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08 Oct 2021 13:22:07
Leigh Griffiths has had his SFA disciplinary hearing delayed until his crimial case has been concluded.
That would make sense from the SFA.
Yet the SFA had the farcical LNS inquiry before the Verdict from the Supreme Court into Rangers misuse of Ebt's.
The Supreme Court found Rangers Guilty of misusing the Ebt scheme for over 10 years to help gain an unfair advantage.
The Verdict confirmed that Rangers broke the SPL registration rules for 11 years.
The SPL rules stated that the opposition should be awarded a 3-0 win for each offence.
We all know that didn't happen because the SFA chose to have the LNS inquiry early.
How convenient for for all involved in their 5 Way Agreement.
Yet they still think the SFA are their enemies.
All Part Of The Cover Up.

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08 Oct 2021 17:39:21
The 5 way agreement was used to facilitate sevcos entry to the bottom tier. The narrative of relegated Demoted etc is a myth in their Troglodyte brains. Im sure we witnessed 50000 red cards saying no to Liquidation. Banners of save our Club. Marching to Hampden to protest but it was shut?. Grown men walking about stunned and in tears mourning the death of a company ??Celtic were on the brink of the abyss but the whole Celtic family came together and saved our Club. Hearts supporters stepped up and saved their Club by having a CVA accepted. The full orc fanbase told us the establishment was to big to fail and someone will save the day. They watched their club die a slow lingering death. They told us a CVA would preserve their history which failed. When presented with actual facts they prefer the comforting Lie that they were saved?The lingual gymnastics are hysterical to listen to from them. ?Nearly everyone of them tells a different story about their club being saved. Company company blah blah blah 55 55 55 55 55 Pacific shelf Clubs don't die 55 Sfa UEFA fifa Mfi Mi5 blah blah 55.

08 Oct 2021 18:23:48
Nice One Pud.
Celtic used a One off Ebt payment to Juninho After He Left Our Club.
Celtic paid the money owed to HMRC and the SFA were satisfied that Celtic didn't break the SPL registration rules.
The SPL rules state that clubs must Declare an extra payments paid to players in their monthly wages.
Rangers didn't declare any extra payments for 11 years, which broke the registration rules.
If Rangers didn't think they were doing anything wrong, then why were the extra payments not declared in their yearly accounts.
In a nutshell Rangers were cheaters.

08 Oct 2021 20:21:26
I would love to read 1 or 2 Sevco replies to the above as it's all factual but no doubt facts trigger them.

08 Oct 2021 22:33:08
They incredibly still believe there wasn’t an unfair advantage using the Ebt scheme.
Why did they keep it a secret for over a decade until they were caught.
They paid the highest wages for a goalkeeper in the WORLD but there wasn’t an unfair advantage. Okay ?.

09 Oct 2021 08:44:02
If the SFA and SPL believed that Ebt payments were not illegal it was due to the Supreme Courts Verdict not being known yet.
So Rangers Unknowingly broke the rules but they kept the Ebt payments a secret for over a decade, how convenient and total nonsense.
Shifting the blame for cheating due to bad financial advice is laughable and the £250k fine shows how corrup the SFA were when it came to the Rangers Cheating Years.
Celtic wrote to the SFA in December 2019 wanting a new inquiry because of the new evidence from the Supreme Court Verdict.
Rangers Admitted the DOS Ebt payments were illegal but that information was withheld from the LNS inquiry by Rangers and the SFA president Campbell Ogilvie, who was part of the Ebt scheme at Ibrox when he was on the Rangers Board.
I don't know how certain fans can still defend the indefensible.
The proof is in black and white and a new inquiry should be held because of the new evidence and more evidence which was withheld in the LNS inquiry.
It won't happen due to the infamous corrupt 5 Way Agreement.

09 Oct 2021 11:50:56
Buzz Bomb it won’t happen because of who they are and it has always been like that it will never change. They do want they want because they are a protected species. Pass on my regards to your mum and dad and hope you are all well.

09 Oct 2021 12:06:26
Your 100% right Oldkilly.
I like to wind up the usual suspects ?
Everyone is good on our side.
I hope all the family are keeping well Oldkilly ?.



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