's more mistakes waiting to happen. If you can't do it in Scotland then you won't do it in Europe. Hopefully a defensive overhaul in Jan it's needed.

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17 Dec 2017 14:32:33
Boyata for me is no better than Efe.

17 Dec 2017 14:34:01
I got hammered for saying that the unbeaten run weighed heavy on our backs and that KT wasn’t all that. I was proved correct today. If we can get 10 to 15 million for KT punt him now, we should be on crime watch if we get that. Let’s move on and start another unbeaten run. Come on you Bhoys in Green.

17 Dec 2017 14:41:06
We were going to lose eventually, but in that impotent manner - and against the Gorgie lot was very hard to stomach.

17 Dec 2017 14:50:28
As bad as the defence was, it wasn't much better in other areas. Toothless all over the park. 3 strikers on at the end and not a decent effort. Thought Ntcham was unlucky to come off at half time. Credit to Hearts who pressurised us and we couldn't handle it. It's only 1 game and we move on. Lesson learned hopefully, and a kick up the backside before the Aberdeen and Sevco games coming up. Surely a few players coming in January to freshen it up.

17 Dec 2017 14:50:29
It was a very poor performance today, but I am not massively surprised.
We have a big squad, but when you don't have time between matches there is no chance to work on team shape, tactics, and cohesion with one another, you can't just throw 11 players together and expect them to gel every time.
What disappointed me most today was that Hearts only tactic would be to come hard at us from the start and not let us settle, yet we didn't seem ready for it, whether their injuries gave us a false sense of security I'm not sure but we never got going.
With 3 of our next 4 games at home, hopefully we'll soon be back to winning ways and show that today was just an off day.

17 Dec 2017 14:52:45
Dafabet, your talking complete nonsense regarding Tierney. Fair enough his performances lately haven't been great but my god, if your that hard on him then what's your opinion on boyata, jozo and Gordon? That defeats been on the cards for weeks, fair enough maybe no one seen a 4-0 but this team have been on the ropes for weeks. Whole defence needs a shake up no more so than 2 centre half a and a keeper.

17 Dec 2017 15:06:59
Terrible performance today and I will be very interested in BRs reaction to this.

Time is up for Gordon, Boyata and Lustig IMO. Simunovic looks half the player of last season. Griffiths was poor today and he is an easy target for BR. Interesting also to see how Sinclair comes out of this, poor again today.

Starting at 1 again in the next game!

17 Dec 2017 15:20:28
Very similar to Imps game. Toothless and wasteful up front and a defensive error cost us the game. Just a shame it was 4 today and could've been worse had Milinkovic lobbed Gordon and Gordons pass out was punished. I just hope Rogers sees this as a wake up call and realises we are in need of 2 first team CB and a #1 GK. I think most of the big teams in the league know now if they put a high press on us then they've got a chance of beating us, purely because our passing out from the back is sloppy and JS, DB and CG aren't good under pressure. I'd even go as far to say I haven't seen a worse performance since we lost to St Mirren 4-0 under Mowbray it really was that bad.

17 Dec 2017 15:53:49
Well, what can we say? Terrible performance today and Hearts showed exactly how to play against us. We all know the team's been off the pace the last few weeks, so a bad result was always on the cards, albeit a doing from the buns from the east is a tough one to swallow. But let's get this into perspective bhoys. What they have achieved is unbelievable and will never be broken. Let's re-set and go again. Brendan will know (particularly after today ) where we need to strengthen. The players need help and they will also benefit from the training camp in January. The Orcs will be all moist after this result as it's the only thing they take pleasure in nowadays is seeing us stumble. Onwards and upwards lads, it's still great to be a Tim.

17 Dec 2017 15:58:52
Daftbet your a strange character yet again the 3 bomb scares have let us down and for some weird reason your on ranting about tierney? Proved right? About wot? think u should pick a different sport cos your clueless about this one.

17 Dec 2017 16:12:14
It could be a blessing in disguise as we've been so under par if we went in to the Sevco game still unbeaten and not playing well there's more pressure not to have lost the record to them. The thing that annoyed me most was the amount of people slipping. Surely as a professional footballer at a big club you have more than one set of boots? I get that the pitch was soft but doesn't footballers carry a spare pair of boots on them for conditions like that?

17 Dec 2017 16:56:36
Dafabet normally don't like disputing amongst our own. But statements like punt Tierney that's ridiculous. The guys been outstanding since coming through the youth ranks gives it his all 99.9% of the time. Had some heavy tackles to ride today and never got going but my no means is he useless. I can confidently say that young Tierney is the best defender at Celtic at this moment in time, he will give you everything he can. Recognition of his talents have increased across Europe because of his effort. If we're ever going to move forward as a club this is exactly the type of player we need to keep. Agreed with Vinnie if that's your honest opinion you need to look at another sport.

I expect this to waken up some of the players who have felt half hearted efforts can win us games. It's time to recognise that we need to give it our all in every game and prove why we are the team that's broke back to back records.

17 Dec 2017 17:00:34
Well think we’re all pretty much of the same opinion, absolutely shocking performance but hopefully this reinvigorates the whole squad and we go again! But if we are looking to improve and progress as a club it cannot be with Boyata Jozo and Gordon in our back line! Said time and time again that boyata in particular is nowhere near the standard we need! Guys an utter shambles in that backine and on par with Ambrose for me! A big chance on Wednesday nite to prove this result was a freak! Then head into Saturday game against the sheep with confidence! HH ☘️☘️ On a side note Dafabet u take one load of Shoite pal honestly! What boyata and Jozo served up and u can somehow pick KT out from that! Utter nonsense!

17 Dec 2017 18:33:19
KT useless i've heard it all now.

17 Dec 2017 19:45:03
Boyata is the new Effe! All good things come to the end. We dust ourselves down and hopefully Rodgers lambasted every last 1 of them behind close doors. Wait till the msm come out with"Rangers up for the old firm fixture and celtic on the decline"

17 Dec 2017 20:28:48
Hold on, I’ve said that basically KT is not as good as he is made out to be. I stand by that, watch a rerun of the many European games we have been pumped in and you will see that he snatches at clearances, gets caught too far up the park and in general looks like the rest of the defense, not up to scratch. My point is this. If we can get top money for him we should take it.



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