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07 Dec 2020 20:28:48
Board have back Lennon again i hope we don't have to heard another board backing again the board have made their play now us supporters happy or not will support the team i just hope the board have something up their sleeves come Jan.

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07 Dec 2020 21:04:54
U keep saying this we just need to support the team regardless pish ritch! It’s not going to happen! They’ll get no support from me!

07 Dec 2020 21:20:30
Danny that’s fine don't support the team get yourself over to Govan. What a feckn walloper.

{Ed007's Note - I can't believe there's Celtic supporters wanting and even hoping we get pumped by Lille, Killie(?) and even Hearts in the final. I never have and never will want any Celtic team to lose.}

07 Dec 2020 21:30:31
Hahaha theirs always one ain’t there! Step forward JFP! Just because fans won’t sit back and accept the board and manager blatantly ripping the pish out us and wanting change we should all go and support that mob! More than a few wallpapers over there tae so u will fit in! Think with your delusion pal u would be more suited over there! And ED I will never in my life want Celtic to get beat to prove a point or get a manager sacked, but I also won’t sit back and watch while our fans get took for mugs!

{Ed007's Note - There's plenty of fans want to see us lose, I didn't say you did.}

07 Dec 2020 21:35:06
I’ve read Danny’s comments on here for a long time and he’s a big Celtic man.
He’s just frustrated like the rest of the Celtic fans.
I’m sure he means not supporting the club financially.

07 Dec 2020 21:37:10
Granted things aren’t going well at moment
But there’s a long way to go . We threw away
A 5 point lead with 4 to play with one of our best sides
Since the lions. As the saying goes it ain’t over
Till it’s over.

07 Dec 2020 21:52:11
Like i said ED I am not one of these fans who want to see us lose and never will. just letting my anger about all this get the better of me to be honest ED. that club statement tonite absolutely baffles me! Such a slap in the face to fans IMO!

{Ed007's Note - We're all mates on here, Danny and respect other opinions so it's cool. I've said it for years and scunnered Grotbags going on about it but THE biggest problem at Celtic is Lawwell. Regardless who wins the league we need a reboot next summer with footballing people making footballing decisions, the money men making financial decisions with both working together to take the Club forward over personal financial gain.
Peter Lawwell has held us back for years and will continue to do so if he's allowed to keep his job.

07 Dec 2020 21:53:51
Goodnight at God Bless Danny.14. Talk to me again when you’re 15.

07 Dec 2020 22:04:25
That’s a good point Proudcelt. 👍.

07 Dec 2020 22:06:31
Appreciate the words buzz, cheers mate. and it’s sheer frustration that’s got me to this point! Don’t want to be arguing with fellow fans who are just as frustrated as me but maybe have a different opinion. just can’t get my head around how anyone can make a case for defending Lennon or the board! I have always loved Celtic and always will! The frustration levels are at an all time high but! 🤣🤣🤣 JFP no offence was intended earlier buddy! Just pissed aff! Am going to ma bed to try and cool down a bit 🤣🤣 take care lads!

{Ed007's Note - Get Babestation on for some release of your pent up frustration 😁

07 Dec 2020 22:09:56
24 games to go and folk have gave up already! My emotional tie to Celtic would never ever want us to lose a game from the youth team the womans team the first team. All the young team are getting a little taste of how the Celtic Das felt when we lost year in year out. Always look on the bright side of life always made me smile watching p! sh.

07 Dec 2020 22:15:54
Danny no offence taken and trust me I’m every bit as sick as you are. If I said anything wrong I’m sorry too. Goodnight and God Bless my friend. ☘️.

07 Dec 2020 22:16:12
Totally agree on the lawell point ED! Been saying it for years about him! Far far to much control over our club. he’s got his nose into every level of the football club and to much power over football matters! Hopefully the rumours about him are true and he’s leaving in June! Would be delighted if true 👍🏼 Am away tae calm doon now! Take care ED, be back on soon for a moan! P. S JFP a wish a was 15 again by the way! If only 🤣🤣.

{Ed007's Note - Here's something to pickle your brain as you try to nod off - Edwin van der Sar does Lawwell's job at Ajax...



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